After thinking long and hard about his plan, branching it out and adding little pros and cons to the list, Jim had to put the first step into play. There obviously weren't many steps to it though, but he did need certain things for the plan to work out. With a strut that showed off that he was sure his plan would start working right after the first step. Since it was lunchtime – man he had been planning for a long time now – he figured that he could find Step One in the Mess Hall.


When he entered the cafeteria, he searched for the normal image of his grumpy doctor friend. Brown mop of hair, light blue uniform shirt, sitting alone… yep, there he is! Jim moved to the other side of the cafeteria sitting across from his friend. "What do you want?" McCoy growled, taking another bite of his burger. Jim just shrugged his shoulders slightly as he leaned his elbows onto the table in front of him, keeping his cheeks in the palms of his hands. "Can't I just sit with my friend while he eats lunch without wanting something?"

"No. You can't." McCoy stated madly as he continued eating anyways. He could get mad at Jim, but there was no reason for him to not eat because of it. They stayed like this for a while, McCoy eating, and Jim simply sitting and looking around the Mess Hall. "Really Jim, what do you want?"

"Since we're heading to New Vulcan for-"

"Fuck no."

"I haven't even finished yet!"

"I will not go down with you to find out there's a whole planet of those fucking green blooded hobgoblins."

Jim simply smirked softly as he looked back down at McCoy's food. "I'm just asking you to stay there with me for the first day so that you can give me a few shots and keep an eye on me so that the next two weeks down there won't be so bad." McCoy grunted as a response as he moved to grab his drink. "I'll stay there for one day Jim." He said as a growl. "Only one fucking day, no way am I running around like morons with you and a bunch of those pointy-eared bastards." McCoy drank his water before looking over at Jim who had a smile on from that answer.

"Believe me, I wouldn't want you down there any longer than needed." He said with a small smile as he stood up and started to walk off.

"Why wouldn't you want me with you?" McCoy asked after him, getting suspicious.

Jim Kirk was wandering down the hallways from the Mess Hall when the good doctor caught up with him. "If you really want me down there Jim, I'll stay." He assured, even if it was half-assed, since the last thing McCoy wanted to do was stay all around Vulcans. Jim looked over at McCoy with a frown. "No, I just need you down there with me for a day, and then you can go back. Seriously, I don't mind." He assured as he continued down the hallway towards the turbo lift to get back to the Bridge. Even if the last thing he wanted was the face Spock again. "Well God damn Jim, Spock obviously isn't in the mood to hang out with you for two weeks straight, and you're not the kind to stand around alone." McCoy groused as he simply walked beside Jim. That was true, Jim wasn't known to do really anything alone. He would always ask for McCoy, or Spock to come and go with him to whatever he was doing.

"It's ok Bones, I've got it covered." Jim guaranteed once again. "Seriously, you only need to be there for the first day."

Jim hadn't figured that McCoy would be so persistent with being with him for more than a day. It did seem a little awkward that he wanted to spend two weeks alone on a planet, but if McCoy were to know his plan, then it would all make sense. Of course he couldn't tell him though, he couldn't let anyone know. McCoy rose his eyebrow, but shook his head anyways as the two boarded the turbo lift. Jim commanded it to go to Sick Bay, seeing as McCoy didn't need to go to the Bridge and see the possible tense air of it all. "I will never understand your mind and how it works Jim."

A cocky smile grew on Jim's face as he let his plan roll on his head for the umpteenth time. The plan that he hoped wouldn't fail, he really needed it's results right now. "Maybe I won't even understand how it works." He joked which earned him a small smirk from McCoy who had now crossed his arms.

"What I'll guess though, is that your mind is thinking of something that I don't want to be involved in at all." McCoy stated which was a true fact about Jim's devious plan. Jim nodded his head before the turbo doors swished open, and McCoy bid farewell and walked out. The doors shut closed again, Jim then commanded the Turbo Lift to go to the Bridge.

For a few minutes, Jim was all alone, so he wouldn't have to smile for anyone.

He leaned on the wall of the lift, letting out a large sigh. He rubbed his hands on his face before clearing his throat and then coughing.

He really wanted Spock to love him. He hated himself for thinking like some Mary-sue of some stupid high school based show. That's what he felt like though. The main character of that stupid high school show, loving the other guy main character, but he was with some other woman that Jim was friends with. It was like some virus that he got ever since he met with Spock Prime and learned all about the relationship that both Primes had shared… made him want that for himself.

He wanted Spock's love so bad, but Spock wasn't offering it to him. In fact, he wasn't offering it to anyone so it seemed. Well other than Uhura of course, they were together. That's when Jim started to wonder how much love she really got from Spock.

That's when he took the rest of his lift ride to thinking about Spock and Uhura's relationship. There were NO public signs of affection. NONE at all that Jim could possibly think of. The only one that Jim can even recall of is the one kiss before him and Spock went to go deal with Nero months ago. He'd been hanging out with Spock a lot more since they defeated Nero, so he also spent some time with Uhura, but they really didn't do anything special other than stand next to each other. Sure, Uhura maybe nuzzled Spock's shoulder, but that was truly utterly it.

Which made him seriously wonder how much love the other him got at all. The only one that would know that would be Spock Prime himself, the one who either gave him gallons of love, or kept him wanting more when they were together. Since they were heading to the new Colony, he could just ask him once they got there in a few days. God, but Jim couldn't wait a few days. He wished that the ship could just possibly move faster so that he wouldn't have to wait so damn long to ask all the questions that Spock Prime had the answers too.

The doors swished open, and Jim walked out, passing some pretty women red shirts whose names he forgot. And he didn't really care anymore seeing as his eyes only saw Spock attractive. Which frightened him for a moment.

Speaking of Spock, he entered the Bridge, and found him sitting in the Captain's chair. He looked over the back of it with a nod of his head, climbing out of it as Jim walked over. He sat down at his station before he started speaking.

"You did not give the conn to anyone Captain. It is natural for the First Officer to take over while the Captain is away." Spock stated as if he was telling Jim why his butt had inhabited where it shouldn't have been. Jim didn't mind, in fact – being the stupid girl-in-a-high-school-crush mode he was in – he loved the fact Spock had been sitting in his chair.

"No problem, I don't mind."

Jim's Mind: "Omg, Spock actually sat in my chair, and omg his butt germs are where my butt is sitting! Omgomgomg~!"

Keeping cool however, realizing that he was thinking like a teenage girl instead of a big manly Captain of the best Starship in the universe, Jim went and sat. He crossed his legs – as he always did – before watching the multiple stars fly by the vessel. He simply sat there and watched the stars for a few minutes. He must have sat there longer than he thought, because before he knew it, he heard his name over and over again.


"What Chekov?"

"I vasked you to sign this vor me."

Jim climbed out of his chair, and wandered over to Chekov's station that had an open screen on it requesting Jim's signature on the console before him. Jim grabbed the pen that Chekov offered him, reading over the explanation that Chekov needed, and then signed his name at the bottom with: 'Captain James T. Kirk' which look just like a bunch of squiggles and loops to him. The console made a beep, then the whatever did something and Jim turned away, then wandered back to his chair.

Woo, that was exciting.

So far, that day had been miraciriously boring after he had spoken to McCoy about staying with him the first day. The morning was way to… dramatic for him though. If he could have just evened out the morning drama to spread itself out along the both the morning and the evening… Either way, there wasn't much to do now.

Jim was surprised to hear his name uttered from Spock's station. "Captain, I require your signature on this forum before continuing." He stated, turning in his chair to face Jim.

Sure, because Jim really loved just running around and signing a bunch of crap.

Of course though, Jim got up for the second time, wandering over to Spock's station. He looked over towards the pop up open screen thing. This one was longer, took longer to read, and used a lot of big words that Jim had a hard time trying to process what it was getting at. He wondered for a second why they couldn't just tell them what they wanted in one sentence. "We want you to go and run around this planet. Get plant samples. Don't die." Isn't that easy enough?

"Ok, here let me sign." He said as he reached his hand over towards Spock's hand that held the pen in it. His fingers brushed over Spock's knuckles, and there was a sharp inhale from the Vulcan. Jim stopped, and his eyes darted over towards Spock's. That made the brown eyes dart down and away. Jim cleared his throat quietly, grabbing the pen from Spock's hand, signing and nodding his head as he walked off.

Time to call the old man again.

"Jim, as much as I enjoy you contacting me, you have done so three times today."

"Sorry. I can't wait three days for all these questions to be answered."

A small smile formed on Spock Prime's lips as he simply shook his head. "My own Jim was never willing to wait." He said simply. He then looked over to the side, before looking back over at Jim. "May I ask why you're calling however?"

"It's another thing about Spock."

"I am not a 'gal pal' Jim. If he has done something that made you giggle, then I am not the one to talk to."

"I am a Captain of a Starship you know. I don't 'giggle'."

"All right. What has he done now?"

"It's what he did after I touched his hand. I was grabbing the pen from him – I needed to sign something – and my fingers brushed against his knuckles."

"I am guessing he took a sharp breath in?"

Jim smiled softly as nodded his head. He then imitated what Spock had done a while ago. He then looked over at Spock Prime for an explanation of why he did that. Spock Prime was sitting there, just Vulcan-smirking to himself.

"You have pecked him on the cheek Jim."

Jim was quiet after that sentence was uttered from Spock Prime's lips. He let his brain process what he had said, over and over and over again, hoping for a different answer. However, it was always the same, yes, apparently Jim had just done the equivalent of a wife kissing her husband goodbye for work on the cheek. That made both him and Spock slightly freak out.


"It is no such thing. Vulcans kiss with their hands and fingers. For you to even brush the tips of your fingers against his own, that would be kissing in our culture." Spock Prime explained, pointing at his own tips of his fingers, all the while having a small upturn of the lips.

Jim sighed as he rubbed his forehead with his palm. "I guess accidentally kissing him really doesn't help me gain his love, now does it?"

"I would not think so."


Spock Prime bowed his head, before it turned back up when Jim heard another Vulcan's face calling off from the distance. It was their native tongue – which sounded like gibberish to Jim – and Spock was replying easily, waving off the much younger Vulcan. "You have called me at a poor time Jim." Spock Prime said with almost sadness in his voice. "I have duties to attend to, so any other questions you may have must be answered at a latter time."

Jim sighed, nodding his head. "Yeah I know. I've gotta get back to my chair again."

"Live long, and prosper Jim."

"LLAP for you too."

Spock Prime nodded his head with another Vulcan-smirk, before the transmition went dead. Jim turned off his side of the call, before sighing, and leaning back in his chair. The computer buzzed with a transmittion from the Bridge. Uhura's voice came on. "Bridge to Captain. Message from Starfleet, there's something that I'm sending to your comm. right now, it's something to do with our Shore Leave destination."

Jim sighed loudly, before pushing the button then speaking. "Ok, I'll check it out. Thanks Uhura."

The comm. buzzed with a new message thing, and Jim poked at the screen to get it to come up. Beginning to read the message, again, Jim wondered why they couldn't just figure it all out in a short simple paragraph. It went on and on and on about 'New Vulcan is not a designated Shore Leave planet' and how 'Since New Vulcan is currently reconstructing their culture, for any star ship to choose that planet for Shore Leave would be unacceptable, for the Vulcans need their own kind to adapt to the planet. They do not need crew running around and having fun while they do work reconstructing their civilization.'

AKA: 'We no want you be there. No no, we no let you go there.'

With another huge utter sigh, Jim busied himself with making a reply to them. He and the whole Enterprise were going to have Shore Leave on New Vulcan, whether Starfleet liked it or not. He was a Captain dammit, he could make his own decisions, and nobody could tell him what to do when it came to his ship. New Vulcan may be hot, but there were plenty of trees, and natural lakes and streams not to far from the colony. In fact, Spock Prime had told him that he was teaching the new children about plants, plants that actually can LIVE in the heat instead of dying like they did back on Vulcan. Green leafy plants with beautiful flowers.

Sounded like a great place for Shore Leave to him!

After sending the reply however, he realized that he could be breaking protocols going to New Vulcan against Starfleet's orders. He didn't really care though, because his plan was in the works now, and not any stupid moron from Starfleet was going to ruin it now.

Not on his watch.

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