Konoha's Music Bands

CRASH! That loud sound was heard from the Hyuga's house, it was barley 7:00 am in the morning and the neighbors were hearing screams and things breaking again. The neighbors were already tired of this but they didn't want to butt in the things that don't belong with them.

"Ah! Please father stop, you're hurting me" cried a girl with lavender eyes and long indigo hair lying on the floor with blood coming out her mouth.

"Shut up you useless girl, didn't I tell you to go and get me some beer you idiot girl!" the man known as her father slap her across her face.

"But father I'm only seventeen I can't buy beer I would get in trouble" said the weak girl.

The man got the girl and started hitting her again until he got tired and went to his room leaving the poor girl on the floor.

She stayed like that about ten minutes until she remember she has to get to school, she got up and headed to her room. She took a shower and then put on her clothes, she put on a short black tight shirt with some black leggings with chains on the sides, she put on some black heel boots when she was finished she look herself over her big mirror and saw her right eye a little bit purple, she added some make-up so nobody would see her eye. Nobody at school and her friends know that her father hits her, the only ones that know are her older cousin Neji and her little sister Hanabi but they don't live with her. Neji has his own apartment and Hanabi is living with him. The girl looks herself over again and decided to go to school before it gets late. She was walking to school when she was stop by her best friend Tenten, she is a beautiful girl with brown hair that are in two buns and brown chocolate eyes. She was wearing a red shirt with a dragon on it and some faded blue tight jeans and red converse.

"Hey, Hinata long time no see huh!"Said Tenten as she hugged Hinata, Tenten is one of Hinata's best friend but she has three more.

"Tenten we saw each other yesterday" said Hinata as she was trying to smile even if it hurt when Tenten hug her and was trying to hide it.

"Aww Hinata don't be mean I just missed you so much you're like my little sister."Tenten is older than Hinata just for one year but she repeated a year.

"Tenten I'm glad to see you too but we have to get to school before is too late" said Hinata as she started to run with Tenten behind her.


"Oh, no were gonna be late again hurry up Tenten" shouted Hinata at Tenten as they were running to get to class on time.

"AH, we made it on time!"Said an out of breath Hinata.

"Hinata, Kakashi-sensei is not even here yet we could have walk" said Tenten.

"HEY HINATA, TENTEN OVER HERE!"Yelled a voice from the back of the room Hinata and Tenten went over to the other three girls that were waving to them. The two girls soon join the other girls and started to talk and the teacher wasn't even there yet so they just decided to talk to each other.

"Hello Sakura, Ino, and Temari what are you doing?"Asked Hinata as she saw her friends reading something on a paper.

"Oh, hello Hinata and Tenten we are just reading your new song Hinata that you wrote yesterday during detention" said Ino.

"Hinata your song is awesome but at the same time it sounds like your dead" said Sakura to Hinata who turn to explain the meaning of the song.

"Well Sakura when we were in detention I felt like I was dead becau- Hinata didn't finish explaining because she got interrupted.

"Oh yeah yesterday we all got detention I totally forgot about that." said Temari who was still reading Hinata's song.

"Shut up Temari it was all your fought we got freaking detention for two hours instead of one!"yelled Ino to Temari who didn't care at all.

"HEY, it wasn't my fault that 'Little shy Hinata' was caught during one of our pranks on Gai-sensei!"yelled Temari to Ino.

"Haha, it was worth it getting detention after that prank Hinata did to Gai-sensei!"Laughed Tenten as she remember what happened yesterday to poor Gai-sensei.


"Hey, Hinata Gai sensei is in the boy's locker room taking a shower we better hurry up!" Yelled Sakura to Hinata and the other girls.

"Were coming Sakura and please stop yelling he might hear us!" Said Hinata.

"Okay, here is the plan .Hinata you go inside the lockers and get Gai-Sensei clothes and do whatever you want but it has to be great while Sakura and Ino watch for anyone coming, me and Tenten are gonna gather people to see the prank we're going to do to Gai."Said Temari.

"HEY WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE TALKING TO?"Said Hinata. "Haven't you heard about my pranks Temari!" Hinata was getting mad at Temari.

"Hina- babe please come down remember Temari is still new to this school so she doesn't know a lot of your awesome pranks so don't get mad at her". Said Tenten to Hinata as she calm herself down.

"SHHH, you guys we have to do this now before Gai-sensei comes out of his shower and catch us" said Ino.

"Yeah, Ino is right we have to do this now before is too late" said Sakura. Sakura and Ino stayed outside the door to see if a teacher was coming and tell the girl that went inside. While Tenten and Temari were gathering people to see the show that was about to unfold to everybody's eyes, Hinata was inside the boy's locker walking to the shower were Gai-sensei is taking a shower and singing.

"I'm so ronery, so ronery, so ronery and sadly alone can no one be ronery" (Sorry about the translations I can't understand what the guy is singing)

Gai sensei was singing really bad and funny that Hinata couldn't hold her laughter and decided to take video with her cell phone camera while laughing so hard that she was even crying but the show was over when Gai sensei heard her laughing and came out of his shower with a towel around his body. He was so surprise and angry that he didn't realize Hinata had already left with his clothes and a video about him singing his favorite song. Gai sensei went after Hinata totally forgetting he was only wearing a towel because he was thinking how to punish Hinata about her being so unyouthful until he heard a loud roaring of laughter. There right in front of him was all the students and even teachers watching him and watching the video Hinata type. He was so red and fuming he didn't even care that everybody was watching he went after Hinata when he saw her laughing so hard along with her four best friends he got her and started screaming at her.

"HINATA HYUGA YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE YOU UNYOUTHFUL GIRL!"Screamed Gai to Hinata while Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Temari were laughing more about Hinata getting caught and being punish.

"AWW, Gai me and the girls just wanted to have some fun with you so don't get mad at us" said Hinata.

"Hinata that was very unyouthful you know" said Gai still mad.

"Yes I know but you got to admit you sing great listen to ya Gai sensei" said Hinata pointing to the big screen were everybody was watching him taking a shower and singing.


Meanwhile Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Temari were laughing their butts off while they were hearing Gai yelling to Hinata about her having detention for about a week with Anko sensei. Hinata wasn't actually listening to Gai she was watching her friends laughing at her.

'Those bitches are gonna get it if I'm getting detention they're going down too' a angry Hinata was talking to herself until she decided what to do.

"Um, Gai sensei I wasn't the only one who did this you know?"

"Oh so you weren't the only one so who were the ones who help you?"Asked Gai.

"It was Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, Tenten, Temari no Sabaku" pointed Hinata to the girls that were still laughing.

"Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Temari you four are having detention too for a week!"Yelled Gai. "YOU GIRLS BETTER THINK TWICE AND DO THINGS MORE YOUTHFUL LIKE EXCERSICE OR SCHOOL THOSE THINGS ARE YOUTHFUL!"Yelled Gai.


HAHAHA IT WAS WORTH IT" a laughing Tenten said. "And if Temari wasn't talking and texting with her cell phone we wouldn't have stay two hours" said Tenten staring at Temari who was staring back.

"Hey, have you heard that we are having new students" said Ino before Tenten and Temari get into a fight that she doesn't want to get involved.

"Oh yeah I heard it from Lady Tsunade" said Sakura to her friends.

"They are from the Sand Village where Temari comes from but five of them are from here and two are actually from the Sand" said Ino.

"So in total they're seven students, I didn't know we were gonna have new students this year so why are they coming to Konoha isn't the Sand Village like famous because they have the greatest schools and richest kids." said a confuse Tenten and also forgetting the discussion she was having with Temari.

"They are Tenten but the Sand High School is gonna be close so the kids from that school are going to different schools like this students decided to come to Konoha some because they used to live here or because they didn't had a choice." Explain Temari to Tenten and the other girls.

"Wow, Temari how do you know all this?" asked Tenten.

"First of all Tenten I come from the Sand and went to that school, and Second I have two brothers that go to that school and are coming to this school with the rest of their friends." Explain Temari once again.

"OH, so you know them all are they all guys, are they hot, and rich!"Asked an over excited Ino.

"Yes they are all hot and rich and most of all they are single" said Temari.

The girls started to get excited about having hot, rich, and single guys for classmates until they notice that Hinata hasn't said a word about it or when they started to talk about it. They got worried because Hinata would mostly be shouting, running and jumping all over the classroom or flirting with guys but today she was sitting down in the her desk quiet and looking outside the window thinking about something or was she feeling sick?

"Hina babe are you alright?"Asked a concern Tenten.

Hinata wasn't paying attention about what the girls were talking about she was remembering what happened to her that morning with her father. The bruises he made to her still hurt her a lot but she tries to hide it she is used to it already. Ever since her mother died he has become so violent and always going out the house and coming late drinking a bottle of beer and drunk. Even though they are rich he is not happy with everything he has he already lost his wife and his daughter Hanabi who went to live with her cousin but Hinata he didn't let her go and live him alone beside she didn't want to live him alone and let him suffer more. She just couldn't even though he has made her suffer a lot but he is still her father. Her thoughts were interrupted when Tenten hit her on the head.

"WHAT THE FREAK IS YOUR PROBLEM TENTEN THAT REALLY HURT!"yelled an angry Hinata while rubbing her head.

"You where in la la land Hinata we've been trying to get your attention but you would not come so we figured out the best thing to do is hit you on the head" explain Sakura.

"Yeah but…" Ino was interrupted by another voice.

"Good morning class I'm sorry I'm late I just got to help an old little lady" said Kakashi to the class.

"YOUR LYING KAKASHI" yelled the whole class. Kakashi only sweat drop "This kids don't believe anymore they are clever" thought Kakashi.

"Okay class I have news to tell you all, we are having new students in our class they are waiting outside the door to be introduce" said Kakashi with his always bored voice.


"Hey, Naruto do you think we are gonna have hot chicks in our classroom!"Asked an excited Sai.

"I don't know Sai but I hope they are not like the chicks we used to know" said a boy with blond hair, blue eyes, and the weird thing was he has three whiskers like mark on each cheek but he is cute and hot and he is known as Naruto.

"Thank god were finally away from those troublesome women" said a lazy voice that belongs to Shikamaru.

"Shh, shut up the three of you I don't want to give a bad expression to them because of you three." Said an annoyed Sasuke.

"Hm, I'm with Sasuke on this" said Neji who had his arms cross in front his chest.

"Just let them talk about chicks, you two should be thankful they are not gay." said Kankuro.

"My brother is right be thankful they are not gay." Agreed Gaara.

"Yeah you should be happy were not gay" said both Naruto and Sai at the same time.

"Hn, whatever" that was the last thing Sasuke said when the door of the classroom open.

"FINALLY!" yelled Naruto.


"You guys you can come in and introduce yourself" said Kakashi as the seven boys followed him inside the classroom. As they entered all eyes were on them all the students were watching them and whispering well the girls were giggling and had hearts –like-eyes and the boys looked mad about the girls falling for the new guys. Even Hinata's friends were falling for them and Hinata well she was in deep thoughts that all men in the world are liars, disgusting, and she will never fall in love with a guy even if he is hot and he loves her back, she doesn't want to have the same life she has right now with her father.

"Hello everyone my name is Naruto Uzumaki I was born here in Konoha but my parents decided to move to the Sand Village. Oh and I wish to be friends with everyone BELIEVE IT!"Said Naruto to the entire classroom as all girls were fainting.

"My name is Sai nice to meet you all and I wish to be your friends too as my friend here said" said Sai as he put a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Hello sexy ladies my name is Kankuro no Sabaku." Said a pervert Kankuro as the girls were laughing.

"Hn my name is Sasuke Uchiha" said an emo Sasuke and of course the girls were falling for him too.

"I'm Gaara no Sabaku, the little brother of that pervert Kankuro" pointed Gaara to his brother and everybody was laughing except Hinata that didn't know what was happening and haven't notice the new boys.

"This is troublesome but I will say it any way I'm Shikamaru Nara" he said as he pointed to Neji to say his name as he was the only one left.

"My name is Neji Hyuga" as he said this everybody in the classroom and Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Temari turn to see Hinata who had heard this and turn her head around to see everybody was watching her and whispering but she didn't care. She turn to the direction that voice came and saw seven new guys standing in front the class all confuse of what was happening and then she saw what she didn't expected to see in her entire life. Here he was in Konoha, in her school, and in her classroom in full flesh her older cousin Neji Hyuga who was in front of her. The only thing left for her to do was to stay quiet and don't move and she did but luck was not on her side.

"Oh, so you're related to Hinata Hyuga are you either cousins or brothers?" asked Kakashi.

Hearing this Neji turned to Kakashi with a look of surprised.

"You know my cousin Hinata?" "Where is she?" asked Neji to Kakashi.

"OH, yes I know that little prankster of your cousin in fact she is my student and she is your classmate too, isn't that right Hinata?" asked Kakashi to Hinata as she was trying to sneak out the window. Everybody turn to the direction Kakashi was looking, Neji and his friends were surprised to see her trying to escape out the window but Kakashi and Hinata's friends were used to it by now even the other students.

"HUH, your right Kakashi but what are you right about I don't understand?" asked an innocent Hinata as she was walking towards her desk.

"Is that girl Neji's cousin?" asked Shikamaru. "She is so troublesome"

"She may be troublesome but she is hot look at her body and her face, she is a goddess brought by the angels" said a pervert Kankuro while watching Hinata walking to her desk.

"Hn" was the only thing Sasuke said.

"I can't believe she is Neji's cousin" Sai said to Naruto and Gaara who were still quiet.

"And I still can't believe Kankuro is being a pervert again." Gaara only shook his head at his brother's statements.

"WOW! I'm goona ask her out believe it" that was what Naruto said before he was interrupted by Kakashi.

"Hinata were you planning to ditch school again?" asked Kakashi to Hinata but Hinata didn't hear him she was glaring at Neji and he was glaring back too.

"Hinata I never thought I will see you again, after what happened." Said Neji to her as he walks towards her desk.

"Me neither Neji" Hinata didn't even looked up to see Neji.

"Hinata is rude not to see somebody in the eye" said Neji. Hinata didn't look at him she just stood up and started to walk away but not before Neji got her and hug her in front of everyone.