Hey everyone! Just a quick word; in world, Bella and Edward are already together and this isn't their first time but I tried to write it so that it could be if that's how you imagined it. Really just read and squeal. Now...Sex time! So cover the eyes of the innocent and enjoy!

I leaned forward and kissed him lightly. Yet more tears had spilled down my cheeks at his words. "I love you too." I whispered.

"Bella," Edward sighed, his thumbs tracing away the wetness. "Let me take care of you. Please." I sniffed and opened my arms. Edward instantly pulled me into his lap and I wound my arms around his neck. He planted light kisses along my jaw line. I sighed. I had missed him. "Bella." He begged. "Tell me what you need."

I shuddered at his words. "You. I need you."

He smiled softly. "You have me. Forever."

I nodded. That may be true. But what I needed now was for his body to heal mine. I needed him to hold me, squeeze me. Make me forget the world. I looked into his eyes which were a darkening gold. He would need to hunt very soon or they would go midnight black.

"Edward." I whispered. "I need you to make love to me." I felt his body stiffen slightly beneath me. Suddenly he looked sad again. That wasn't right; Edward shouldn't ever be sad. I traced his face with my fingers. "What's wrong?"

He sighed and blew ice cold air over my face. I closed my eyes at the impact and enjoyed the delicious scent that lingered. "I can't."

My eyes snapped open. "Why?"

Edward shook his head, very slowly, keeping his eyes trained to mine. "My Bella," he paused, "I...I cannot take advantage of you in that way."

"In what way?" Though my voice was still weak we could both hear the desperation in it.

He lent forward and kissed the end of my nose. "You have been through so much these past few days. You are traumatised and you're very, very vulnerable." He chuckled darkly. "I've taken you to a foreign city away from everyone and you are along with only me. It wouldn't be right."

His mouth looked so beautiful when he talked but his words didn't make sense. "Exactly." I frowned. "We're alone. Really alone. How often does that happen? I have you all to myself. And I need you."

"What is it you need exactly?" His eyes thankfully, were lighter than before.

I fidgeted, readjusting my hold on him. I needed him. All of him. I took a deep breath. "I need your body over mine. I need to feel you. I need you to hold me and rock me and love me. I need us to be us again. I only want you. Please Edward-" I looked beseechingly into his eyes, "please. Make love to me."

Edward's eyes grew wide at my words which came out as a strangled whisper. I could see him debating with himself. He was forever a gentleman and I knew he didn't want to pressure me. But I also knew that he needed me to. Our bodies didn't know how to be without each other. While our minds may have been preoccupied lately, I still felt chills when his fingers ran down my spine.

I shivered and pressed myself closer. Edward bent his head down at my movement, capturing my mouth. My body rejoiced as he pulled me ever closer; our bodies flush against each other.

Edward pulled away suddenly and a frantic, embarrassing cry escaped my lips before I could stop it. But he wasn't stopping; just moving. His lips moved down my jaw to my neck, whisper light. I grasped his hair tightly when I felt him suck hard above my pulse point. My knees quivered; it was a good thing I was already on the ground. I felt his body react beneath me, tightening and trembling.

"Bella." Edward whispered, breaking away from my neck. He looked down at me; his hair messed out and his eyes liquid. I swallowed. Hard.

Then he was picking me up. My body clung to his; not allowing any distance between us despite his movement.

Edward chuckled and laid my down on the deep bed. Apparently he didn't like distance either because his body was then covering me. Kissing down my neck to the edge of my top. He paused; looking up at me questioning. I answered my breaking my hold around his neck to reach down and yank my top up.

He helped me take it the full way off and his eyes raked over my torso; drinking me in. I glanced down too. I was so thin. I didn't look beautiful or voluptuous. I felt a slow blush burn over my cheeks.

Edward locked eyes with me and then suddenly it was dark. I jolted; my hands reaching out for him in the oblivion. They pressed against his chest which was now uncovered. His lips were then back at my neck. I felt his breath against my skin, the vibrations of his words. "I thought you might like it better with the lights off?"

I nodded, knowing he could probably still see perfectly. His cool hands traced down my torso and up again. I shivered in delight. Slowly their path changed; going horizontally. It took me a moment to realise he was going around me. I eagerly lent forward and Edward's hands wrapped around my back, unclasping my bra. A second later it was gone and there was nothing separating our skin.

I groaned. Loudly. I needed him. I missed him. I wanted to tell him thank you and not to stop. But I was breathing in heavy gasps; feeling the sensation of his body against mine when I did. "Edward." I managed to gasp out.

He kissed the tip of my nose. Then he held his mouth just above my lips. I could feel and hear him breathing heavily too. I couldn't take this torture. I lent up and captured his lips. Edward responded by pressing my body heavily into the bed. I could feel every inch of him aligned with me.

I moaned in shock when I felt his ice cold tongue enter my mouth. The taste. My body convulsed. I eagerly replied and ran my hands up into his hair, roughly holding him in place.

When I couldn't take it any longer, his mouth broke away and reattached itself to my neck. I let out a low groan. I was overwhelmed by him.

Edward continued his descent over my body, pressing wet kisses along my collar bone, down the centre of my chest. My nipples stung from neglect. But Edward knew me so well and adjusted his actions to the side; licking my right breast. I shuddered and pressed my chest forward. He took my entire nipple into his mouth; licking and teasing. I felt like I would burst but all I could do was lock my hands back into his hair. He switched breasts and begun sucking hard on my left nipple.

I didn't even know the sounds that were coming out of me. But they only seemed to encourage him as his hand reached up; his forefinger and thumb tweaking the abandoned nipple.

"Edward." I groaned.

Slowly, painfully, he let go of my breasts and continued moving downwards. I wanted to scream at him not to stop. I wanted to scream at him to keep going down. Instead I remained silent, trying to get my breathing under control. If I continued like this; I would pass out soon.

My chest felt bare without his body protecting over it. It rose and fell heavily. Edward was planting his light kissed down my stomach, over my belly button. I inhaled heavily, holding onto the sensation of his breath against my skin.

That's when I heard him speaking. I tried to stop breathing to hear him better but my blood was pounding in my ears.

"Bella, Bella, Bella," It sounded like he was praying. Chanting my name in a quiet, throaty voice.

I instantly felt heat pool at his words. My legs jerked upward; searching for him. I felt his body above me. I felt his arousal too. That only drove me madder.

"Edward." I gasped. He stopped his gruellingly slow rate. I could hear his breathing. "Edward, stop. I need you."

Suddenly my body was covered again with his. Edward's lips were at my ear. He sounded pained. Tortured as well. "I don't want to rush you my love."

I glared at him in the darkness. "I'm ready." I assured him, relocking my hands in his glorious hair. I could feel him resisting but I could also feel him agreeing. Energetically. "Edward." I whispered. I could feel his lips hovering just millimetres away from my own. "I need you. Now."

Whatever doubts he had, Edward quickly pushed them away because my legs were suddenly covered in goosebumps without my jeans covering them.

I gasped as I felt his cold body between my legs. My head spun. He was so close. I could feel him but I couldn't yet feel him. His heavy breathing was back at my ear. "Bella," he whispered. I whimpered pathetically, needing friction worst than I ever had. "I love you." Edward whispered.

I reached my hands around his neck; feeling his strong muscles coil. With a deep, long thrust he was inside of me and I cried out in agreement. For a long moment our bodies lay; joined with each other. Our breathing was thick and in unison.

Then I whimpered lightly. I needed movement. Obeying my silent pleas; Edward begun to move. My hands desperately clawed at him. I needed him to go faster.

I could tell Edward had missed me too because before I could start to beg, he picked up his pace.

Our bodies slammed against one another; our cries indistinguishable from each other. I could feel wave after wave of Edward press against me and my mind spun. I could only cling to him and breathe. My body released moans and sighs without my permission.

I could feel and hear a low growl building. Edward's body vibrated above me as he continued to thrust.

I was too hot and his body was teasingly cold against my body. My nipples were hard and brushed against his chest with each movement.

My muscles begun to tense and I coiled myself around Edward, breathing in his scent. I couldn't resist him any longer and my body shuddered violently and I screamed out his name.

My world went black for a second but I could still hear Edward breathing above me. I thought I heard him panting my name too but before I could listen properly I felt his body tremble and he released a loud moan of Bella.

I lay, panting beneath Edward; my body tingling deliciously in waves of little aftershocks. His body was still poised above mine and we were gasping in shared air.


Eventually I managed to make my jelly-arms work and rewind them about his neck. Edward slowly rolled so we were both on our sides, still pressed together. We lay in silence, trying to catch our breath.

I felt his arm loosen around my torso and his finger brush against my lower lip. "Hey beautiful."

My breath was knocked out again; his voice was broken and deep. I worked on keeping my blush down but all of my skin was flushed already. "Hey." I whispered back.

Edward lent in and gently kissed my lips before resting back. "I missed you."

I grinned in the darkness. "I missed you too."