Author's Note: So, "tomorrow" was like two years ago. I lost the document for this for a while, and then when I found it, there were still quite a few sentences left to be written. Here it is, over two years overdue, but the remainder of the 50 sentences to complete the set. Some of the new sentences refer to season 2 and season 3 events, and some are vintage season 1, so there's a nice mixture in here.

26 - Goodbye - If they ever said goodbye to each other again, it would be the end of them: it was all or nothing, no middle ground.

27 - Hide - "Hey, babe, have you seen my aftershave?" he asks one morning, and she hides a mischievous smile behind her hand; she doesn't have the heart to tell him that he smells like her grandfather when he wears it, so she stashed it in with the cleaning supplies.

28 - Fortune - "'Discover the power within yourself,'" she reads from her fortune cookie, wrinkling her nose at the game they were playing; she caves in, and at his seductive smile and crooked eyebrow, she continues, a fine blush spreading on her cheeks, "in bed."

29 - Safe - When he arrived at the hospital with the rest of the New Directions, he hoped that she would be safe and sound after the accident, and that her injuries would be limited to superficial scarring; when he gets a chance to see her again, with her non-superficial injuries, he only wants to draw himself around her and protect her.

30 - Ghost - The ghost of their shared past haunted them; at night, they'd hold each other and pretend their demons weren't chasing them, even after all this time.

31 - Book - She put down her textbook and smiled coyly at him - they'd put on the pretense of a a study date long enough, and she knew that his interest in American history was tenuous at best, especially in her presence.

32 - Eye - A little boy with spiky hair caught her eye from across the elementary school cafeteria; she wandered over and asked, "do you want to share my sandwich with me? It's peanut butter and jelly," and when he accepted, she smiled a shy little smile - maybe they could be friends.

33 - Never - They made a silent pact in the hospital room: "never bring the topic of Beth up" - and so far, they had kept it, until the day when Shelby walked back through the door and back into their lives.

34 - Sing - He had a history of singing his feelings to his girl - not that it always worked - but when he was trying to find the perfect song to serenade Quinn again, every avenue turned up empty: nothing was perfect enough for her this time.

35 - Sudden - It was a sudden decision that she made, laying in bed one night: she could have the security of Sam, or the stability of Finn, but the thought that made her heart race fastest and most out of control was the thought of the excitement that Puck injected into her life.

36 - Stop - He made the decision by himself, without anyone around to influence it - if he could get Quinn back, the one girl he really felt like he could love, then he would stop pursuing every woman who crossed his path.

37 - Time - Every time she closed her eyes, she pictured the two of them rocking back and forth in rocking chairs in the nursing home with grandchildren scampering at their feet - the two of them still together, after all those years.

38 - Wash - She watches as their clothes tumble together in the laundromat dryer - his muscle shirts and athletic shorts with her blouses and skirts - and realizes that this is what a life with Puck means: two disparate parts working together in a strange sort of unison.

39 - Torn - His bed was warm; his slightly-torn McKinley High Football t-shirt fell to just above her knee, and he muttered something under his breath about how damn sexy she looked carrying his child and wearing his clothes.

40 - History - Their histories had been with different people, yet they found themselves drawn to each other like magnets - whatever they had together was too powerful to ignore.

41 - Power - One night, when the power flickered out and the thunderstorm raged outside, winds lashing trees against the windows, he wrapped their blanket around the both of them and held her close, feeling her heart beat into the side of his arm.

42 - Bother - "Does it bother you," she asks one night, as they sit in his car and stare at each other, "that we might go our separate ways after graduation?"; his reply is to nod slowly and whisper, "babe, we'll beat this town, together."

43 - God - Quinn's belief in God was unshakable; it was everything else that had happened, with Beth and Puck and Finn, that made her question what was out there, but she knew that everything would work out as it should.

44 - Wall - In retrospect, she could say that what she had was probably post-partum depression, but she could not help but wish that she had torn down her emotional Berlin Wall before it had completely destroyed how Puck felt about her.

45 - Naked - Whether they were naked or clothed, in public or at home alone, one thing didn't change: they had a hard time keeping their hands - or their lips - off each other.

46 - Drive - The bus driver was driving them to Regionals, and Quinn laid her head on his lap and looked up at him, and he instinctively ran his fingers through her hair, sharing in a quiet moment in the midst of all the insanity.

47 - Harm - If anyone did anything to harm his girl, he wasn't sure what he'd do: all he knew is that they'd live to regret it.

48 - Precious - Quinn held their baby daughter close to her, and he was in awe of how precious she was - they'd been given a second chance to be parents, and they weren't going to let it go to waste.

49 - Hunger - She knew he was something more than what he always thought he was when he unveiled a breakfast in bed for her one morning when his mother went into work early; it was the simple things, like him feeding her strips of clandestine bacon and forkfuls of scrambled eggs that made her kind of wish their life was as easy as this.

50 - Believe - "I want to believe you, Puck," she said, and he only nodded; he wanted to be there for her, and would always try to be.