Izaya stopped abruptly and took a deep breath, steadying himself. Why was he so confused and why did he desperately want to replay that moment again? He controlled humans; he couldn't let their emotions control him. He laughed, normally at first, then more manically. Stares bored through him from the people, no, humans passing by but he didn't care. Finally, he stopped and continued walking, hands in pockets, chuckling to himself. Everyone's humanity shows through sooner or later, he thought, and he shook his head. What a sight he must be. But what had happened back there seemed to extend on the basic feelings and emotions a human would feel. The emotions he had felt had been amazing and he had felt so, so...out of control and wild. He smothered another laugh. He stopped, and looked around, seeing he had stopped under a wide bridge next to a road. He looked up at the faded out stones of the bridge and stretched out his hand, observing his nails. So what, did he love Shizu-chan? Or was it merely just lust? Or were they the same things? It struck him that this was the only emotion he didn't understand at all. He fell into a sitting position, hugging his knees on the cold pavement next to the empty road. He wanted to see Shizu-chan but if he did he didn't know what could, or would happen if he did. Moonlight streamed into the tunnel. He blinked. He didn't realise it had gotten this late. Oh well, he would have to sleep here. Not like he wasn't used to it anyway. Izaya wrapped his fur lined coat over him, hugging his knees even tighter to his chest and gazing at the opposite wall, whilst feeling so many overwhelming emotions stream through him.

Shizuo cursed. Why did he kiss the flea? He hated that bastard's guts didn't he? So why did he kiss him? Hell, did it even matter? He had never been in love before, so he wasn't sure, but he had seen it, had it described to him, and now he thought he knew that this was the only conclusion. He suddenly felt sick. "This sucks." The understatement rang through the tense air in his flat, as he got up from where he had been sitting for over an hour. "Shit. I don't care anymore; fuck, so what if I love him?" He walked over to the unlocked door, and slammed it behind him, locking it with his key. Muttering curse words under his breath, and barely keeping his temper which had such monstrous consequences under check, he started running.

Where was the bastard? Shizuo cursed again, checking his watch to see it read '12:15pm.' He came to a stop panting, and glanced around. He was on a stretch of pavement next to an empty road, with a bridge curving over both, casting shadows in the moonlight. Shizuo sighed, hands in pockets and turned to go back, until he heard a rustle. His head snapped around, and he squinted, seeing a figure hunched over under the bridge. "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZAYAAAAAA-KUN!" He broke into a sprint, and stopped when the light shifted onto Izaya's face. "Izaya...what the hell are you doing here? " Izaya smirked at Shizuo. "Well I can hardly go back to your flat after what happened can I, Shizu-chan?" He stood up in a slow, catlike movement and leaned back, his eyes avoiding Shizuo's. Shizuo angrily pushed Izaya into the wall behind them, without any resistance from the smaller man. Izaya reached into his pocket, ready to defend, until Shizuo's lips crashed down onto his own. The kiss was even more intense than before. Shizuo forced Izaya's lips open and shoved his tongue in, earning a moan that sent shivers up his spine. The kiss grew hotter and Shizuo pulled away, wanting more. "Let's go back, flea." He caressed the side of his face and Izaya blushed. "Nee, Shizu-chan, I think I like you. That's strange for two humans who hate each other hmm?" He laughed slightly, realising that, for the first time, he had described himself as 'human.' Shizuo had to resist the urge to kiss him again, thought he didn't know if it was because Izaya had said something that stirred his heart or if it was to stop the manic laugh that was starting to bubble out of the brunette. "Let's change that and become lovers?" Izaya bit his lip. "Ara, I hate you too, though" Shizuo lit a cigarette, and blew out a puff of smoke. "Lovers in private, haters in public? I like it." He bared his teeth in a smile. "Want to go back now? Otherwise those dear humans of yours might see you in a dirty situation." Shizuo kissed him quickly, and then grabbed Izaya's arm roughly, and he started to run back, his cigarette firmly clasped in the lips that had previously been smothering his so called lover.

They arrived at the apartment, and Shizuo kicked open the door, and locked it, throwing Izaya inside. Izaya looked around, only to yelp as his arm was grabbed again and led up to the bedroom. He was shoved onto the bed and Shizuo's lips covered his again, and Izaya shivered with aniticipation.

Izaya gasped as Shizuo's lips left his, and then smothered his again, tongues colliding, tasting eachother. Shizuo's hands traced the planes of Izaya's chest, going lower as the kiss intensified. He ripped Izaya's coat and shirt off with his monstrous strength, and kissed, nipped and licked every part of his torso, earning moans from Izaya, each one turning him on even more. He removed Izaya's jeans, and slipped his hands into his boxers, feeling and playing with the brunettes erection. Izaya covered his eyes with his hands in embarassment, unable to contain the various sounds escaping from him. "Shiz..Shizu-chan..nn." Shizuo removed his bartender's shirt, and then his pants, trailing kisses everywhere on Izaya's body, earning a moan from each one. He sucked his neck and nipped it, drawing blood, and licking it away. Izaya gasped, his masochistic streak showing through.

"M...more Shizu-chan"

Shizuo licked his neck, and then removed the last of their clothing. He breathed into his ear "hold on to me". Izaya blushed, reddening more than he already was and wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck. Shizuo lifted Izaya's legs, putting one on each shoulder and pushed in. Izaya buried his face in Shizuo's chest. "Shizu-chan!" He bit Shizu-chans shoulder, leaving a mark as the pain grew. Izaya gasped, then moaned an almost inaudible "M...move, Shizu-chan...please." Shizuo kissed Izaya's forehead, reassuring him, and then started moving. As he hit Izaya's sensitive spot, he screamed in pleasure. Shizuo positioned himself and started to hit that spot continuously, and Izaya's moans became more frequent. The emotions built up in Izaya; this was the most pleasure he had ever experienced, and it was all Shizuo's doing - the man that had been trying to kill him upto now. He felt vulnerable yet joyful, and wondered what was happening to him. Shizuo gasped, and came inside Izaya, which was the last straw for Izaya, who came straight after.

Shizuo rolled off and lay on the bed next to Izaya, panting. Izaya closed his eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep, and then rolled over, hugging Shizuo's body to his. They both fell asleep in eachother's arms.

Well I kinda feel dirty after writing that even though there wasn't anything THAT explicit in it -cough-. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'm sorry if it wasn't good and abit rushed - it was my first time writing a lemon and I wanted to keep it short because I'm kinda nervous about writing that stuff xD. Thank you for reading ~ there'll be another chapter and maybe it'll be the last but it might not be up soon .! Thank you so much for reviewing people! I love reading them ~ :) A few of them said the story was abit too fastpaced, so I'll try and take that into account ^-^ Also, my stories might change abit because I let the music I listen to influence me, and that often changes by the day x) Anyway, I'll end up writing a paragraph more if I keep on like this, so Arigato gozaimasu for reading! (I hope I spelt that right :3)