Alice and Jasper are not together. Alice doesn't have a mate. Bella is a senior in high school so this is her last year of school which means she hasn't had Renessmee yet. Raine is in the same class as Bella.

A spoiled daughter of a billionaire gets transferred to Forks High. Where she used to live she was popular but at Forks High she has to fight to be at the top. What happens when her eyes are finally open by a special someone.

I get off the plane and look around. I'm in Port Angelous and it looks like it will never stop raining. "I wish I was back at home all cozy and warm but no; my dad has to ship me off to Forks, Washington to stay with Charlie Swan, an old friend of his. I don't see how they were friends in their youth but it's very possible seeing how my dad is," Raine thinks annoyed.

"Are you Raine?" asks a man, who's suddenly walking up to her.

"Yes." says Raine. "Why are you asking?" "No, I'm Bob Dylan. Of course I'm Raine!" the girl thinks, looking at him.

"Well I'm Charlie Swan and I'm here to pick you up," says Charlie.

"How long does it take to get to your house from here?"Asks Raine extremely bored.

"Thirty minutes," answers Charlie grabbing Raine's bags and putting them in the trunk.

Raine plops down on in the front seat and rests her chin and arms on the car door. She stares out the rain streaked window. "There is so many shades of green that I could say to describe the trees that it makes my head hurt. While I'm looking at the woods I see a fast streak of black, "thinks Raine still looking outside. Raine shrugs, not entirely sure what it was.

In Forks Bella and Edward are waiting for Charlie to come back with their guest.

"So do you think that this girl is going to be normal," asks Bella.

"I don't know Bella," says Edward. "We'll just have to see."

Finally, Raine walks in the house. She looks at Edward and Bella, Raine smiles at the two like they were lower than her in social standing though its true but Raine is too haughty to go down from her high pedestal she put herself on.(AN: Whatever pedestal she's on is in another world its in my world ooooo.)

Charlie walks in. "You two got acquainted yet?" Charlie asks Bella.

"No, not yet," says Bella looking at the girl in front of her.

"Hi my name is Bella and this is Edward," introduces Bella pointing to a very pale male.

"Hello Bella and Edward, my name is Raine," introduces Raine. Raine shakes Bella's hand, then Edward's. Raine pulls her hand away when she feels how cold Edward's hand is.

"Go get settled in," replies Bella after seeing her reaction to how Edward's hand feels.

"Ok," says Raine. "So where am I going to be sleeping?"

"The attic," replies Bella taking Raine to the attic.

"Why the attic?" asks Raine, slightly confused.

"Oh, there's no other room that would be good for you," says Bella not looking at her disgusted guest.

"I don't want to even think how my school's going to look like." Raine shivers.

I look at this area of space that's supposed to be called my room. The walls are painted lilac, my bed has a purple and black blanket on it, and lastly there is a wood polished floor. I cock my head to the left and sigh, "It's ok but honestly do you hillbillies really think my favorite color is purple?"

Bella is appalled at how rude Raine is. "Excuse me," exclaims Bella still shocked.

"Yes," says Raine calmly looking at Bella.

"Dang rich girl," mutters Bella going downstairs.

Bella walks into the kitchen.

"Dad, why do we have to have her live with us?" asks Bella annoyed.

"Well her father needs her to be able to act like a regular teenager and where she was living didn't allow that to happen," says Charlie calmly looking at his very annoyed daughter.

"I don't care whether she is a normal teenager or not, she's a bitch," exclaims Bella as she walks outside to her truck.

She drives to the Cullen's house and as soon as she gets out of her truck everyone is already outside to greet her.

"Hi Bella," says Alice very chipper.

"Hi Alice," mutters Bella still annoyed.

Jasper tries to change her mood but Bella looks at him.

"Not now Jasper," says Bella sighing.

"What's bothering you," asks Edward as soon as they are inside.

"Raine that's what is wrong," mutters Bella. "I don't know how I'm going to be able to live with her it's going to be next to impossible seeing how she is just coming into my house."

The next day Raine struts into school. Her head held high as she walks through the hallways. All the boys goggle her especially one in particular. The day goes by pretty fast and when lunch comes around Raine is not too hungry.

"Hey Princess," screams Emmett behind Raine.

Raine turns around to see Emmett standing there with a wide grin smacked across his face.

"Yes," she says bothered by the nickname.

"Why are you so uptight," asks Emmett smiling.

"I'm not uptight," says Raine trying to defend herself.

"Oh really, but, why do you act like everyone are beneath you," asks Emmett once again.

Raine sneers, "You people don't know the difference between pride and being uptight."

"Would love to see who raised you," comments Rosalie coldly walking up to them.

"Who cares who raised me," Raine says calmly. "It's not like you people can do anything with it."

Jasper walks up behind Rosalie, curiously wondering what is happening between the three.

"What is wrong you two?" asks Jasper looking at Rosalie and Emmett.

"Nothing," replies Rosalie holding Emmett's hand.

As soon as they leave Jasper bows to Raine, "My apologies ma'am I hope they didn't upset you," says Jasper holding Raine's hand.

"Oh, no, it was nothing," says Raine smiling. "Thank you for doing it, though I wouldn't know what I would do without you."

Jasper smiles, "My pleasure ma'am." Jasper walks back to his family as Raine starts to form a small smile on her face.

While her thoughts are floating around like tiny bubbles she's lifted up with them until they are popped by someone speaking to Raine.

"Raine if you don't stop daydreaming I will leave you here to walk home," threatens Bella standing in front of Raine.

"I'm sorry," apologized Raine blush creeping up her face.

"Yeah you're sorry," mutters Bella going in the driver's seat of her truck.

Raine goes into the passenger seat and shifts uncomfortably as she is being stared down by Bella.

"What did I do," asks Raine dumbly. Bella thinks, "Are you serious?"

"What did I do," mocks Bella. "You called me and my dad hillbillies. Let's see you think you are the queen of the world. Also you are a spoiled brat."

Raine looks hurt at first but then she looks at Bella smiling. "I'm going to walk home if you don't mind Isabella Swan."

"Go ahead I really don't care where you go right now," mumbles Bella watching Raine get out of the car.

Raine walks out and instantly gets drenched. "Great," Raine thinks as she starts to walk home.

Halfway home and Raine is super cold. A car drives up to her and the car window is rolled down to see the occupant inside.

"Hey princess would you like a ride?" asks Emmett looking at Raine's soaked body.

"Sure," mutters Raine getting in the car.

"So, why are you walking in the rain?" asks Emmett as he drives her home.

"I didn't want to be judged by Bella on how I act," replies Raine looking out the window.

"Okay I see," says Emmett.

The rest of the car ride they say nothing.

"Thanks Emmett," says Raine gratefully as she gets out of the jeep.

"You welcome," says Emmett. "Whenever you need anything just call me or my family got," he says as he drives away.

Raine nods and looks up at the sky. "Please let me have a good senior year," wishes Raine quietly.

Raine walks into the house and Charlie looks at her very surprised.

"Why are you soaking wet," Charlie asks. "Also why didn't you come with Bella before?"

"I was walking in the rain," replies Raine, boredly. Then Raine goes up to the bathroom to take a hot shower so she won't catch a cold.

After she is finished she lies down on her bed and tries to write a letter to her dad. After a couple of minutes she ends up falling asleep, then at midnight her phone starts ringing furiously. The phone ends up falling of Raine's nightstand and stops ringing.

Raine wakes up the next morning and sees she has five missed calls and all by her father. Raine groans and dials her father's number but like his daughter he doesn't answer.

"It must suck having your dad live across the world from you," says Bella calmly. Raine looks at Bella and then goes down her room's stairs pushing Bella in the process.

Bella walks behind Raine who stumbles at every other stair or so. Bella gets her breakfast as she watches Raine try to make an omelet for herself.

"Need help," asks Bella trying her best not to laugh.

"No, I'm good," replies Raine putting her omelet on a plate. "That wasn't so hard now was it," says Charlie smiling at Raine's accomplishment.

"Thank you," says Raine blushing a little. After Raine finishes her breakfast she goes upstairs to change.

"You could learn a lot from her Bella," says Charlie smiling.

"Unless I want to be a billionaire I will never learn anything from her," exclaims Bella laughing. "Or maybe if I wanted to learn how to make a person manicure my nails in Paris, France for a hundred dollars."

Bella grabs her backpack and goes outside.

"Are you going to wait for Raine," asks Charlie walking outside.

"No the princess can walk," replies Bella blandly.

Thirty minutes later Raine comes into the school with Jasper at her side.

"Thank you Jasper," thanks Raine giving him a hug.

Jasper smiles and says, "It's nothing."

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