Author's Note: Written for the 1sentence community on LiveJournal. 23-25 work best read together, though the rest are in no particular order; I'll post the first twenty-five today and the second twenty-five tomorrow. Some minor abuse of the semi-colon and dash, along with implications of a sexual nature (nothing graphic).

1 - Motion - Two bodies rocking in a simultaneous motion - his guided by experience, hers guided by instinct - it almost feels natural, like it was always meant to be this way.

2 - Cool - The cool trail of an ice cube slid along her skin, guided by Puck's fingers - she arched her back and let out a low screech - Santana shot them both a glare as Quinn grabbed an ice cube and ran it along the back of Puck's neck; the summer was stiflingly hot, they didn't have to be.

3 - Young - They were both young, their mothers said it would never last, not after a pregnancy, not after everything the two had been through - they were out to prove their mothers wrong.

4 - Last - "That's the last time I ever take fashion advice from Rachel Berry," Quinn says, throwing a pair of knee-socks and an argyle sweater against the wall in frustration; Puck tells her that she looks hot in knee-socks, and she gingerly picks one up and stares at it, trying to find the hidden allure.

5 - Wrong - She wasn't going to take any chances on the value of Puck's trust being wrong next time; she came fully armed with birth control and condoms, to prevent any more teenage pregnancies.

6 - Gentle - One word she never would have associated with Puck was gentle; as she watches him tuck in one of Kendra's triplets, she begins to rethink that theory.

7 - One - It was one time, one time in a room with Jesus Christ literally watching them from above her bed and pink sheets and the remnants of a wine cooler nearby and it changed both of their lives forever; the only thing he'd change is not getting her pregnant.

8 - Thousand - There are perhaps a thousand reasons why she should have stayed with Finn and begged for his forgiveness; for Puck, however, all she needs is the reassurance that he's not going to leave her, which he gives to her without hesitation.

9 - King - Quinn lays three kings on the table before her - "I believe that clears my hand?" she says with a coy smile and a knowing wink as he slides his jeans off; strip rummy night is going quite well, if she does say so herself.

10 - Learn - He's learned - okay, so maybe he knew it before, but if anyone asked, he'll say it was because of Quinn - that chicks are really good for snuggling with on a cold winter's night.

11 - Blur - The tears filling her eyes blurred his face into unrecognizable features, as he wrapped his arms around her and tried his best to comfort her.

12 - Wait - He'd have waited forever for Quinn if it meant waking up to her each morning and falling asleep next to her each night.

13 - Change - A father didn't throw people in dumpsters; a father didn't sext other women - especially not behind his baby-mama's back - a father wasn't a lot of things that Noah Puckerman was; he was going to have to change - for Quinn, for their baby, because there was no other way.

14 - Command - "Tell me the truth," she said, her voice quavering ever-so-slightly, "are you really in love with me?"

15 - Hold - She held the necklace aloft in the air, watching the iridescent gem sparkle in the light - "you didn't have to buy me anything for my birthday, you know," she said.

16 - Need - "I don't need you, Puck," she says, anger flaring in her eyes, but even as the words roll off her tongue, she feels the lie that they carry; she needs him, no one else will do.

17 - Vision - She sees herself in the mirror, all bloated and with miles of stretch marks to spare; she stands bare before him, arms crossed over her chest, and he sees the mother of his child, beautiful as ever.

18 - Attention - He's playing one of his Super Mario games, and she's bored out of her mind, when she discovers, with her tongue, one good way to divert his attention; the unsnapping of a button or two leads to another, and soon enough his video game controller is the one lacking attention.

19 - Soul - Tina, Mercedes and Quinn are singing some soul song Puck isn't familiar with, a fact Mercedes would more than likely never let him forget - if he told her, that is - but Quinn's eyes catch his at the end of the chorus and he pays attention to the lyrics - and it almost feels as though Quinn is singing to him at home, in private, instead of in front of the rest of the group; he may have to ask her for a private encore later.

20 - Picture - "Hey," he says, as she stands at her locker getting her English textbook; she closes the door so they can walk to class, but not before he sees a picture of the two of them together, his arm slung over her shoulder, radiant smiles on both of their faces, held up by a cross-shaped magnet on the inside of the door.

21 - Fool - She's been so down, ever since giving Beth up for adoption, that he tries to think of ways to entertain her, make her laugh, make her smile, even; he ends up succeeding by slipping in a puddle of water and falling to the ground, and she stifles a laugh, but he can see the laughter in her eyes.

22 - Mad - "Am I mad?" she says, almost bitterly laughing, a glass of lemonade in one hand, "Finn's already moved onto Rachel after we just broke up," and she slams the glass down on the table hard, lemonade sloshing onto her fingers; he hands her a washcloth, muted - he doesn't want to rile her up any more than she already is.

23 - Child - Beth would have been five today; Quinn glances nervously at the pregnancy test to see if they get a second chance to be parents.

24 - Now - "Now?" she whispers, and he slides the blindfold off from over her eyes to reveal the nursery he painted in vivid strokes of yellow and green, satisfactorily gender-neutral, and the smile on her face as she throws her arms around his neck and kisses him makes it all worth it.

25 - Shadow - He wakes in the middle of the night, feeling the bed next to him empty and cold; he hears her let out an annoyed grunt and sees her shadow approaching him, "I think my water broke," she whispers - he can almost hear the fear in her voice - and he's out of bed in a flash.