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Quinn Tessa Fabray stepped out onto the lamp-lit porch of the Puckerman's house. The night air was cold and it cleared her head. She vaguely heard the sounds of Puck's little sister Sarah kicking the aforementioned boy's ass in Wii Sports. Quinn's baby kicked, causing her attention to drift downward. She sighed. Seven months had taken away everything she held important: Her place as Cheerio captain and Celibacy Club president, her chance of getting out of this crap town, her boyfriend, her family, her home, her popularity. Even her own body. Beth was screwing up her life.

No, Puck was. Puck was the one who ruined everything. After all, Beth wouldn't even exist if it weren't for Puck and his overactive sex drive.

The blond returned her gaze to the night sky. A shooting star soared overhead. Her eyes widened. Well, how fortuitous.

"I wish things would've turned out differently."

Quinn's eyes were squeezed shut as she breathed her wish out so softly she barely heard it. When she dared to open her eyes, the star was gone.

And she was still pregnant.

Oh well, it was worth a shot, she told herself. She went back inside and crawled into her bed in the Puckerman's guest room. Sleep mercifully found her soon after her head hit the pillows.

When Quinn awoke the next morning, she had the vague sense that something was wrong. Still half-asleep, she looked around the room and found that she wasn't in the Puckerman's guest room. She was in her own room, bewildered as to how she got their. She instictively reached down to rub her stomach, a bad habit she had gotten that she felt the need to protect her baby. But there was just one problem.

There was no bump.

The shocked blonde flung the sheets off of her body and yanked her shirt up. It was true. Her stomach was flat again. She gasped, in realization. It couldn't be possible, right? But it seem it was... The wishing star had granted her wish.

She was so happy, she barely noticed the note taped to her door.


Your wish has come true. But, as with all wishes, you may find that what you wanted isn't what you recieved. You will get a chance to relive the last seven months of your sophmore year. At the end of the seven months (i.e., yesterday.) I will visit you again, and you will be given a choice of which life you'd rather live in: The one I have given you or the one you left.

Best of luck and best regards,

W. Star

"The Wishing Star writes notes. Go figure." Quinn remarked aloud. Rather confused as to what the note meant, she walked downstairs to eat.

"Morning Quinny." greeted a handsome blond man she could only assume was her father in this world.

"Hi Daddy." she said, then began to find the fixings for cereal. Even if the rest of her life is gonna be backwards, at least she knew where to find food in her own house.

"Morning family!" Another man, this one tanned with dark brown hair, exclaimed. He pressed a kiss to Quinn's cheek, and one on the other man's lips.

I have two gay dads. Is this payback for calling Rachel's dads immoral back when we were in 6th grade? Quinn asked mentally, hoping foolishly that the Wishing Star could hear her.

"Hi Dad." Quinn replied, trying her best to be nonchalant. If she was to get the best of this life, she was gonna have to act as if everything was normal. Which, luckily, she was good at: acting and hiding her real feelings.

After a pleasant breakfast with her fathers-who Quinn discovered were named Marshall (the blond man) and Charlie (the tanned man)- the blond dress quickly in a normal outfit (even if it was technically seven months ago, Quinn wasn't a Cheerio in this world. Oh well. She was sure that being at school would clear a few things up.) and drove to school.

She was at her locker, (Bless the Star. At least her locker and combo were the same.) when a voice called her name. She turned to face the weirdest sight she's ever seen.

"Artie! Ya-You can walk!" she exclaimed.

The mentioned boy look confused. "Uh, yes Quinn, so can you. Are you feeling ok, sweetie?"

"Y-y-yeah, you look a li-little pale." Mercedes stammered, twisting a lock of black hair around her finger.

"Well, more so then usual." Kurt remarked from his wheelchair, arms crossed over a plain gray long-sleeve shirt. And Quinn wasn't as label obbsesed as the Kurt in her world, but she was pretty sure that this Kurt was not wearing anything designer. His expression turned from joking to serious as he said, "But really Q, are you ok? We can't have our Glee star sick."

"Do you need to go lie down or something?" Tina asked, immediatley taking charge of what she deemed a serious situation.

"You didn't eat PopTarts for breakfast, did you?" Artie asked. He mumbled something to himself about empty calories as Quinn attempted to deduce what the hell was going on.

Ok, so Kurt's in a wheelchair, possible gay still, but seemingly not. Mercedes is stuttering. Tina's radiating confidence. And Artie can walk and is concerned with empty calories, the blond summed up mentally.

"I-I'm fine. I, uh, I was watching Sherlock Homes with my dads last night and got to bed late." she lied easily, almost convinving even herself. Damn, she should make a note to try out for a play sometime.

"Oh, I don't blame you, Jude Law is gorgeous." Artie replied while Tina and Mercedes murmered agreements. Alrighty then, Artie's gay now. Interesting, Quinn thought.

"While I'm totally fine with Artie's sexuality, can we change the topic, please?" Kurt asked.

"Oh! Q, you never answered my text last night. You would not belive what happened!" Artie cried. Quinn listening intently as the bespeckled boy described the events of the previous night. Apparently, Artie's dad had caught him dancing to Beyonce with Mercedes and Santana and the Latina had made up some excuse about Artie wearing a unitard because he was the kicker on the football team.

"Wait, Santana?" Quinn questioned. She couldn't picture the bitchy hispanic girl spending her evening dancing with Mercedes and Artie.

"Yeah, I know, she's a bit of an airhead, but she's one of the best dancers I've ever met." Artie answered.

Quinn laughed awkwardly. "Right." she said, trying not to let the foursome know she was completly confused.

"Ugh, speaking of San." Tina grumbled, rolling her eyes.

In walked a trio of cheerleaders. At the head of the pack was Brittany, looking serious and scary. To her right was Satanta, who appeared to be absent-mindedly staring at the linoleum floor. And to the blond's left was...

"Rachel Berry's a Cheerio?" Quinn cried incredulously.

"Uh, yeah. Sh-sh-she's captian, remember?" Mercedes asked.

"She's kinda hot. Too bad she's an annoying bitch." Kurt stated wistfully.

Quinn was spared from having to explain why she forget a vital piece of social knowledge in this world by the bell signaling the beginning of class.

The five teens walked to their first periods-Kurt, Tina and Quinn evidently had Biology while Mercedes and Artie had English. While Quinn was wondering how the hell Rachel Berry could EVER be a cheerleader, while the other four carried on their earlier conversation.

"So, what are you gonna do about the whole football thing?" Tina asked.

Artie shrugged. "I figured I'd just ask Noah in Glee rehersal today."

Quinn's head immediately snapped up at the mention of her boyfriend. Though, in this life, he probably wasn't even aware of her existance.

"Noah? Noah Puckerman? Why him?" Kurt asked.

Artie blushed slightly. "Well, he's the nicest guy on the team. He held my jacket for me when Finn Hudson tossed me in the Dumpster the other day. He's also the quarterback, so he's got to have some strings he can pull. Plus...he's pretty cute." the last part was mumbled.

Mercedes laughed. "You and your ho-hopeless crushes on stra-stra-straight men." she commented.

"There's nothing wrong with appreciating someone's good looks." Artie responded jokingly. "Besides, even if he was gay, he's dating Rachel." The five had arrived at Kurt, Tina and Quinn's class and they entered after telling Artie and Mercedes good-bye and that they'd meet up at lunch.

Quinn sat and pretended to listen to Mrs. Govea teach, when in actuality she was trying to straighten out the knowledge her friends had unknowingly bestowed upon her. She took out her notebook and scribbled down what she knew.

Artie can walk, is gay and has a crush on Puck, er, Noah.

Mercedes has the stutter, not Tina.

Tina's the confident one, not Mercedes.

Kurt's in a wheelchair and not gay or even metrosexual.

Pu, Quinn paused to erase the name "Puck", Noah is the school's quarterback.

Finn's NOT the quarterback, and he throws Artie into Dumpsters.

Brittany seems like a bitch.

Santana's an airhead.

Rachel Berry is captain of the Cheerios.

And I'm the Glee star with two gay dads.

Quinn took a moment to read what she had written before ripping the piece of paper out, crumpling it into a ball and shoving it to the bottom of her backpack, where no one would find it.

Well, she did wish for everything to turn out differently. And boy, had it.

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