Jim Kirk – put simply – liked the older Spock. The Spock that he put up with on a daily basis was still with Uhura, which stung a little bit, and was so stoic one would think he's either a statue, or a mannequin. However, Spock Prime was a totally different brand of Spock. He obviously was 150 some odd years older than his own Spock, which really showed. It didn't matter to Jim though, since the warmth and love that shone in Prime's eyes that he didn't get from his own Spock. It really did make him realize that someone in this universe actually liked him for who he was. For once, he didn't mind being seen as a ghost, it was a ghost of another him, and he didn't mind that since the Jim Kirk that Spock Prime knew, was just as awesome as himself.

So he was really glad to hear that the Enterprise was getting two weeks of Shore Leave on New Vulcan. Spock himself was also enlightened to the idea; not so much for McCoy, who was grumbling about 'green-blooded hobgoblins everywhere' for the next couple of days.

Jim was so excited to be going to see his old friend again, that he just wanted to call him up.

The warmth that he loved so much shone in Spock Prime's eyes as he showed up on the other side of the trasmition. Jim beamed as he turned up the light on his side of the line. "Hey old man, I'd just like to tell you that the Enterprise is heading over to New Vulcan for a two week long Shore Leave."

Spock bowed his head much as his younger alternate self did. "I am pleased to hear that." Jim simply shrugged his shoulders as he kept a smile plastered on his face. "Though we got some serious things to talk about once I get there." He said, pointing his finger defensively at the older Vulcan.

The warmth that was always there in Spock's eyes stayed, however the happiness slightly faded. So did the happy quirk of his lips. "What is the matter Jim?"

Jim shrugged his shoulders slightly as he simply cleared his throat. "We'll be there in a few days, I'll see you then."

Jim Kirk was a busy man, hell, he wished he could have poured his heart out to the older Spock, but that would be less ideal. For what he wished to be speaking of with him was a very careful subject.

Speaking of Spock's, when Jim got out of his quarters, he met up with Spock walking down the corridor.

"Good morning Captain." Spock said with a simple tilt of the head as a wave. "I am surprised to see you awake before I have gotten to my post at the Bridge."

Jim nodded his head simply as he fell into step beside Spock. "Yeah, well I had things to attend to, so I woke up earlier today than I normally would." He stated as he rubbed at the back of his neck, wishing the yawn that creeped into his mouth to stay away.

"Your body is not accustomed to waking so early in the morning Jim." Spock said simply as he glanced over at Jim yawning again, but this time not trying to hide it. "I advise you do not continue your actions."

Jim smirked slightly as he nodded his head, weighing the idea in his head. "It was a one time thing Spock." He said, waving his hand to dismiss the current topic. "Just needed to talk to the old man to tell him we're heading to New Vulcan."

Jim didn't see the stiffening figure of his First Officer at the mention of his alternate older self.

"So total change of the subject, but are you going to show Uhura around New Vulcan?" Jim asked as he looked over to see an even stiffer than usual Vulcan treading next to him. "You know, the whole 'Boyfriend shows girlfriend around planet, home and meets parent' thing."

Spock nodded his head simply as he seemed to speed up his walk a little. This caught Jim off guard, and before he realized it, he had to jog slightly to catch back up with him. "What, you not going to bring her because you might get looked down upon when it comes to being with a human girl?"

Spock's eyes turned dark, not the good lust kind either, but more of a death dark. "There is nothing to be spoken of here Captain." His fluid steps became faster, wider, making Jim fall behind him. Jim didn't bother catching up, just simply scratched his head and wondered what ticked Spock off.

He reached the turbo lift, waiting for it to come back down so he could get to his post. As he waited, another person joined him, and he turned to meet up with Uhura standing next to him with her arms crossed, not meeting his eyes.

"Morning." He simply said, turning and pressing the button for the turbo lift again. "Do you know why Spock's got his Vulcan panties in a bunch?"

Uhura shifted, clearing her throat before shrugging her tense shoulders. "I have no idea." She said with a slight hiss. "Sir."

Jim made a note that the 'sir' was an added on name, making the air between him and Uhura seem to get even tenser. If possible he felt as if he would choke on the uncomfortable air hovering around his mouth. "Well we're heading over to New Vulcan, I just asked him if he was going to show you around, you know, whole boyfriend shows girlfriend around his planet thing."

The turbo lift opened up, and Uhura seemed to stomp into it, with Jim following in slight worry. "Why is it whenever I bring that up, whoever I'm talking to gets mad about it?" he asked as he watched Uhura standing as far away from him as possible. She shook her head, licking her lips, looking away from him still.

Jim shrugged as he waited for the turbo lift to get to the Bridge.

Looking over to both Spock and Uhura's stations, it seemed both of them were fuming over what Jim had brought up.

Jim didn't particularly know why but simply just shrugged and moved on with his day. Thankfully, he didn't really have to do anything, because all they were doing was going straight to New Vulcan. No stops, no fighting with other ships, just going to go and hang out with the surviving Vulcans.

"How long until we arrive at New Vulcan Sulu?" Jim asked, sitting down in his Captain's Chair, and folding his legs.

"We should arrive in about-"

"Three point two five days Captain." Spock cut in, turning in his seat to look at Jim.

"Well thanks for the exact number Spock." Jim said with a small playful smile sent in Spock's direction. Spock simply seemed to stiffen again, before turning back to his station without another word.

Yeah, Jim just wanted to get to New Vulcan already.

Since there really was nothing to do on the Bridge – and Spock wasn't talking to him like he was the plague – Jim figured he would go and pay his favorite doctor a visit.

Walking down the corridors towards the Medical Bay, Jim was thinking of why both his First Officer and his Communications Officer were so… much like pissy queens.

He couldn't find an answer; there were no good reasons to why both Spock and Uhura would be so pissed off at him for no reason.

Lost in thought, Jim didn't realize he was standing in the middle of the sickbay, probably looking like a moron.

"Dammit Jim, what do you want?" McCoy growled as he trotted over holding a hypo up in his 'I'm going to stab you in the neck with this' pose. Kirk defensively put his hands up, waving McCoy away from his neck. "I'm just bored. We're heading to New Vulcan in a few days, but meanwhile what's a Captain to do?"

McCoy grumbled about not bothering him as a suggestion, before wandering away from Jim. Hurrying to catch up, Jim tugged at his friend's shoulder, pleading with only his eyes to give him some company.
"No." McCoy growled. "God dammit, if you love the green blooded Vulcan so much, go hang out with him!"

Jim quickly shushed him, glancing around the mostly empty Sick Bay, checking for any people who might have heard that. "Bones, look," he cleared his throat, before pulling his friend over to a secluded area of the Sick Bay, "I like Spock, and more of a like like way, but nobody can know that except me, and you."

McCoy rolled his eyes, but nodded his head anyways. "Fine, if you want to treat this like a middle school crush, then you treat it like that."

Jim weakly smiled before thanking McCoy. "It's just that I can't do anything for the fact that he's with Uhura, and the fact that he just doesn't like me like I like him."

"God dammit, you just used 'like' too many times in a damn sentence Jim." McCoy complained, before turning on his heels, and evacuating the bubbles of Jim's annoyance. "Go talk to the damn Vulcan why don't'cha?"

Jim let that roll on his mind. Perhaps seeing if Spock was in a better mood would be a better idea then trying to get McCoy to do anything with him. Plus, Jim didn't feel like drinking right now, and that was pretty much the only thing that McCoy could put up with along with him. Even maybe he could get Spock to play chess with him like the old man suggested about a week ago! Jim was never a real chess man, but hey, the old man said that him and his Jim Kirk really loved to play chess whenever they had the free time.

Turning on his heels, Jim left the Medical Bay, back en route towards the Bridge to talk to a specific Vulcan.

"Come on Spock, you've got all this junk you can do in the next couple of days." Jim whined as he pushed at Spock's shoulder. "You love chess, and I've got a board in my quarters, let's go play a game or two."

Spock looked over at Jim with cold eyes. Man, either Spock was really pissed for some reason, or Jim was really used to the warmth and happiness that shone from the old man's eyes.

"I have many duties to attend to before we reach the new Vulcan colony Captain." Spock said, paying attention to his work again, not even looking at Jim. "For me to go and play a meaningless game with you would be illogical."

Jim couldn't believe his ears. "You LOVE chess, and you're calling it meaningless?" he was baffled on how uncooperative Spock was. Maybe he should use his Captainy powers to ground Spock and make him go to his room or something. "It's a logical game, you get to spend time with a friend, and plus, it's almost Shore Leave! You should be relaxing, not working super hard."

With a simple shake of the head, Spock declined once more. "I do not have time, and there is no meaning to play a friendly game with a superior subordinate."

"But Spock, I'm your friend damn it!" Jim exclaimed, realizing that his conversation with Spock was getting a little loud for the Bridge full of other people.

"Friends to not bother friends when they are trying to work with meaningless petty attempts for them to have company." Spock nearly hissed in anger as he glanced back over at Jim with even darker madder eyes.

It felt like Spock had just vaporized Jim's heart, for he was now not even calling him a friend. Calling his trying to get him to play a friendly game of chess 'petty attempts for them to have company' which wasn't what Jim wanted.

"Fine." He hissed back. "Be a fucking pointy eared bastard about it." Jim turned, and left the Bridge in a huff.

The anger didn't last long, and turned into a retched sadness that he realized wasn't going to go away any time soon.

The only person who he could feel he could talk about this with – other than Bones, he wasn't in the mood for some put down and cuss words – was the other Spock ironically.

He called him, waiting for him to answer on the other side of the trasmition.

"Hello Jim. It hasn't been very long since you last contacted me." Spock Prime said with a small quirk of the lips that was more showing since the wrinkles around his face showed it off more. Then the quirk disappeared, and his eyes saddened. "You are crying Jim, may I ask why?"

Jim rubbed his palm under his eye, getting it wet with tears that he hadn't known he had cried. "It's you. Well other younger you."

Without admitting it, Spock seemed to sigh slightly. "I had not wished for pain to be brought down on you Jim." He said quietly, watching as Jim rubbed at his eye some more with his gold sleeve. "The Spock you know must be deeply troubled if he has made you cry and not yet apologized."

"Yeah well, he's just being a dick, and calling me a loser in his own special way." Jim hissed, not able to meet his friend's eyes.

"I assure you Jim, any Spock would instantly feel worrisome about making any Jim Kirk cry." Spock said with a small smile. "We would never want to make you cry."

Jim slightly chuckled, though it was dry and not full of humor. "Yeah, but this Spock is a fucking prick." He complained as he felt his heart rip again. "I don't know how the hell I'm supposed to love him like you say."

Spock ducked his head, simply bowing it in thought. Funny, his Spock did that as often as this one did, apparently there were many things that were the same with his Spock, and this one. Weird.

"Love is not logical Jim." Spock finally answered. "I assure you that if love was logical, then life would be simpler. However, it is not."

Jim simply sighed rubbing at his eyes. "I don't see how that helps me though." He said in a tired put down tone. "I mean, you're right. I can't help but love the pointy-eared dude, and he doesn't even like me as a friend back. It – put simply – eats shit."

A small smile crept onto Spock's face. "Love is also complicated Jim." Then another voice called from off the screen. Spock's head turned in the direction of the voice, nodding his head at the words that Jim couldn't make out. "Give me a minute please." Spock then turned back to Jim.

"Complicated love, but do not worry." He said with that smile still there on his lips. "Give him time, for all Spocks in any known universe is also afraid of commitment much as Jim Kirks."

Jim wanted to ask a question, but Spock complained about having to go and do important man stuff. Jim would understand that, more often than not, he had to leave these conversations for his Captain duty. He bid Spock Prime a farewell, even smiling wide when Spock put up the 'live long and prosper' hand along with saying the words.

Jim – simply because he was in a better mood now – even did it back, smiling wider when Spock's lips quirked upwards.

He couldn't wait until he would get to New Vulcan. A new idea was rolling in his mind, and it was about as sweet as a kid with a cavity.