Lisa: Here she comes !

Stevie: I know I can not wait for Darcy she is going to be the best horse in the world

Carole: well hope fully she will be as good as belle

Stevie: thanks guys love you

Up comes a pink trailer with a jet black horse in it. 2 minutes later a man opens the trailer and comes down a jet black mare with a black flowing mane and a tail to match.

Lisa and Carole: she is beautiful

Stevie : thanks

The man passes over Darcy and stevie takes darcy to her stall

Max : she is a stunner stevie

Stevie : thanks

Veronica and Christy walk in and stop

Veronica: well what do we have here

Stevie : what

Veronica : what happened to belle

Stevie : she died ok

Lisa : just leave veronica

Veronica : fine I will were is jack ?

Max : why ?

Veronica : because he needs to tack up my horse for my private lesson

Max : he is in the office

Veronica : lets go Christy

Both walk off

Carole : bye guys got to go

Lisa : bye same

Stevie : bye guys

Bye Darcy I will ride u tomorrow

Next morning all three girls arrive

Carole: hi guys are you all riding at 11:00 o'clock

Lisa : yer are you stevie ?

Stevie : yer well I am going to try any way because her old owners said I should wait a week but then we would not be ready for the one day event in three weeks .

Lisa: well still but I would not ride for another week and then enter the next one day event that is what I would do.

Carole: yer I would do the same cause Darcy has just really arrived

Stevie: well it is a good thing darcy is not yours then see you in the ring then

Stevie walks off in to the tack room and gets a black saddle with a baby blue saddle cloth and a black bridle and tacked up Darcy

Lisa: come we better tack up

Carole: yes let's get to work

By 11:55 they were all groomed and tacked up ready for there lesson

Max: right are we all ready

Lisa: we are just waiting for veronica

Max: what a surprise

Veronica comes walking in with her horse garnet

Max: well let's began then

The first park of the lesson went well with just walk trot and canter Darcy was staring to act up through with the odd buck and rear but when came the jumping

Max : well stevie do u want to go first just keep her steady and quiet ok come on down

Stevie : ok

Stevie picked up her canter but as the she was on her way Darcy bucked and then reared after that she gave her a tap on the neck and Darcy bucked Again and stevie fell on the jump and laid there unconsus …

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