Authors Note: This is my first fanfiction. This was inspired by the song The last Night by Skillet. Criticism would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Enjoy.

~The Last Night~

Knock knock, the rasping of knuckles came to his door, Gabriel glanced at the clock: 4:10. Whoever is knocking on his door in the middle of the night, will be greeted by the fury of an archangel. True he doesn't need to sleep but he enjoys it. Besides only three people even know that he is an archangel.

Knock knock knock. The sound came again, bringing him from his thoughts. He got up, clad in his boxer shorts to open the door, ready to send whomever decided to visit him this early to their on personal hell. He opened the door, prepared to snap his intruder into oblivion. His hand dropped.

"Sam," he sighed "what are you doing here?"

"He wont let me die," Sam breath out.

At this Gabriel started. He hadn't expected this. He looked at Sam, carefully studying him in the small light coming from the hallway. He can see the tear streaks on his face, his eyes a red and slightly puffed. Gabriel draws in a breath, ha can smell it, the rusted, metallic smell of blood. His heart clenches.

"Sam," he starts. Gabriel reaches out a hand and grabs Sam's wrist. Sam flinches at the touch. Gabriel can feel the blood soaked sleeve under his grasp. He turns Sam's hand over in his and pulls the sleeve upward, revealing three ragged, deep cuts.

"Sam!" He gasps.

"He won't let me die! I just want this to be over," the last part came out as a whisper as fresh tears threatened to fall.

Gabriel doesn't respond, he gently pulled Sam inside, flicking the light on. He sat Sam on the couch. He doesn't say a word as he silently removes Sam's jacket, then his shirt. There are similar slashes on the opposite arm, Gabriel looks into Sam's red eyes. He doesn't need to ask.

"No matter how much I bleed he won't let me die," he says listlessly.

Gabriel doesn't speak, he puts he hands around the cuts and they heal. No showy finger snapping because this is too serious. This is Sam, his Sam, come to him bleeding distraught. Anger rises in him.

"Dean?" he questions.

"He took Cas to a bar." There is no emotion in his voice.

Since when does Castiel take precedence over his brother. Gabriel thinks Dean must have seen this coming. You don't decide to end life in a few hours.

Gabriel can feel Sam shaking, if only slightly. His hands still rest on his wrists. He moves them to Sam's face with a hand on either cheek. He is tired of the apocalypse, he was tired of it centuries ago, but this is the last straw.

"Sam," he looks into Sam's eyes, "stay here. With me."

Sam looks into Gabriel's eyes, there is no mischief, no twinkle, nothing to suggest he isn't serious.

"Gabriel," he starts. Sam moves his hands to Gabriel's, their fingers intertwine. Sam closes his eyes. "I can't- the apocalypse- Dean" he doesn't need to say anything more.

Gabriel kisses Sam, gently. The kiss is full of everything Gabriel is offering to Sam. Love, loyalty, companionship. "This is the last night you'll spend alone" he kisses Sam again, it is as gentle as the first one. "This is your last night away from me." Gabriel kisses him again and Sam pulls him further into himself returning the kiss full of appreciation, desperation, and love.

Gabriel intertwines their fingers and pulls Sam from the couch. He leads him to the bedroom and pulls him under the covers on his bed, their bed. The rest of the morning is spent with sweet whispers and chaste kisses. This is the first of many mornings that will be filled with love, happiness, and completeness for both Gabriel and Sam.

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