A/N: This is dedicated to weebirdy, who needs to not scare the shit out of me with impossible outcomes of Puck/Quinn. Because if they become like Chuck/Blair s3, I'll cut a bitch. And I will feel very violated if her prediction for what could happen is true.

She's fucking beautiful, and he's probably going to fuck it all up.

Because he's done it before. His mother wouldn't let him touch the china dishes when he was little, because he was clumsy and was going to drop them all, and the one time he promised he wouldn't, he promptly smashed the china onto the floor. Each piece was a tiny broken fragment of what he'd done wrong. He's always going to break the special or important or expensive things, and she's everything that's important.

He's going to break her in some way; he's going to drop her, and he's going to smash her, and she's going to cry and it's going to make him want to punch puppies, because he hates to see her cry. It happened once (only once) and she had held onto him, sobbing and crying and making him feel like he's done something fucking horrible. And he's only going to fuck her up even more.

"Don't let me go." And she clutched a little harder to his chest and sobbed a little more, and he hadn't known what to do at the time, because he's Puck and she was crying so he just -

He fucks her. That's what he does. She's just crying and lost and lonely and so he kisses her and she kisses back and it's a little weird, it's a little wonderful, but all he knows how to do is fuck. And so he does. And she's new and innocent and she's a virgin so he's gentle, just because she's Quinn and he doesn't want to fuck her up.

But when he sees her at his doorstep with flushed pink cheeks and wearing a wool sweater, those are the two things that flit absent-mindedly through his head, too quickly to process without deep thought.

She's too perfect for him and he's going to ruin her.

But it's snowing out, and school is closed, and she's got a grin on her face. And she's beautiful, and she's wonderful, and she's his, even if only for now. There's snow on her hat and in her hair and on her face, tiny little flakes melting with her warmth. She radiates sunshine.

"Come outside with me?" It's almost like she's from the '90s, because when was the last time a full-grown teenager went out during a snow-day? But she's smiling her smile and her eyes are bright and warm, alight with a primordial joy.

He doesn't refuse, and he walks outside with her, and it's snowing still, drops of frozen down drifting off to meet them.

"I love the snow," she sighs.

And he's not sure what else to say, so he holds her close and she breathes in the smell of wet wool, and she's still warm despite the snow, despite it all. And he's not good with words, never has been, so he blurts, "I love you," and nestles his face into her shoulder.

He swallows down his doubts, his thoughts of being so unworthy, his fears. He'll break her and he'll shatter her to pieces, he knows he will, but he's content with staying that way forever, just never letting her go. Don't let me go.

And she understands without needing to ask, because she's Quinn, and she's just so fucking perfect: "You're not going to hurt me, Puck."

She's always been the one good wtih words.