Hey guys, PerfectPhoenix here with an announcement you're dying to hear about this story. Well, the only problem is that not only my inspiration died on it, but there's errors left and right I discovered, including a plot hole on Mikee's past. No matter how hard I tried, I can't figure it out, so I will soon take down the story.

I am, however, still writing another Pokemon story, called the Guardian of Dawn, which is basically a different version of my Super Smash Bros Fanfiction, but completely different from Sinnohshipping. Basically, if you have read my not-so-good Fanfiction of S.O.G Brawlers and ROTH, you have an idea. I'm not advertising, but I'm just going to close down Sinnohshipping until I have everything re-written and all kinds of corrections to the plot.

As for the two OC's, I'm planning something, but I'll inform you over PM about it, because they're good, and I really want to use the, in GoD (Heh, god.) So, let me tell you guys, thanks for the early reviews, sorry for the never-updating story, and I hope you look forward to GoD. I'm telling you, it's going to be one heck of a good story.

To prove it, here's a preview of Chapter 1 in Dawn's POV:

The Kanto region, I have finally arrived here. I had to stop at Vermillion City because of their port being the only one who ferried ships from Sinnoh. Sure, it was a pretty long trip, but in the end for me, it was going to be worth it. My destination was going to be Pallet Town, and find Ash. I have to find him, and he can join me again, just like he did before. I wanted to see him, since he was all I cared about lately. Without him, my life didn't have its special flair, almost like there was no reason for me to go on.

I was already on the path towards Cerulean City, enjoying the sights of the area. It was a nice forest with some neat Pokemon flying and crawling around. It was really quiet and serene. I had to take a break anyway, and Pallet Town was about three days away. I took shelter underneath a pretty large tree. Finally, I let out my Piplup, Buneary, and Togekiss. They seemed to enjoy the area as much as I. Things were looking up at least.

It was, until the Pokemon sensed something and huddled around me. Wondering what was wrong, I got right back up and looked around. I soon found my answer when some kind of vortex opened up in the sky. It was strong enough to send some Pokemon flying around the trees. I had to cover my face and the frightened Pokemon, but as I took a peek, a red creature was coming out of the portal. It grabbed the edges and roared out into the forest, and the creature hurtled downwards, crashing pretty hard on the ground. It sent a plume of dust all around us.

Yeah, not much, but it's just a preview. I hope you guys will like this one.