Chapter 1

Ikuto's POV

"I wish it would snow nyan!" Yoru exclaimed. "That would make a better New Years nyan." I sighed and rolled over. Can we just skip this holiday? I wondered closing my eyes. "I hate you!" Even though it's been about a year since the New Years concert, the memory still hurt.

"Amu," I murmured quietly and then closed my eyes slowly.

"Hey Ikuto it's only 9:30 nyan!" Yoru exclaimed. "Why are you sleeping now nyan? Come on! Ikuto nyan…" His voice fell silent as I drifted off to sleep.

"I hate you! I hate you!" I winced back as Amu screamed at me again and again. "I hate you!" I watched in horror as she disappeared but her voice kept echoing through the black empty space.

"Ah," I winced covering my ears. "Stop it…stop!"

Amu's POV

I was tired. No. Scratch that. I was dead, I was exhausted. Tired was an understatement.

"Why is there so much X-Egg activity recently?" I whined walking forward. I sighed and slightly closed my eyes, relying on auto-pilot to get home now.

"Amu-chan, don't close your eyes when you're walking," Ran scolded me.

"Yeah you'll run into something," Miki agreed. I ignored them and kept my eyes partially shut. I could barely lift my legs and was getting sleepier by the moment.

"I wish I was just home already," I murmured stepping over the curb. Suddenly there was a loud honking noise. I looked up to see a car shooting towards me and I froze in fear.

"Amu!" I watched the car shoot past me as I was pulled into the safety of someone's arms. "You idiot! What the heck are you doing?" I blinked sleepily and looked up to see Ikuto glaring down at me.

"Ikuto," I sighed, leaning against him. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Ikuto will take me home. I thought smiling.

"Amu? What's wrong?" Ikuto's voice was full of worry.

"Amu-chan's really tired," Ran explained and I nodded slightly.

"She's been chasing X-Eggs all day," Miki added.

"It would be very helpful if you could take her home desu," Su said happily. I thanked them silently, and Ikuto sighed.

"Alright," He murmured, lifting me up onto his back. I yawned and curled my arms around his neck.

"Thanks," I murmured softly. I drifted off to sleep as my charas chattered on and on to Ikuto.

When I woke up I was curled up on my bed and Ikuto was gently stroking my hair. I blinked sleepily and yawned. I was about to ask how he got me in here, but then I remembered my parents and Ami were out somewhere.

"Feeling better?" Ikuto asked quietly. I nodded and snuggled up against his chest. "Hey what are you doing perverted kid?"

"Cuddling," I replied, sighing happily. Ikuto was really warm and I had been out in the cold all day long…

"With me?" Ikuto laughed, wrapping his arms around me.

"You're warm," I told him, blushing. "I would never do this if I wasn't freezing cold."

"You should've said you were cold," Ikuto murmured, and then he nuzzled my neck affectionately. I squeaked in surprise and glared at him.

"Don't do that," I growled. He smirked and pulled me up against his chest.

"I have a question," He whispered in my ear. I nodded slightly, hoping it wasn't something perverted.

"What?" I asked.

"Can I stay here tonight?" I know him too well. I thought annoyed.

"Forget it," I told him angrily.



"Pretty please?"


"Aw why not Amu?" He sighed and pulled away from me. I glared at him annoyed.

"Because you're bound to do something perverted to me," I told him. "And I don't want you sleeping in my bed." I promptly tried to curl up against him again, but he got up off the bed and went and sat down on my chair.

"I won't," He promised. I sighed and glared at him. I was surprised to see the sincerity in his eyes. I bit my lip as he caught my gaze and used his sad kitty eyes. "Please?"

"Fine," I mumbled, just wanting him to cuddle with me again, so I could get warm. He smiled victoriously and then got up to leave. "Hey! Where are you going?"

"You don't expect me to sleep in my clothes do you?" He said, smirking. I sighed and glared at him.

"Whatever," I growled turning my back to him. "Do what you want?"

"What I want?" He asked, pausing. "So-"

"Just go get your pajamas perverted old man!" I screamed at him, blushing furiously.