Domestic Politics

Okay, he's thinking about her.

Shut the fuck up.

It's not like he's trying to; he's really wanting not to pay attention, but it's just not working out. His eyes keep tracing the barely-there curve of her baby-belly – he's pretty sure she can't be showing yet; it's probably his imagination – through that red-white uniform. No-one you isn't already in the loop seems to be noticing anything, and he guesses that is a good thing. Somehow. He doesn't really get it, truth be told.

He should stop thinking like this – it is what Quinn told him to do, after all, right? Yeah, he's a 'Lima Loser' and how dare he want to be a part of his kid's life. Not that it would make any difference. She's made it clear she's giving the baby away – Puck's listened to Finn barely stop himself having some kind of breakdown over it, 'cause Finn's a freaking girl like that – so even if she would admit he's the dad, it's not like that would change anything.

Which she won't. Because perfect Quinn Fabray would never cheat on her beloved boyfriend, right – hell, she didn't even fuck him. Puck has no idea how she pulled that one off. Hell, Puck's always known Finn's dumb, but how can anyone be that dumb?

He should forget about the whole think, move on. Quinn is kind of a bitch anyway, and it's not like saying he's the dad would make him any more the dad in her eyes. It's not like Finn's going to be the dad either, when all is said and done – that baby's not going to either of them; it's being sent off to some home they've never heard of that won't be able to love or know her half as much as either of them could. Which really freaking pisses Puck off, because if he'd have to pick any guy to be the dad to his kid when he can't do it, yeah, he'd pick Finn. Sure, the guy is a moron, but he's Puck's best friend and kind of an awesome moron who would majorly love the kid, and has a protective streak a mile wide.

Yeah. Pissing him off.

He's pretty sure he shouldn't be thinking this way; he screwed his best friend's girlfriend, and that kind of gives up all right to the moral high ground. But fuck that shit. Because it's still his kid and Quinn can't just cut him out.

Except she kind of can.

So he should forget about her. Let her and Finn have their baby and give it away to total strangers, get on with their lives like the perfect golden-couple-fallen-but-stronger-for-it. He's Noah fucking Puckerman and it's not like he's meant to care about any of this shit – he should just go on, pretend nothing happened, be the stud fucking half the women around town like normal. The dreams about Quinn's tight ass are fine, but he's not going to keep mooning over her.

And he's sure as hell not going to keep playing house in his mind; with Quinn as his beautiful wife is some town totally unlike Lima. Somewhere he's got a job, a good, respectable job, and they have a perfect suburban life. Years in the future, when the kid she's carrying around now is the big sister-or-brother to a whole bunch of other children they actually planned (and she-or-he knows she-or-he was an accident, but doesn't care, because they've given her the world). And the kids adore their Uncle Finn, who gave up on being pissed at Finn and Quinn forever ago – if he ever was – and it's not awkward at all. Where he and Quinn go to bed every night and say they love each other, like he wanted to that first time he ever had her.

Yeah. Gotta stop thinking about that.

Okay, he's turned into a total pussy.

Again: shut the fuck up.