(Before I get started with this insanely long author's note, I just want to say many thanks to my beta for putting up with me and my whining.)

A/N: Hi there. It's Eggy.

I know I really shouldn't be starting anything new right now, but I felt like this needed to be done because it's really bugging me to have a bunch of stuff like this sitting around on my computer. Basically, this will be a place for all the random MattxMello poetry (because I am pretty much in love with the pairing) that's been spewing out of me lately. They'll be all different lengths and styles, and many will be ANGST. I can't say how often I'll update, but maybe someone will get a kick out of this. *Shrugs.* Poetry is kind of my anti-drug, so I'll probably end up hanging around this a lot. Who knows? (Insert mysterious music here.)

Anyway, this first one is from Mello's POV. It's a poem for Matt (don't ask me why Mello's writing a poem because I don't know either) and it's basically Mello's goodbye.

Disclaimer: Don't own.


This is a poem

That I wrote for you

It's filled not with lies

But with things that are true

It should tell of love

And of hope and of joy

But instead it shows sorrows

Felt by one lonely boy

I did try to save you

Oh, believe me I did

But you're that kind of person

And I had to give in

You made my life better

In the end and the start

Because you opened the door

And you unlocked my heart

I watch you lie breathing

Still asleep on the bed

And I write down these words

As they pound through my head

But words cannot say

How much you mean to me

And how I want to grab you

To run and to flee

So let's give it all up

Let's abandon this chase

Let's forget it all now

Have someone else win the race

But I know you won't let me

For you know how I feel

How I can't stop driving

And turn over the wheel

So you smile and you laugh

Saying that it's okay

And you whisper, Don't worry

It's your only way

Now I look to my left

See a gun, locked and ready

And I look to my right

See your eyes, set and steady

There's a smile on your lips

And it shatters my heart

Because you had me won over

Right from the start

But the sun's rising now

It's time to get going

It's time to set forth

With both of us knowing

That we'll never come back

I know I won't, at least

But maybe you'll live

I hope you go free

So forgive me, dear heart

For all that I've done

Having you with me

You know it's been fun

You probably won't read this

I doubt you'll have time

But I hope you'll remember

These feelings of mine

I love you.