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Jasper stood in the middle of the Cullens' living room, his strong arms raised above his head. Around his neck hung a gorgeous deep purple dress, with fine lace embroidery. He was silent, waves of serenity and concentration rolling off him. He stood almost completely still, like a statue, and stared straight ahead, while keeping one subtle eye on the baseball game on the TV.

"Turn," a small voice below him mumbled. Reluctantly he turned away from the game circling slowly until the voice murmured, "Stop".

Now he could only see the dim reflection of the TV in their large living room window. Even with his excellent eyesight he had to squint hard to follow what was happening.

His wife was kneeling at his feet, intensely focused, folding and tucking the hem of the dress. She held a needle and thread between her teeth, blurring her speech.

"Hand," she mumbled. Jasper lowered one arm and held out his hand, in which he held a box of pins. Without looking up, she took them from him one by one and pinned the hem with them.

"Oh no!" she gasped suddenly, coming across a very tiny uneven fold. "There's a bump! Now I have to start all over again!"

Her family, sat near them on the couch watching the game, chuckled loudly. Only Esme lamely attempted to hide her laughter.

"How's it going, Jas?" Emmett murmured, barely louder than a whisper. Alice's head whipped around at him.

"I heard that!" she scolded, glaring at him.

"I said it loud," he teased, wiggling his eyebrows. He picked up a pillow from the couch, taking aim to throw it, while Alice pointed the sharp end of a pair of scissors at him.

"Here Alice," Jasper mumbled soothingly, "you missed a pin," he pointed to a spot on the dress, and she pounced on it without another word to Emmett. As she worked, a satisfied smile began to spread on her face.

"Why is Jasper wearing a dress, anyway?" Emmett asked, still laughing at his brother in the purple gown.

"It's easier to make it hang right when it's on a person," Alice muttered, her attention caught up in her work.

Bella wandered over to them and shuddered, remembering only too well the feeling of Alice fussing over her. She caught eyes with Jasper and gave him a sympathetic smile.

"Why do put yourself through this?" she mouthed, quiet enough that Alice didn't notice.

Jasper gave a little shrug and smiled, "Look at her," he murmured.

They looked down at Alice, who had finished the hem and was sitting back on her heels, admiring her work with pride, a huge silly proud smile on her face.

Bella looked back at Jasper to see him gazing adoringly at Alice, clearly thrilled to see her so happy. Alice looked up and smiled at him, and Bella was so overwhelmed by the intense emotion that passed between them when their eyes met that she had to take a few steps back.

"Thanks Jazz," Alice said, noticing Bella and smiling at her too, as if to say isn't my husband adorable.

He merely ducked his head a little, and removed the coat hanger from around his neck very gingerly, handing it to Alice with utmost care.

Moments later the dress was safely upstairs and they were curled up in an armchair, Alice in his lap. Jasper watched the game over Alice's head, his chin messing up her cool spikey style as it rested there. She didn't seem to mind. She stroked little patterns on the back of his hand, occasionally reaching up to run her fingers through the hair at back of his neck. When his team scored a home run, she bounced up and down and cheered loudly, doing a little victory dance in his lap. They high-fived.

Not for the first time, Bella was struck with the thought that being around those two was a profound lesson in what it meant to love someone.