The sun was to everybody's relief, finally starting to set. Even though it meant that the temperature would become more agreeable, it also meant that they would be easier targets to the predators if they were around. But, you gotta take the good with the bad sometimes. Besides, they had a foolproof plan to stay safe during the night.

"You guys, this is seriously NOT funny! Come oooon, let me run back now! Please?"

To confuse the predators, they had set out Edwin to make false tracks around the area which would give them all some time to rest. But then Mumbasa had suggested that to make sure the predators followed Edwin's track, they should make him…bleed a little. To spread out his scent, he explained. To Edwins growing horror, everyone thought this was a very good idea .

"Come on little man, I will just make a tiny slash on your arm. You won't even feel it! I swear!" Mumbasa said ,approaching Edwin with his machete.

Edwin just yelped loudly and tried to hide behind a thick tree trunk a few yards away.

" HEY FUCK YOU man!" he shouted in an uneven voice.

Royce decided to try and pitch in " Look, do you WANT them to find us? Because they will, if they keep following our tracks as they do now. "

Stans just stood in the background, squinting at the hiding lump that was Edwin with distain. After a moment, Royce tired of trying to convince him.

"Right, maybe I should do this. Come on, hand me the knife." Just as Mumbasa was about to hand it to him, isabelle spoke up.

" Wait, wait guys! I'll handle this. Trust me." she said, and promptly trotted over to where Edwin was hiding.

The guys all stared at each other, not knowing what Isabelle had in mind. How would she convince him?

As she approached Edwin, he backed away from her like a frightened rabbit. It looked very amusing.

"Stay back! I will NOT be cut anywhere by ANYONE ok?"

Isabelle sighed irritatedly, and rolled her eyes.

"I'm not here to slash you Ed, I'm here to slash myself."

His eyes widened, and he looked very surprised.

"What?" he said.

Isabelle approached him carefully. " Well, it's pretty obvious that you don't want to, and I'm not afraid of a little pain. I came here so that you could cut ME instead. You're a doctor right? That way you can make sure not to cut into any major arteries and make it simple, yet bleed enough."

Edwin started to calm down, and got close to her. He cleaned and rearranged his spectacles to his face.

"Ye-yeah, I suppose I could do that. No problem, hand me a knife then will you?"

Without taking his eyes of from the spot he decided to cut on her arm, he took the knife from Isabelles hand. Only to discover a second later, that it wasn't a knife at all. It was a stick.

"….wha-" he stuttered, and before he could say or do anything she had him pushed down on the ground with his arms pinned behind him.

Then a moment later, a very high pitched and girlish scream echoed throughout the forest.

The predators heard, but dismissed it immidiatly for some kind of desperate mating call of a retarded dying bird.

Then a few minutes later , Royce spotted Isabelle and Edwin coming back from the bushes. Edwin didn't say anything, and looked down at the ground with a very displeased grimace on his face, red with embarrasment. Royce smirked at him, feeling very amused.

"Well go on then cupcake, run around for a bit in the jungle. We'll catch you later." he said, grinning from ear to ear.

Edwin just glared up at him, his face still red. Then he took off in a jog towards the tall trees. But not before Nikolaj had a chanse to slap his bum.