Chapter 6

1 Year Later.

It had been a whole year since Travis had died and now Miley was celebrating her 18th birthday at her new home with Lilly, Her dad, Ruby and Jake who she had kept in contact with ever since Travis had died.

"Happy birthday bud, Jake said to me he has a surprise for you and when you get say the opposite of no" Her dad Robbie said but Miley didn't understand.

"Just go on down and I'll be down in a minute" Miley said and her dad nodded before going downstairs.

"Lilly" Miley said to the sleeping Lilly beside her who shot awake and smiled at her.

"Hey Miley happy birthday, what's going on?"

"Hi. Lilly what's Jake going to say to me?"

Lilly looked away slightly saying that she wasn't allowed to say as Jake wanted it to be a surprise and she couldn't tell Miley.

"Lilly please it's my brithday" Miley pleaded but he friend wasn't so easily presauded.

"Lilly" Miley said just as there was a knock on Miley's door followed by Jake's voice.

"Miley are you there?"

Lilly let out an eep before heading into the bathroom and Miley quickly got dressed.

"Yeah Jake come on in" Miley said once ready and Jake walked in then produced flowers from his back which Miley took smiling and placing them on her bed before she turned back to Jake.

"Miley I have to ask you something, I've already asked your dad and he said yes so Miley will you be my more than a friend, girlfriend?" Jake said and Miley stopped where she was. Even though Travis had been dead for a whole year, she couldn't think about going into a realtionship with someone knowing that Travis had and still loved her before he died.

"Jake I don't know with Travis and everything" Miley said and Jake nodded understanding.

"I know which is why I asked his gravestone on the way over and he said to make his Smiley Miley happy" Jake said and Miley smiled hugging him.

That sounded like something that Travis would defintley say Miley thought to herself and if Travis wanted her to be happy then happy she would be.

"Jake yes I will be your girlfriend" Miley said straight to Jake's face hugging him again but this time she knew she could be happy.

She didn't need Hannah Montana - which hadn't picked up again- or LA to make her happy.

She had everything that she had to make her happy here.

She had her friend Lilly, her dad, her grandma and Jake.

Most espically Jake as he was her boyfriend now after one year of missing Travis but she knew deep down, Travis would be looking down on her now and saying that he was happy to see her so happy.

"Jake I need to show you something" Miley said producing the song that she had written when Travis died out of her drawer and giving it to him and he read it twice before smiling and looking up at Miley.

"Miley this is amazing, I'm shooting a new movie soon and I'd love to use this song with your vocals if you want" Jake said and Miley nodded. She really wanted to.

"Okay great" Jake said before going to call his manager and Miley smiled sitting on the edge of her bed.

Not only did she have Jake and Travis who were both looking over her, one here and one there, she knew another thing which was true.

She had her knight in shinning armour.

The End.