... I had to submit something, and this is the best I can do. Sigh.

"Hey Vince… Do you believe in unicorns?"

It was the one question he had least expected to escape her lips. But, then again, does she ever say anything expected? Of course not, because Yuffie is Yuffie and the day Yuffie becomes predictable is the day he becomes a chocobo.

"No… Why do you ask?" Oh, gods, couldn't he just keep his mouth shut? Answering Yuffie in any way, shape, or form was just encouragement for the strange girl. She lifted her head up from the colouring book she was haphazardly scribbling in - effectively showing how untalented she was at it - and put a look on her face that seemed like she was thinking rather hard about something.

Where had she even gotten the colouring book, anyway? He wasn't aware that Kalm had any; he just assumed that the quaint town only stocked the essentials. A small smirk threatened to escape his lips as he noticed how she couldn't even keep in the lines. That was the general rule for colouring, wasn't it? As a child, he wasn't indulged with such items, but he had witnessed Marlene colouring in and had observed how she tried to stay as close to the lines as possible.

"Well… I never really believed in evil aliens, and then BAM! Jenova ahoy!" She exclaimed, throwing her arms out as wide as she could, effectively flinging the green pencil from her grip. It took her a moment to notice, before she gave him a sheepish grin as she scuttled across the room to retrieve it. "And then, not to mention, there's all those creepy mutant monster things about. So, I think it's perfectly reasonable to think they're might be a unicorn out there somewhere," she concluded, returning her attention to the task at hand.

"If there really are… unicorns out there, as you seem to believe, wouldn't we have seen one?" It was a valid question, and apparently one the ninja had not thought about. She frowned slightly as she kicked her legs up in the air behind her, propping her elbows up on the floor to re-adjust her stomach.

She opened her mouth in defiance, taking a second to ponder her reply, before she turned away from him and back to her colouring book.

"Yuffie?" Had he upset her? Probably, considering it wasn't that hard to rile Yuffie up. All you had to do was insult something that she slightly liked in her presence to receive a verbal – and sometimes physical, if you were unfortunate – response from her.

"Shun the non-believer…" she whispered quietly, keeping her full attention on her colouring book. Vincent sighed, slowly rising from his chair. He was getting too old for this.