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The depression probably masked itself in a mindless routine of waking up, going to school, studying the grimoire, and then going to bed. People gave their condolences, revealing how much they cared for Tituba, even if they considered her crazy most of the time, and Bonnie accepted them with a nod. It probably scared other people, too, when a sincere smile was evident on her face.

People asked the granddaughter if she was ok, and she said yes and surely, the general public responded with a fake smile, and she knew they probably thought that she was pretending to be fine when she really wasn't. What was wrong with being ok anyway? Being over-brooding wasn't her style. The sorrow, though consuming, didn't make her dark-colored clothes more appealing.

Bonnie wasn't really bitter for long, no.

Initially, all her anger was directed towards the Salvatores, and the eldest brother she hated with a passion. But it was amazing to realize that it took her only a while to tire of it. She knew she just wanted to blame someone, but at the end of the day, everyone had been consensual adults who acted on their own free will.

And one thing she didn't want to do was hate herself. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't bare to do it, knowing that her Grams would not be proud of her if she did so. So she did the best thing –concentrate on working on her magic and school. She was never really into parties, so when she took a rain check on more than one occasion, people barely noticed.

Elena, however, she was having a hard time to talk to. Bonnie loved her the most, to be honest, but Elena reminded her of what she lost. There was no anger (who could ever blame her love of her boyfriend anyway), but she didn't want to see her best friend all the time. Elena tried to reach out, but she always claimed she was fine, and she really did not want to talk about it.

Bonnie didn't choose to forget everything that happened, instead, she was putting it behind her and moving on.

Besides, someone forcefully occupied her attention. She didn't know if it was a good thing, but what else was she left to lose?

Better me than them, she supposed.

Opposed to everyone's belief that Damon was omniscient (he just knew they were afraid to admit it), he wasn't.

Like now.

He didn't know why he was watching her.

Better her than them, right?

That was Bonnie's plan: Save Mystic Falls from Damon by sleeping with him. Well, that's what she tells herself before and after the sex. She knew that he wasn't looking for commitment, but in some strange sense, she knew that he wasn't playing around either. It was weird, but she found it extremely exhilarating to know that she had actually piqued the vampire's interest. And it's just not purely sexual. She had only recently found out that he had been stalking her in his human and crow form, and regarding their conversations (bickering), she had a feeling that it had been going on longer than she thought.

Knowing he liked to tease her and play mind games with her was enough leverage for Bonnie. She decided that maybe, if she had his attention, he wouldn't torment anyone else.

Better me than them.

And besides, she really agreed on his perspective that them doing the nasty was to just relieve herself from the stress... Among other things.

"I wont make it painful," he said, rubbing slow circles on the softness of her lower back, "I promise."

He did point out, too, at first, that it was because they needed to make like bunnies this first time because she needed to relax. He didn't tell her that aside from the fact that he did find her the sexiest thing ever and she had a delicious scent about her, that he, too, ached for something that was stress-free. He wasn't able to really do anyone random because he kept seeing her anyway. And that stressed him out.

Damon's Bonnie List:

1) Stalk Bonnie -check.

2) Make small talk with Bonnie (always imply how irresistibly sexy he is) -check.

3) Make love -scratch that -SEX, SEX Bonnie -CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!

4) Taste Bonnie's savory blood -in progress.

5) Keep Bonnie... around -in progress.

Now getting to feed from her was another thing, underlining the number 4 on his list again and again in his brain. He couldn't feed on a breathing human being, too, because his tastebuds, just like his dick, was not cooperating. When he was really hungry, he had to chug down a pack from the blood bank in the basement. But recently… the memory of Bonnie's blood full on his mouth kept him awake and about –he really could not rest unless he got to drink from her. He can't recall any part of his past where he needed a specific taste of blood to survive. Simply put, this was literally killing him.

So now he placed his mouth on her shoulder, kissing and licking. He was going to make her forget that his first taste of her was done in a violent fit of rage -that stupid, stupid encounter months ago where he inflicted harm on her. "Pretty please, Bonnie." Give me another chance, he really wanted to say. To his amazement, she did not struggle, or punch him in the face (who could anyway after having multiple orgasms, and besides, he was too handsome to get slapped after amazing sex). This almost felt like compulsion in his part; a miracle. He trapped her lithe body face down on the bed, and moved to balance himself on top of her. He started nuzzling her neck ever so softly, taking in her scent, liking it more than he should, and slid his hand under her torso to massage her breast. This made Bonnie moan in delight. Her breath hitched; she almost gasped when his other hand started ghosting soft lines, up and down, over and over again on her inner thighs. He cupped her bottom and squeezed, and showered her butterfly kisses on her ear, her neck, and her shoulder. Damon felt himself harden even more when he felt how wet she was.

Bonnie sighed, almost in defeat, and buried her face on the covers. She tilted her head a little before she spoke, "I cannot believe I'm letting you do this to me…"

"Hush," he whispered against her skin, and sucked on crook of her neck, licked again, and used one finger.

"...On one night and oooohh…!"

"Hmm," he breathed, moving his finger slowly, making her inner walls clench in anticipation, making him twitch in anticipation, and squeezed her breast on his palm, and pinched the hard bud.

"Mmf!" she exclaimed and pressed her chest closer to his hand while pushing her hips upward against his hand, as if offering herself more to him.

Feeling her need once again, he quickened the pace of his finger, the eager yet careful assault of his hand on her bosom, and when she moaned again, his finger disappeared from her core, quickly replaced full force by his erection, and finally, sank his fangs on her neck.

Bonnie yelped in pain and pleasure, and she reached behind her, pulling his head closer to her, keeping him where he was as he indulged on the sweetness of her blood and her womanhood. "Damon…"

Hearing her say his name like that, his hip jerked away for a moment and stabbed her again with his length, making her scream in bliss. Her free hand, once again, started locking him to her, and as he moved against her and drank from her, he wanted to tell her that he was never really going anywhere in the first place.

Basically, she got him whipped, but he wasn't going to tell that to her either. He found himself a keeper.

Bonnie lay on Damon's bed, full of him still, her heart beating wildly in her chest. Damon wrapped his arms around her, keeping her in the warmest of embraces that it really made her wonder if he was a vampire at all... This was one hell of a one night stand -ever this was going to be a one-time thing, because he was an awesome lover. When their skin first touch, there was no hint of a diabolical master plan or anything evil (she wanted to regard his need to drink her blood again as instinct), and all his thoughts just contained her. That was enough reason for Bonnie to trust him.

In his mind, in his bed, doing all these addicting things with his body, his hands and his mouth...

Better me than them, Bonnie told herself before drifting off to sleep. Yes. Better me than them.

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