OK so a huge thank you to every person who reviewed 'Car Crash' and 'Repercussions'. I wanted to flesh out this dream I had; it started like 'Car Crash' but it was a lot darker. So I decided to write a darker piece. While this story is very ExB, it's not as anywhere near as fluffy as my other stuff. Give it a go though, you might like it. In my mind, Bella and Edward are married in this story but Bella is still human. They don't have to be married to any of you but there will be sex scenes in future chapters so you better be prepared. No Jacob/Volturi/Victoria sorry.


I was so cold. I couldn't lie next to Edward; I was sure I would freeze. I knew he wanted to hold me. But I couldn't let him. Right now, I just had to get warm. And breathe.

My body was rocking so hard I couldn't inhale properly. I could hear voices, telling me to calm down and relax but there was no way my body could do that.

Didn't the voices see that I was broken? Didn't they see that I couldn't do anything to fix that? And there was nothing they could do either?

I tried to roll onto my side but piercing pain shot through me and I heard my voice box contract in a horrific gargle.

I was aware of Edward's intake of breath but I didn't feel his hands comforting me as I predicted. Which was good. He was cold. I was cold. I would only freeze.

The back of my head felt so heavy. It was as though someone was grabbing my hair and pulling me backwards. It stung and was making me dizzy. I heard myself gasping and gagging but couldn't stop.

I kept my eyes closed and gave myself over to the darkness.



I cracked open my bedroom door, my eyes darting automatically to Bella. She was lying against a dozen or so pillows, her hair a tangled mess. Her colour was awful. Pale. Blotted. Her cheeks seemed swollen. Her eyes were open, unfocused.

"Bella." The word came out as a sigh. I couldn't breathe when she was in so much pain. I swallowed hard. I had to be strong for my love. "Bella, how are you feeling?"

She continued to stare off for a moment until she finally looked over at me. I wanted to gasp. She looked dead. Broken. Not like my Bella. She shrugged her shoulders. I nodded. Understandable. Expected. But still, I wanted her to smile at me more than anything in the world. I need Bella to be alright. But she isn't. Not even Bella could bounce back from last night.

Bella had been in a crash. One fatality. It wasn't her fault.

A man was drunk driving with his 12 month old son in the back seat. Bella was driving home from work; she knows the roads. She is always careful. She is a good driver. But the man came speeding around the corner and collided with Bella. The man was fine; untouched. Bella has two cracked ribs. The little boy died on impact. Impact with Bella's truck.

Carlisle and I arrived moments later, having run from our house. I had only had time for Bella, getting her little body out of the cabin, accessing her for damage. She was conscious but confused, dazed.

Even though the fault lay with the other man, any person would no doubt blame themselves. Bella, beautiful, good Bella, would blame herself. But then the drunken father, not yet realising his son's fate, had ran over to us. Screamingat Bella. Swearing. Blaming. Threatening. My little Bella was too shocked to understand. I could feel the fear in her. I felt her body coil against mine; hiding her face in my shirt.

Carlisle had been screaming internally at me to take Bella away; also sensing Bella's fear and my fury. If it wasn't for the fact that I was holding her in my arms, I know I would have pounced at the vile man. How dare he endanger my Bella. How dare he hurt her. How dare he threaten her.

The door handle cracks in my hand; crumbling. I look down startled then quickly throw it back into the hallway; praying Bella didn't see. The last thing she needs right now is to be reminded of violence and breaking.

I had to calm my body. I didn't trust myself to get any closer to Bella.

Last night was one of the hardest of my life. My Bella, yet again, hunted down by danger. That man threatened her. Being unable to protect her from his words. Then telling her that the child had died.

My body shuddered.

I thought I could handle it; if only I could get her home. Carlisle had released her from the hospital and took the night off to care for her. But her body had gone into shock. She screamed and kicked, exacerbating her injuries. Carlisle had to inject Valium into her dark blue veins. And when she had calmed down; she had curled into herself; facing away from me.

I was unprepared for that. I had thought she would automatically reach to me for comfort and security. But she had shrugged off my hold without a word.

It was as though I had been punched. I couldn't breathe or see sense. It was foreign to me. Bella and I needed each other. We depended on each other and spoke about everything freely. But she turned away from me. Just the memory of that had me cringing.

If I could cry, I would be sobbing. I had been dry sobbing only minutes before.

Then she'd woken up. I convinced myself that the shock of the night would have worn off and she would finally accept me and let me wrap my arms around her, let me kiss her tears away and rock her.

But her eyes went back to the window; her body still slumped passively on my bed. Her heart beat was too slow. It was like she was asleep. But she was awake.

I sighed silently and walked into the room. She didn't move as I sat on the side of the bed. I didn't know if I was more upset that she didn't move into me or more relieved that she didn't move away again. I wouldn't be able to handle that.

Slowly, I reached up and ran a hand through her knotted hair. She didn't meet my eyes and we stayed in silence.

I was fighting the rising panic. Bella was safe and warm below me. That was the only thing that mattered. But she wasn't with me. Not really. I didn't know where she was. But I need her to come back to me.

Bella. I can't breathe without you. Please. Please. Turn to me. I'm here. I love you. You did nothing wrong. I love you.

But the memories are probably still too fresh in her mind. It's unrealistic of me to expect so much of her. She just needs time. My Bella is resilient. She will be fine. Please.

Short intro. The story will probably be mainly Bella POV, even though everyone loves Edward. I may put a few from him in. It's a bonding story. And there will be sex scenes. I would love any comments.