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The darkness has been my only friend now for months.

It doesn't expect anything from me or me from it. Ever since he left me in the woods to defend myself from who knows what, it slowly entered my life. Then the wolves entered my life and it was pushed back to the edges only coming out during the night, often causing me to wake clutching my chest through a sweat soaked top.

Then they slowly turned their backs on me one by one allowing the darkness to take over fully.

That is why I am now here standing on top of this cliff watching the dark angry water crash against the rocks down below. The darkness has had enough of me now and like everyone else is leaving me. I throw off my jacket and without feeling a thing rip the fresh stitches from my arms. At least this way I can die quicker than merely drowning. A sad laugh left my mouth as I heard a howl in the distance but close enough for me to know that they had found my truck.

Without another thought, I took one last step over the edge.

I registered that I was falling but the cold ice air didn't bother me nor the shock as my body hit the water. I allowed my body to slowly sink further down into the pitch blackness wondering if there were sharks lurking about anywhere.

I opened my eyes and gave a small weak smile as I came face to face with my own personal shark in a way: Victoria. I held out my bleeding wrists for her to drink from, knowing that my death wouldn't be a complete waste. At least someone could find happiness out of it because I sure as hell couldn't.

What she did next surprised me and from the look on her face, Victoria felt the same way as she pulled me so I was flush against her body and pulled me up to the surface again. I half noticed as she pulled me with her to one of the off shore islands. The other half of me was questioning whether what was happening was indeed real or if I wasn't just imagining things. I had often been told that during the final moments of someone's life this could happen. This may have been so but the pain in my back as she dropped me on the floor was too real for it to just be my imagination. I held up my still bleeding wrists for her to end my life only to watch as she walked over to a pile of clothes before coming back and tearing them to pieces before wrapping my arms up.

I watched in fascination as she built a fire made out of drift wood before picking me up, stripping me of my wet clothes before dressing me again and placing me in front of the fire without a sound. The silence didn't last long as a painful howl filled the air telling me that my jacket and the blood that escaped my wrist before my swim had been found.

"Why did you do it?" She asked.

I looked up and across the burning wood to my enemy and rescuer. I couldn't help the little laugh that escaped me as I watched her recoil away from my dead, empty eyes before I looked back into the flames. I remembered a time I loved the blue colour that was made by the burning wood and yet now all I wanted to do was jump into it.

"I am dead in all ways but in body. It seemed the easiest thing to do. No mess, no body meaning no burial meaning no one has to waste any more money on me and it meant that you would get your wish. With me being dead you could move on and in a way find happiness again, I suppose."

I watched as she stood up and moved so she was kneeling in front of me before cupping my face in her hands focusing me to look into her eyes. I knew if it were possible for her, she would have been crying.

"Do you know I have watched you these past few months? At first I was angry with you because of the death of James but that changed as I watched you slowly fade into the darkness that I have known so well, for so long. It was the fact that those vile creatures made you fight it and become happy again that I became angry once more. I was ready to destroy you until I entered your bedroom one night while you slept and saw that it was all an act. The darkness was still there only now it allowed you to function just a bit more. Then they turned their backs on you when that mutt found his mate and I started to worry." Her voice was thick as she spoke, making this whole experience even more surreal. "I followed you for days and even visited you in the hospital after you slit your wrists. The darkness that you have welcomed into your life was darker than mine and deadlier. The moment I watched you walk off the cliff I knew I needed to help you. I phoned my sire. She'll be here soon and then we can get you better again."

I just nodded as best as I could, considering how she was holding my head. She sighed and released me from her grip before moving back to the other side of the fire. It wasn't long until the sound of a power boat filled the air.

I watched as Victoria shot up and made her way towards four figures that had alighted from the now beached boat. I couldn't hear what was said over the sound of the crashing waves but something told me I wouldn't be able to even if I tried. I didn't notice that they had sat down until I felt a cloak being draped around my shoulders shielding me from the sea air. I flicked my eyes to my left and nodded my thanks to the tall stranger next to me before looking back into the fire.

"Isabella, I would like to introduce you to my sire, Jane, her brother Alec, Demetri and Felix. They are all members of the Volturi Guard. I have filled them in on your story. It seems that they had already been made aware of you and were on their way here when I phoned."

As she introduced us, I flicked my eyes around to put faces to the names. The guy next to me who had given me his cloak was Felix. I breathed in and couldn't help but notice he smelled of cinnamon, cloves and a good red wine causing my lips to turn up into a small smile. He smelled like the mulled wine my Grandma Swan use to make when it got cold. When she said they were already coming for me, it made me wonder who they had been talking to. For the first time since they had arrived I raised my head causing Jane and Alec to both let out a small hiss.


I knew I didn't have to ask more yet no one answered me. I looked around and watched as Demetri and Felix both flinched as they saw my eyes before they landed on Jane again. Something told me that she knew the answer so I raised my eyebrow at her in silent question.

"You knew him by the name of Jasper Hale. His real name is Major Jasper Whitlock. Also known, due to his involvement in the southern vampire wars, as the God of War or Ares. He has recently joined the Guard."

I nodded my head before standing up making the cloak drop on to the floor before walking away from the fire. Part of me wondered what had caused Jasper to leave them but also why he had so openly told the Volturi about me. Not that I was angry at him for doing so because I knew from the start about the Volturi and their rules. Had I made him that angry over my stupid human behaviour that he saw this as the only way to finish me off once and for all?

Yet again I didn't notice that I wasn't alone until Felix had placed his cloak back around my shoulders.

"It's time to go now. We have a short boat ride before getting to the plane. You can eat and sleep once we are in the air."

Once again I nodded as I found myself swept up into his arms as he carried to the boat. I expected him to put me down once we were boarded, however he made sure I was well wrapped in his cloak before pulling me into his chest.

I allowed myself to zone out not really paying any attention to what was happening around me. Though over the last couple of months this had become a normal occurrence to the point that my minimal interaction with Victoria and the Volturi guards was actually a lot for me.

I watched as the boat carefully graced the water making me wonder how fast a vampire's reflexes really were.

A soft male Russian voice answered my question as if I'd asked it aloud.

"That all depends on the vampire's diet. If they feed as they are supposed to their reflexes are extremely quick. For instance, if you even thought about jumping out of the boat, we could stop you before you so much as raised your foot. The same goes for the other kind however, their reaction time would be a second slower."

I nodded my head at the hidden warning in Demetri's words and snuggled closer into Felix's chest, much to my own horror. I slowly allowed the darkness to fill me again and fell asleep in his arms.

I shot upright clenching my chest trying to remember how to actually breathe. Once I had, I looked around and noticed I was in a small cabin of an airplane. I didn't even flinch when I noticed I wasn't alone. The look Jane gave me left me slightly puzzled before I took the mug she was holding out to me. I slowly took a sniff of it to find out it was coffee.

"It's safe to drink. It's the one thing even vampire's can't screw up. I thought I should let you know we will be landing soon. Aro has requested that you meet him before you get cleaned up."

I nodded and watched as she gave me a quick once over before leaving the room. I slowly drank my coffee not caring it was burning my already raw throat. Once it was finished, I carefully stood up and made my way out into the small cabin. I couldn't see Alec or Felix anywhere but that didn't surprise me really. I sank into a chair next to Demetri who nodded his head at me before reaching over and buckling me in. What was it with the vampires on this trip smelling of things that reminded me of being warm? Demetri smelt of apples, chocolate and hint of what I can only describe as blue berry muffins.

"Felix and Alec are flying the plane. We are also coming into land now, which is why the seat belt."

Something about Demetri told me that he was one of those people who, unless he really needed to didn't actually say much. Which considering he was stuck with me for who knows how long was a good thing. The only reason I even realised that we had finally landed was the small bump on the tarmac and even then it wasn't so much a bump but a second of a small amount of pressure being released. Demetri yet again reached across to release the buckle and then helped me to stand. The look of horror that crossed his face as soon as he touched my hand made me almost feel sorry for him.

The darkness had left me cold and not just in an emotional way.

"I did tell her that I was all but dead."

I pushed past a still horrified Demetri, making sure not to touch anyone else as I left the plane. I didn't realise we had company until I walked into what felt like a solid wall with feet covered in expensive Italian loafers.

I looked up and into the eyes of none other than Aro of the Volturi. He looked exactly like his picture minus the stupid ruffles and the fact he was now dressed in black instead of cream. I watched as he flinched a little before recovering. I lowered my head again and let my eyes dart about noticing that there were at least six other people standing in the hanger with us.

I could hear hissing but I knew that they were in fact talking so I slid to the side and walked to the hanger's large doors where I rested against the opening. I could feel their eyes on me as I watched as a bird floated about in the wind currents wishing it was me instead. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath catching Felix's scent standing behind me.

"I take it we have to get going?"

A thick Italian accent answered my question.

"It is. The Masters wish for you to travel with them. You'll be perfectly safe bella angolo di buio."

I nodded my head and reached for the pair of sunglasses that he was holding out for me and placed them over my eyes as he covered me yet again in his cloak.

"Keep the hood up at all times, angolo."

I nodded my head as he took my hand in his and pulled me back towards his masters.

I kept my head down for the long trip to their home, not once speaking to the three vampires that surrounded me even though I could feel their eyes on me.

Once we had stopped, I followed them out of the car not bothering to look around me as I stumbled after them. I heard a cheery hello as we swept past, from a human of all things.

"That is Gianna. She looks after the human side of things and makes sure the place stays clean."

I nodded my head so Felix understood I heard him without having to actually speak. So far, he was the only one that hadn't recoiled from me in distaste or horror. I was pulled to a stop gently as I watched the expensive pair of loafers continue up a small set of steps. I suddenly became aware that I was being watched from all directions and from the low growl coming out of Felix and Demetri, I knew that a lot of those looking at me believed I was dinner. A warm Italian accent with a hint of Welsh filled the air causing them both to fall silent.

"My family, you might have noticed we have a guest. What I am about to say is your only warning. Touch one hair on her head without permission and you will lose yours. Demetri, Felix you two are her bodyguards, one or both of you are to be with her at all times. You're dismissed."

I felt like a child as both Demetri and Felix took my hands like parents would and pulled me out of the room. I didn't bother memorizing the path they took to get to the rooms that I knew were going to be my new prison. I noticed when we stopped, and they had another vampire conversation before Demetri kissed my cheek before disappearing as Felix pulled me into the room.

Where I was expecting to see more stone floor like the rest of the castle, in fact, turned into a dark terracotta tiles with the odd rug placed under the furniture. Reaching up and removing the sunglasses that still shielded my eyes, I allowed my eyes to look around my prison. The whole room was painted in a dark terracotta marble affect. The bedroom furniture was made out of China Ash Solids with Pecan Veneers and Ash Burl. The bed wasn't over the top and looked liked it was made just for me and in fact, the old me would have been impressed by the decor of the room, now though I felt only very little.

"Miss Isabella, the bathroom is through the door just over there. Why don't you shower and once you are ready we can talk."

I nodded my head and moved away from Felix to the door he was pointing to when I remembered about clothing.

"Felix I need clothing, I can't keep wearing Victoria's clothes she would want them back soon."

I heard his deep breath as he heard my lifeless voice before he answered me.

"Master Jasper has already gotten you clothing and I believe the toiletries you require. Gianna has placed your new sleeping attire in there already for you."

I nodded my head before slipping into the bathroom. Like the bedroom, the bathroom was all done in a dark terracotta colour with just enough light that it made it feel warm. I dropped the cloak that had hidden me for so long on to the floor before looking up into the mirror that graced the wall in front of me.

Looking back at me was a girl who looked more like a skeleton than an actual person. I knew that without clothes on one could count her ribs without difficulty. Her hair was dull and full of knots making it look like a birds nest rather than a head ofl hair. It was her actual eyes that tended to scare people away. One couldn't tell where her pupils finished and the actual colour part started. They were dark and lifeless like their owner was dead and in a way she was.

I dropped my eyes and quickly finished undressing before climbing into the shower not bothering to check the temperature. From the amount of steam filling the room, I knew the hot water must be on, but it was barely warm where it touched my flesh. I quickly washed myself and hair before leaving the shower and covering my body in a towel. The less time I had to look at myself the better. I quickly brushed my teeth not caring that the mirrors were still foggy before turning around to look for my new sleeping 'attire' as Felix had put it. I couldn't help let a small smile cross my face as there folded up neatly was a pair of long pyjama pants and an old button down shirt that when I held it up to my nose smelt faintly of Felix. The pants were a bit big but luckily someone had sewn a silk ribbon threaded through the waist band so that I could use to tie them to my body. I quickly dropped the towel and dressed just as quick before shuffling back into the bedroom not really caring about drying or brushing my hair.

Felix took one look at me and shook his head before he picked me up and placed me on the bed before sweeping into the bathroom coming back seconds later with a towel and hair brush. Not caring about my wishes he leaned against the head board and dragged me, so I was between his legs before drying my hair. I cringed a little as he started to try and brush my hair. He soon gave up when the hairbrush snapped in half while working through a large knot. Throwing the thing across the room he started to use his fingers, which not only hurt less than the brush but was also relaxing.

"Miss Isabella, can you please tell me what has happened to you? I mean Victoria gave us her side of things but something tells me there is more to it than she would say or even knew."

I closed my eyes and for the first time since he left me in the forest, I allowed myself to actually cry before nodding my head.

"It all started the first day I started school in Forks. Renee, the woman who is supposed to be my mother got remarried to a man who was only a few years older than me named Phil. Anyway, he plays baseball and let me say not very well, but that's by the by. Cutting a long story short, she missed him whenever he had to play away so I decided to go live Charlie my father in Forks.

"Anyway, as I was saying, it was my first day at school when I meet him and his family. I am not going to go into the boring detail of the first few months of games that we played. I am sure that you have heard this entire story already. So I'll skip to the night that was the beginning of the end for us. Alice had invited me to go and watch the family play a game of baseball since there was a storm coming in and they could hide the noise they made. About half way through the game James turns up with Victoria and Laurent. At first, it was all was civil between the two groups until he decided that it was time for us to leave.

"Then the next thing I am aware of is that I am being dragged off back to the Cullen's house with Edward saying that James wanted me. Anyway, long story short, Jasper and Alice took me to Phoenix to escape him but he followed us. James tricked me into thinking he had my mom, threw me around my old dance studio a bit causing me to break a leg, a couple of ribs before he bit me."

I raised my wrist up for him to inspect. James's bite mark was still there mixed in with the cut marks. It was the one part of my whole body that couldn't be hurt in anyway. Felix ran his finger across it and then the scars that laced my arm showing how much I could really hurt myself without the help of a vampire.

"Miss Isabella, why did you do this to yourself? We know about your birthday but what happened after that?"

"He fucking left me in the middle of the woods telling me I wasn't good enough for him. That I was nothing but a distraction for him and that I was bad for HIM! I was then found by a werewolf, of all things, suffering from hypothermia because making sense in my pathetic human mind I ran after him getting myself even more lost. I actually loved him.

"I welcomed the darkness really for three months it was the only thing that made sense to me. As time went on, I worked out that it wasn't the fact he left me that upset me the most, it was the fact he took the only people in the world I saw as my family away from me. As another month went by Renee and Charlie were talking about moving me back in with her this time in Florida and well the darkness didn't like that idea so it allowed me to start to function again. I started to hang out with Jacob who long story short turned out to be a werewolf, who imprinted on this girl named Coco and then basically told me that I was worthless and to get the hell out of his life.

"So that is exactly what I tried to do. My friend Leah found me laying in the middle of the same woods he left me in bleeding to death. She was the one who took me to the hospital and sat by me the first few days. After that she never came back. The day I went for my walk was my first day out of hospital. You know the rest. "

For a moment all was silent before a series of growls filled the air. In the midst of them was one so feral that I wondered what could have made that sound. Felix wrapped me in his arms as my bedroom door flew open to let in a very pissed off looking Jane.

"Are you trying to tell us that the one person in the whole world who made you a tiny bit more human not only turned in to a hostile werewolf but also told you near enough the same words that the boy used? The words that originally caused you to shut down?" Who knew someone so small could be so dangerous?

I nodded and jumped as Jane reached over and threw the first thing she could get her hands on, which happened to be one of the smaller book cases that lined walls in the room.

That one little reaction from Jane, the growls that filled the air and the warm embrace of Felix brought an end to the darkness for me and a beginning to a much more interesting life.