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"Really," Katherine asked him, obviously unbelieving. She snorted, and downed her tequila. "You've... moved on?" She really wished she could feel drunk. Even tipsy would do. Damon was supposed to chase after her; off the record, it was his job. In the dark world, it always gave her bragging rights to wave off every single dark entity that told her that Damon Salvatore, undead bachelor extraordinaire was still knee-deep in love with her. She always warned them not to tell them of her freedom; she wouldn't want the vampire to really catch up with her. In due time, she told herself, she would reveal everything.

Unknown to Damon, he had wandered the world unconsciously following her trail. It was like instinct for him. The only thing that prevented him from really finding her was the knowledge that she was still in the tomb back in Mystic Falls. Like hell she would let that happen to her. Stupid Damon. However, something strange happened. Her Damon-senses were not tingling. It had been silent for quite some time now. That was enough to piss her off. So she strutted back to Mystic Falls and she felt nostalgic… for about five minutes. The change of things in the little town irritated her like dead blood.

Especially when she saw Stefan doing it with her little clone, that little puny Elena Gilbert. She wasn't supposed to care, but it was hard not to, but it was so pathetic, when Stefan was actually romancing her look-alike. But this would have been so much fun, way better, if Damon was in the picture. But, Damon did not fail to upset. He came in one night and started flirting shamelessly with her descendant, and this made Katherine happy. So the brothers still chose to fall into a repeat of her, they just couldn't help it. She was that irresistible.

It had been fun –especially after she surprised them with her existence. It was great! All of them making a fuss about her. They were rattled of her existence. And she just knew that Damon was going to go nuts! She let things play out now and then, but really, she just came back for a little sideline fun.

It didn't surprise her, even, when Damon had managed to track her little den. She dressed especially seductive tonight, though she really didn't have to exert much effort –this was Damon, right?

And now he had to ruin her fun by telling her that he'd MOVED ON. She simply did not believe him. This was so not part of her plan. She stared at him, almost missed his pretty face, and tried not to recognize the truth in his words. But ugh, how she could tell a lie when she heard one. And he was not lying. Not even just one bit.

Damon shrugged, took a bottle of scotch from the bar, opened the lid, and took a swig. He sat back down in front of her and smirked. "Believe me, it got boring."


"I always believed you were… OK, you know?"

When exactly has been the idea of her boring? Katherine thought. Sadistic bitch, yes, but boring!

"As much as I loved you, Katherine, I actually just used you as an excuse to live. You were my inspiration; la mia ragione di vita." He grunted. "But when I found out you were free, all along… that kinda made it lame."

Loved. Lame. Excuse?

"So just prepare yourself, Katherine."

Ignoring his words, Katherine waved him off with a hand and a disapproving face. "You're lying to yourself, Damon. You know you want me. You need me-"

"Listen, you bitch," Damon said, suddenly an inch in front of her. He breathed on her like a starved, wild beast, but sadly, not in the stance to ravish her the way she'd want him to, more of him wanting to tear her apart limb from limb.

It made Katherine hot, this fierceness. She leaned closer, inhaling the smell of scotch from his lips. "Yes?"

"Better leave town soon. Because I will kill you myself."

Damon never thought being so close to her would justify his feelings –God forbid he had them. The recognizable want of her easily resurfaced when he first knew she was around, undead and free. The feeling easily returned now that they were alone. But it was just that –only a feeling, and it lasted for a full thirty seconds. When he looked at her, really looked at her, he only felt… nothing. He never thought this would ever happen, but he actually saw Elena. This was like Elena, how they resembled so much, and Elena was his brother's lover. Elena was this and that, and Katherine was like a part of her. If there was one thing he found funny was that he was never really attracted to Elena –he saw her simply for what she was, a carbon copy of Katherine, something he could never have, but now it was the other way around. This was Katherine, Elena's carbon copy, her very old, very 'antique' grandmother. And somehow, the grandmother train of thought did not sit well with him or his gut and it was saying much, this coming from a guy who was a self-proclaimed pervert.

He flitted back to the window, away from Katherine. "Don't give yourself too much credit. I have one quote I live by; how I survived without you all these decades."

Katherine held on to her neck, feeling intimidated by him, surprised by his power.

"Out of sight, out of mind." Damon laughed to himself, staring down at the city. "I really could kill you now, but..." He looked at her. "What fun would that be?" Because personally, it would be much fun to see her run from him with her tail between her legs. Let her feel terrified even just once.

"This confidence…" Katherine mumbled, eyeing him carefully. She felt like choking. "You're full of it."

Damon smiled at her, catching her drift. He gave her a sideways glance. "Yes, just as you're full of shit."

Katherine started to laugh now, ignoring his insult. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat though, apparently thinking of ways in order to try regaining some control. Both of them were aware that she lost it when she finally regarded the powerful current flowing in his body, something she probably mistook for lust; she had always been a selfish bitch. The unusual glaze in his blue gaze should have been a clue the moment he stepped inside the room, but then again, she never really paid him much attention the way she did Stefan. "I have to give it to you, Damon. Even Emily never said yes to me."

"That's because I'm much more charming than you are, sire," Damon replied with a wink.

"Poor witch," Katherine sighed. "To be used by something as horrendously dead as you."

"Oh stop with the fake concern. She knows I'm here." Just as he expected, Katherine's eyes widened even more. He nodded to confirm her thoughts. "Yes."

Katherine stood up from the couch and bolted to the door.

Setting his sight back to to the city he now wanted to protect from the creature behind him, he murmured, "Hmm. It sure feels liberating to smell your fear."

How the hell could he be bonded to a Bennett witch –and Bonnie, of all Emily's progeny? The Power that young one had was frightening, mind-boggling. Katherine was astounded. She had waltzed in back in Mystic Falls thinking that the town would be her little oyster. Things were supposed to work out for her; history was supposed to repeat itself. She was supposed to manipulate the Salvatores back to her clutch and take her witch. She was going to do it and would have succeeded. But that plan would have worked if she was the most powerful entity.

But Damon was well-fed on witch's blood and Power, just as the Bennett was most probably vibrating with the new effects of her bond with the vampire. They were going to kill her without a fight.

So Katherine Pierce left Mystic Falls that night, hoping to think of a Plan B soon enough. But she knew, it would probably take her longer than she should.

It was impossible to find a willing witch or warlock to execute a blood bond with, and ever she did find a willing partner, there was absolutely no guarantee the Power would be as strong as a Bennett's. Damn, Katherine thought. She had made one big fucking mistake.

That same night, Bonnie Bennett was hiding under her covers like a child.

Though Bonnie could feel Damon's sincerity about his particular sole interest of her person, the Katherine issue was still an enigma to her. It had been such a risk, to know Damon had come to his maker and she thought she had readied herself for whatever decision he made. But she had shut off the link between them completely. Damon did not mind her eavesdropping, but she didn't want to listen in on them while they conversed.

And as she waited in the dark, alone in her room, the fear had overcome her –the fear of actually losing Damon. This wasn't supposed to be anything, not supposed to mean this much, but everything was starting to be about him. She felt he was feeling the same things, too, but she refused it, didn't want it to be. It had to be the bond working the magic between them, drawing them more closer than it should.

Bonnie was grateful she was in her room and he was unable to get to her ever he wanted to return to her. She needed this time away from him, time to think if their little affair should continue further than this. But she wanted it to continue, but now that Damon is finally talking to Katherine…

The witch closed her eyes and let sleep claim her. Tomorrow, she'd deal with things.

Damon never disliked his unlife, except for this moment. He was perched on her window, angry at himself for being a vampire, and not being able to just enter her home as he pleased, and finally tell her that she didn't need to worry about Katherine. And he wanted this to continue –he was well aware that this night was going to be the deciding factor of this 'affair' (as she calls it). The thought had been in Bonnie's mind lately and she refused to talk about it.

Katherine's appearance in town doubled Bonnie's doubts and for Damon, it was the perfect opportunity for closure, to make sense of things. And tonight he did. He didn't 'make a choice', he just simply did what he was supposed to. He did what he wanted to.

The black crow pecked on the glass of her window several times, cawed over and over again, but she really was dead in sleep. So he opted to surprise her tomorrow of what happened, let her read his mind to get all the details she wanted to know, and flew away into the night.

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