Alrighty, lets get this started, shall we? This is a drabble folder pretty much, for any random oneshot I think of involving the Yuffentine pairing. Updates for this will be random and sporadic - depending on when I feel the urge to write something aside from my other story going at the moment. Writing styles will vary - I'm trying to broaden my horizons on all ways to write, so don't expect any solid style or whatnot. I will take requests and prompts for this, since I find that really helps and I like a challenge of sorts. So, sorry if this chapter seems choppy or anything. I wrote one half a week ago, then the other half tonight. Or, this morning rather... since it is 1. I can't be bothered fixing it, and I'm leaving it as is. So, read and review, yeah? Awesome.

She was like the sun. Unbelievably bright, fiery and brought warmth to everyone surrounding her. Everyone else looked washed out beside her brilliant vibe, her never-ending wit and charm making her glow. Or, maybe, she was like materia. Dazzling, dazzling beyond belief, full of surprises and immense power.

He was like a stone. Cold towards others, unchanging forever more, near impossible to penetrate his deepest thoughts and emotions. Or, maybe, he was like a bird locked in a cage. His regrets, fears, demons and sins keeping him from his full potential. Failures of a past life, a past love, holding him back.

Maybe she was like a puzzle. From looking at the picture on the box, you think it'll be easy to figure out, that what you see is what you get. That just by looking at her, you can assume who she was and what she did, who she hung out with and what she was like. But, everyone forgot that even though you can see the picture on the box, you still have to fit all the pieces together to truly figure it out, but only if you really tried and had the patience. By first impressions, she looked simple. Easy. A young girl trying to fill out her boots, too immature and smiley to be on the verge of adulthood. With this impression, no one tried to figure out her puzzle, save for one man.

Maybe he was like a labyrinth. Cold and dark, frightening on the outside, hard to approach. But, daring of the brave, there was an entrance to be found. If one had found the entrance, they would have immediately gotten lost in the many twists and turns riddling the insides of his heart. One wrong word was the equivalent of smacking into a dead end. One right word was the equivalent of making a correct turn. The passage to his heart had barely been ventured through, but a past woman had succeeded, and failed, causing a large shattering to ravage the labyrinth, destroying the many paths to his core. He had changed over the course of the many years, the labyrinth growing in size and power. Alone forever. His labyrinth man-made, not natural. When he was natural… he was open. Free. Now, he was unnatural. A monstrous beast. Man-made for the most wicked of reasons. But did she care? Not at all.

She was likened by many as the equivalent of a kid on a raging sugar high – too much energy, too much voice, too much movement and squealing.

He was likened by many as an enigma of sorts – so much mystery shrouding him, so many surprises and twists littering him in a way considered insane.

But, opinions and thoughts aside, it was simple.

She was a ninja.

He was an ex-Turk.

It shouldn't have worked out, but it did. Differences aside; past and future aside; age and morals aside; they were perfect. It didn't matter that they were polar opposites, it didn't matter that she was a bratty ninja and he was a broody vampire, because it all worked out together. She cared for him, he cared for her. They didn't care what people thought they were and who they were, they knew what and who they were and that was all that mattered.