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Raine wakes up crying. Blood, so much blood clouded her vision. She had seen someone attacking her younger cousin, in her dream. She didn't feel good because she knew it could be her attacking her younger cousin. How could she become one of them if she was afraid? She was turning eighteen and yet she did not want to turn into it fully, not yet anyway. The Volturi were going to pay them a special visit so they could transform her here in the comforts of the manor, though she was feeling sick about them doing again to her ten years later. She had a dream that something bad was going to happen; though that bad thing may not even include her, in a sense. Oh how right her dream was. Jasper and Lorenzo are by her side almost immediately comforting her.

"What was your dream," Lorenzo asks, guessing the reason. He always knew what was wrong with Raine, being her trusted attendant. Lorenzo had Raine on his lap, and was rocking her gently back and forth. "Relax; everything is going to be alright."

"Something bad is about to happen," she whispered, as she went closer to Lorenzo like she used to when she was younger and had nightmares. The two were very close, and despite being years apart the two were slightly closer than siblings.

Raine then goes over to where Jasper is who was sitting on the bed watching Lorenzo and Raine interact together. Lorenzo watches her closely as she goes closer to Jasper. Lorenzo fiercely protected Raine since she was little and even now he protects her.

Jasper kisses her on the forehead, not able to do anything more with Lorenzo around. "Well it's just a dream and as long as I am here nothing will happen to you. Also you know Lorenzo will fight away the bad dreams, even when I can't do that. Now go back to sleep it's four in the morning and you have a big day ahead of you."

Lorenzo nods reassuringly, "Nothing will happen and if something does you can blame me or Jasper for not making it something that we can avoid."

Raine nods, closing her eyes gently as she goes under the covers of her bed. Jasper sits on her bed while Lorenzo looms over to the corner of the room to watch over the two. Lorenzo didn't want Jasper to do anything to Raine, though he knew Jasper wouldn't do anything to her. The next morning Raine is awake bright and early, she decides to go to breakfast and eat with her large family. She looks at everyone's attendants and sees that all of them are on edge. Rainer happened to be in her day clothes, like everyone else she was pretty tense knowing what would happen later on that day.

"Why do I have to be turning eighteen," she mutters to herself, upset that she put all of the attendants on edge.

She goes back to her breakfast in silence before any of the attendants glance toward her. The attendants of her family are very protective of their charges, they are like imprints in a way but stronger and there are female attendants. The female attendants also weren't nice to other people except their attendee.

At that moment Belle and Jessa walk in with their attendants, both attendants were ready and alert. Their attendants protect them fiercely and they do not let them do anything without their permission. Belle looks at her attendant, not walking over to a chair. Her attendant bends down and whispers something in the little girl's ear. Belle shakes her head.

Belle whispers, "I don't want to."

Belle's attendant is dark skinned, and is one of the more serious attendants out of all the attendants. He takes care of Belle just like any attendant would, though his relationship with the girl was more like an older brother instead of a lover or a caregiver, at some point every attendant, was to their attendee.

"Why not," he said louder this time. At this time he was getting annoyed at Belle's indecisiveness.

"I don't want to," Belle replied. She was looking away from her attendant, making everyone who was watching giggle or outright laugh at the show.

Raine laughs she knew she was like that with Lorenzo when she was younger, very defiant towards him and everything that he said. Lorenzo walks up to her and smiles, placing his hand gently on her shoulder.

"Remember when you were like that," he said, grinning.

Raine nods, looking at him. "At least Jessa's attendant has a better time than the rest of you guys."

"I wouldn't bet on that," Lorenzo said looking at where Jessa was. She was looking at her attendant annoyed. "Though you know you still are like that sometimes."

Raine rolls her blue eyes, pushing Lorenzo lightly.

Jessa's attendant was Italian just like his attendee, though he looked African American. The two also clashed in ideas, Jessa likes to have things a certain way though her attendant rather have her do things his own way, which was very innocent and care-free though he always means well when he is strict with Jessa which were rare moments like these.

"I want to sit by Raine, not by anyone else," Jessa said, crossing her arms daintily as she looked at her attendant defiantly.

Her attendant sighs, "No, she is with someone I don't want you to meet."

"You mean the blonde man," she asks confused. She uncrossed her arms and hugged her attendant before looking at him again, thinking her hug was the best apology.

"Yes," he replies. "How cute can she get?" he thought to himself.

"Oh, I already met him before and he's Belle's blonde man," she states in a mater-of-fact voice. She smiles glad she knew who he was talking about.

Jessa's attendant eyes grew wide at her knowing that information. Jessa looks at him curiously, not really understanding his reaction.

Raine looks at Jasper who was sitting next to her and she covered her mouth. "Did you hear that," she asks, muffling her laughter.

Jasper nods, "Interesting cousins I have to say."

Jessa's attendant eventually gave up and the two walked over to where Raine, Jasper, and Lorenzo were. Jessa sat by Raine smiling, resulting in her attendant rolling his scarlet red eyes.

"Attendant troubles Phoenix," Lorenzo whispered to the other attendant.

Phoenix nods sighing, "Yes, she is not listening to me at all it is annoying me to the high heavens and down into hell."

Lorenzo laughs, "Relax she is only seven and plus her marking is next year, let her live a little."

Phoenix nods, "I totally forgot; now I feel like a jerk trying to make her behave and all that jazz."

"Its fine, she will forgive you plus I think she might believe you are doing this for her own good," Lorenzo said casually.

"Though you know she loves to go against the grain and do or say things I don't approve of," Phoenix replied, looking at his attendant.

Meanwhile Jessa happened to be enjoying her food so she was not paying attention to the conversation between the two attendants. It wasn't until she was done with her food that she looked at her attendant.

"Phoenix," she said, her soft melodic voice calling to him.

"Yes Jess," Phoenix said, looking at her.

"I'm done with my food, can I go play now," she asks, softly.

"Well, okay," Phoenix said after a little bit of hesitation.

They then all begin to relax but it isn't until Raine looks at her attendant that anything really happens.

"When are they coming," she asks. "I know that's why everyone is on edge, especially the attendants of the younger ones."

It was true, everyone was waiting for her to change and the attendants were waiting for the Volturi to come. No one quite liked them, and no one liked them disturbing the peace of the large coven that ran their family a little bit differently than the rest of the other vampires.

"It's not your fault," reprimanded Lorenzo, before she could say it aloud.

"But it is my fault," Raine said. "I am turning eighteen after all."

"Who are coming," Jasper questions, confused, "who are you talking about." Sadly Jasper was not informed of what was going to happen before the party, so he was completely clueless about what they were talking about.

"This is the reason why she is here," Phoenix said. "Obviously, you knew that." He said rudely.

"Actually, I don't know anything really about why she came except for her birthday," Jasper replied, still very confused.

"That's the reason you don't feel the need to kill her," Lorenzo said. "She already has some vampire venom in her."

"So she is a vampire," Jasper questions, looking at Raine, "but she is warm and she sleeps how that can be."

"Well I have some venom in me doesn't mean that I am one," she said. "I got my marking when I was eight."

"Which is the introduction of a tiny amount of venom into her bloodstream," Lorenzo informed. "Of course you wouldn't know anything about that."

"Then I turn eighteen and I get my branding where I get more venom into my blood before I have a big party," she finishes, bitterly.

"What!" Jasper exclaimed, "So you mean that….." he couldn't even finish, he was so stunned.

Lorenzo shook his head, "No, the only reason you are here it is because it's customary for the birthday person to invite one person to their party. You happen to be the 'person' that she wanted and invited, so you aren't changing her the rest of the way."

"Of course the ages are different for everyone for their marking but everyone gets their branding ten years after their marking," Phoenix said, ignoring Lorenzo's side comment to Jasper.

"So that is why The Volturi is coming," Raine concluded, looking very pale. "Also I am very scared; this isn't an experience that I will love, not at all."

At that moment the two attendants hear a sound, getting up they go to where the sound is. Raine followed by Jasper go after them, Raine suspecting that they have arrived. Lorenzo opens the door to see the witch twins smiling and behind them are Caius, Marcus, and Aro who was smiling happy to see Raine again.

"Hello birthday girl," said Jane, smiling at her.

"Yes, hello my sweet birthday girl," said Alec, in a sickeningly sweet way.

"I am not yours," Raine muttered. "Hello to you Jane."

Jane nodded, politely looking up at the taller girl. "So you being a good girl," Jane asks, still looking up at her.

"Always am," Raine replied, hastily. "Why wouldn't I be a good girl?"

Jane shrugged, "You never know with you." "You really don't with her," she thought silently.

"Oh, you grown since then," Aro said, looking at her amazed. "I did not think you would grow past your last height!"

"Yeah Aro that's what humans do you know grow," Raine said, laughing. "Though I could be like my other cousins and not grow a lot, but sadly I am not like them and I did grow. Also you know the last time you saw me I was only eight, so I had plenty of time to grow."

"Well I remember her cousins, they were always very polite," said Caius, causally.

Raine nods politely, not able to speak.

Aro nods then looks at her. "Where is Lady Vertolli?" and then walks in Grandma Vertolli strolling in casually in with her mate and attendant behind her.

"You called for me," Grandma Vertolli said.

"Yes, I wanted to know when we should start this," Aro asks, gleefully. "I am anxious to begin, she looks like she needs a perk up."

Raine becomes even paler at how Aro is acting, though she was slightly happy it was him changing her and not someone like Alec who liked calling Raine his own, she disliked Alec for claiming to own her. Before Raine could get lost in thought Raine looked back at Aro and her grandmother as they talked to each other very politely.

"As soon as possible she still needs to get ready for the party," Grandma Vertolli said. "Plus I do not want her weak while getting ready for the party either."

Phoenix happened to be in the group who went over to the door. He rolled his eyes at what Grandma Vertolli said; knowing that she would probably be weak after it was going to happen anyway, there was no denying or avoiding it. Though he knew she would be weak afterwards, he also knew that wasn't the only thing that Raine would be after she gets her branding.

As Grandma Vertolli says this they walk over to where the den is. The den had a room where everyone had their usually branding done in. Since they were there Jane and Alec were going to be marking to people. They just turned eight and they were going to be marked that day. Jane then looks at a little boy by Raine, while Alec looks at a little girl by Phoenix who was practically clinging to his leg. Jasper was then taken away from Raine, so he would not sway Raine's desire to get her marking though it really wasn't a desire more of a need to have it done.

"Come here little boy," Jane said, in her childlike voice.

The boy looked at her and said, "Okay."

"Your name is Diggory am I correct," Jane asked, quietly.

Diggory nods. "Well I am glad I got your name right," Jane said. "Let's go to your room shall we." Jane then took his hand and walked away from the group.

"Wren, come with me let's go elsewhere so you are comfortable," Alec suggests to the little girl.

Wren looks at Phoenix before going over to Alec and the two quickly go away. Wren was Jessa's older sister though she was not as stubborn as Jessa was. Wren's attendant had an errand to do so that's why she was clinging on to Phoenix's leg. As Raine watches the two leave bile rises up into her throat, making her feel sick for what the two would have to go through.

Aro coughs and Raine soon acknowledges his prensence. Aro and Raine walk into the den, then going into that one room and she looks at him calmly.

"You ready," he asks.

"Not at all," she replied.

"Well it won't hurt as much as it did before so that is a plus, right," Aro said, trying to make conversation with the girl.

Aro goes closer to her and before she knows it she blacks out. Raine nods, relaxing all her muscles, couple minutes later Raine sits up and immediately vomits her guts out.

"Good morning princess," someone says. She heard that voice before but she couldn't put her finger quite right on who it was.

She looks and sees its Phoenix holding a cup of water.

"Are you okay," he asks. "You seemed fine until you woke up." Phoenix looked at her worried, his scarlet eyes showing intense fear at how she would react.

"I'm fine. Why aren't you with your charge?" Raine asks him. Raine was more worried about her cousin than herself knowing that someone was going to get hurt, but she just didn't know when.

"Lorenzo said he would take care of her for a bit while I cleaned you up. You know he is not supposed to help you today," he reminded her, before she could rebuttal.

"Okay," she took the cup and drank all of it, but for some reason it did not taste right to her. "It tastes weird," she thinks.

Couple hours later Raine is in her room sitting on her bed, she happened to throw up more than twenty times in the past hour and she felt horrible. Someone knocks on her door, but Raine is so weak that she can barely talk.

Phoenix pokes his head in the room, before he walk up to her placing his cold hand on her forehead.

"You are clammy, man you throwing up has got you looking awful," said Phoenix, playfully.

"Thanks," muttered Raine, before becoming pale and running to the bathroom to puke again.

When she walks back Phoenix gives her a cup of something.

"Thanks," she says, as she takes a swig of the liquid. Her eyes then go wide, "Phoenix, what is this?"

"Blood," he said, calmly.

Raine spits out what was left of the liquid in her mouth. "Are you kidding me?" Raine exclaims.

"Nope," he said, "I'm not kidding."

"Why did you give me blood," she asks, as she goes over to the mirror and looks at herself. Her eyes were now a violet color though the day before her eyes was a blue color.

"You need it to have your eyes be violet," he said, shrugging, "and so you will stop vomiting."

"So you mean you waited all this time to give me it," she exclaimed. "Then I really didn't have to go through that, vomiting twenty plus times?"

"Yep," he said, plainly, "you really didn't have to, it's just I don't know I wanted to see how much you could go through before you started to looking like you were sick."

"You know what," said Raine.

"Yeah," he said, smiling.

"I hate you so much, now," Raine growled, before she went to get her dress and take a shower.

Once she got dressed, she opened the door and saw Phoenix waiting to walk in the room.

"You look beautiful," Phoenix said, smiling.

"Thanks," said Raine blushing.

"No really, you look beautiful," Phoenix encouraged as he walked over to where a tiara sat, glowing in the soft light that came in from the room's window. He walked up to her and gently placed the tiara on her head.

"Oh, I hope I look good," Raine said, worrying slightly.

"Don't worry," he said, "all you need to do is relax."

"Relax, yes that's what I need to do," she said, quietly to herself.

Phoenix spun her around, and shown her what she looked like in the mirror. There stood the violet eyed Raine who brown hair fell slightly past her shoulders in an elegant way.

"See you are fine," Phoenix assured her, as he grabbed her hand and got ready to go out the door.

Meanwhile outside Jasper and everyone else was waiting for Raine to come out of her room with her escort who was Phoenix. The two children who got their marking were standing in front of Jasper. They were holding each other, though they had their marking they recovered faster than Raine and were able to get ready for the party. Diggory looked from side to side, his dirty blonde hair swishing back and forth with his head. His grey eyes begin to study Wren who was muttering something under her breath.

Wren's dark brown almost black eyes look at the door where Raine should be coming out of, she was quite impatient for her to come out as she muttered things under her breath. While she was looking, she could feel someone staring at her from behind her. She turns around making her black hair that was in a braid slap the other side of her face.

"What Diggory," she exclaims, whispering.

"Nothing," he replied, as he looked at the door.

At that moment Raine came out with Phoenix by her side, she had a tiara on that made her look like a princess. Once she got to the bottom of the stairway Grandma Vertolli went up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"La mia principessa ha finalmente cresciuto," Grandma Vertolli said in Italian. (AN: My princess has finally grown up. translation)

"Vi ringrazio nonna," Raine replied back,kissing her grandmother on the cheek. (AN:thank you grandmother. translation)

After that Diggory and Wren go up to Raine and hug her.

"Wow," said Wren. "How do you feel?"

"I feel very good thank you," Raine replied, smiling.

Later on Raine is sitting down when Jasper walks up to her.

"How are you feeling," Jasper asks.

Raine fingers her hair absently, "I feel good, though I could go without the vomiting."

"You can still do things like that,"Jasper questioned, bemused.

"Yeah sadly I still can, though on the bright side I will always be strong like a newborn I will never be weaker than Emmett, ever," Raine said proudly.

Jasper went closer to her and kissed her on the cheek. "You look wonderful tonight."

At that Raine looks at her hands shyly, as she blushed a violent pink. "Thanks I guess."

Jasper smiles, "May I have this dance?" He bows to her, holding a hand out to her. He was the only one out of the males who did not get to dance with her yet.

Raine smiles and replies, "Of course, I would love to." Raine took Jasper's hand and Jasper guided her out onto the dance floor.

As they danced Raine smiled. She was no longer that small drama queen who insulted people, and was quite hot-headed. That day she was more than what she once was, she had grown up in that short amount of time. A metamorphosis had taken place, and where once stood a grungy, scullery maid had now turned into an elegant, violet-eyed princess named Raine Vertolli.

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