SMSTSS 9: Predator's Moon! – By DS Wynne

Disclaimer: SM, R1/2, ST, Predators and other related properties belong to their respective owners.

Note: This is a multi-genre story.

Special Note: This is a 1000-plus story.

Author's Note: In celebration of the recently released "Predators" film (directed by Robert Rodriquez, and starring Adrian Brody and Lawrence Fishborne), I decided to do this two-parter. Keep in mind that I am referring to the trailers ONLY. I don't know how the film ends. C&C are welcomed.

Part 2

"So, how did you come to be here anyway?" Hawkgirl asked, ignoring her discomfort about concerning Ranma's demise.

"I don't know exactly how, other than the fact that Ranma and I suddenly found us on this planet," Usagi said. "Just before that, Ranma and I were out celebrating one last night on Earth with a night of drink and merriment."


"Maybe we should have taken that outing as the calm before the storm…"



Usagi Tsukino, the once and future Moon Princess, opens her eyes. The last thing she recalled was celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband, the great Ranma Saotome, with a night on the town, and a REALLY interesting night on the beach, underneath a pier in Malibu, Las Angeles County.

"Oh, dear," Usagi said, as she slowly sits up. Her head was pounding, but she knew that allowing the effects of alcohol to take place would produce such an effect. She actually allowed herself to get drunk, since she is normally immune to the effects of inebriation…and poisons, for that matter. Usagi could drink battery acid if she so desired, but the taste was horrible. She should know, since she actually tried once. Or was that twice…

Focusing her thoughts, Usagi cleared her mind, and scans the area.

'How did I get here?' Usagi said, as she scans a jungle forest. She then hears some snoring nearby.

"What?" Usagi said, as she turns to see her husband Ranma snoring away.


"Ranma," Usagi said, as she shook her husband. "Ranma, wake up."

"What?" Ranma said, as he opens his eyes.

"I don't think we're in 'Kansas' anymore…"

Ranma slowly sits up, and looks around.

"Okay, what did you do?" Ranma asked, as he rubbed his eyes after stretching his limbs.

"I didn't do ANYTHING…I think," Usagi said. "I should be asking YOU that question."

"Considering the fact that my life's ambition is to train and eat good food, I seriously doubt that-"


Ranma and Usagi turn to see a group of men, and one woman, looking at them. One of them was pointing a high-powered weapon at them.

"Who are you?" demanded the man.

"Why should we tell you anything?" Usagi said, as she and Ranma slowly get up to their feet.

"Because, I have the gun-"


"Nice weapon," Ranma said, as he examines the weapon while others were pointing their guns at him. "Very modular, and very expensive."

"Wow, he's fast," said the man in the orange jumpsuit.

Ranma tosses the weapon back at the man from whom he snatched his weapon.


"Now, introductions are in order," Ranma said, as he scans the group. He could tell by their demeanor that these were specially trained or were experienced in "death dealing". That was the first clue as to what was going on…

"But first…Usagi?"

Suddenly, Usagi reaches into the air, and grabs something…invisible, if only for a short time.


A cloaking field effect shimmers away, revealing a semi-armored individual, who was pointing an energy riffle at Usagi.

"Oh, how cute," Usagi said, as she looks at the rifle with a slightly cocked head. "Did you know you can get brain cancer from prolonged exposure the energy coil?"

A slight shift in the weapon user's stance was all it took for Usagi to remove the weapon.


"Is that true?" said a young man who wore glasses, as he steps back.

"Only if the casing is exposed," Usagi said with a grin.

The person removed his helm to reveal a tired, graying haired, African-American man. He appeared to have been in the area for years, but still possessed a quiet dignity about himself.

"Nice bluff," the man said with a slight smile.

"I have my moments," Usagi said.

"Okay, so, what's the hell is going on?" asked a large, mustached Mexican. "Or should I beat the answer out of someone?"

"We're here as prey for this, 'game preserve'," the man who was previously cloaked. "Alien hunters took us from Earth because each of us has a killer instinct."

"You mean, we got abducted by freaking aliens?" said the orange jump-suited man. "What about this UN Spacy or whatever that is suppose to protect the Earth from these things?"

"What was the last thing you all remember?" Ranma asked.

"Well, there was a flash of light, and then I was here," said the woman with the sniper rifle.

"Same here," said the Japanese man in the fine suit of clothes.

"See?" Usagi said, as she whaps Ranma's arm. "I told you that the ETs were getting trickier."

"What does she mean?" said the first man who had pointed his gun at Ranma and Usagi.

"It means that aliens are employing teleportation devices to abduct people, since Earth's defenses have evolved to prevent most encroachments," Ranma said, as he looks around. "In this case, you have the Yuatja to blame."


"Predators," said the Black man grimly. "My team was captured by them years ago, and now I am the last."

He then turns to look at everyone present.

"And you are all fresh meat."


"Speaking of which, I'm hungry," Usagi said, as she pulls out an old fashion lunch box from pocket space. "I got some sandwiches, different fruits and things…"

"How did you-?" said the guy with the glasses.

"Magic. And this is a replicator, albeit it limited."

"This is not a joke," said the Black man angrily. "These guys are dangerous."

"Yes, but so are we," Ranma said, as he scans around the jungle forest. He then looks towards one direction. "And two of them have been staring at us for a while now."

Everyone, save for Ranma and Usagi jumped on their guard. However…

"Relax," Ranma said. "They ain't going to attack…at least, not yet."

"And how do you know THAT?" asked the Japanese man.

"Because, well, we're sort of familiar with the Yuatja," Usagi said. She then turns towards Ranma.

"You don't think they figured out a way to kill us this time around?"

"Probably, if they go THIS much trouble to bring us to this place," Ranma replied. "I'm actually curious as to what they have in store for us…"

"You dealt with these Predators before?" the Black man asked.

"More times than either of us care to," Usagi said with a sigh. "And every time one of them has been dealt with, others return, although that one clan made us honorary Hish, or warriors."

"Well, we have a few hours before the hunt begins, at any rate," Ranma said. He then looks at the group.

"Last chance for a decent meal? Anyone?"

"Um, you got a club sandwich in that replicator of yours?" asked the orange jumpsuit guy…