Chapter 2

Back on the boat Zack and Jared are going to shoot some hoops when Carrie stops them.

''whoa hey Zack whose your friend?'' Carie asks him

''oh Hi Mom this is Jared,Jared this is my mom.'' Zack introduces them

''Hi it;s nice to meet you.'' Carrie says

''Hi.'' Jared says

''so where you going off to?'' Carrie asks them

''oh to go shoot some hoops.'' Zack tells her

''oh okay well have fun it was nice meeting you Jared.'' Carrie tells him

Zack and Jared start walking when Jared sees Bailey and London.

''whoa!'' Jared says

''what?''Zack questions him

''who is that girl?'' Jared asks him

''oh that's Bailey she's the blonde one and London Tipton is the other her dad owns the ship.'' Zack tells him

''she's very pretty.'' Jared says

'who Bailey or London?'' Zack asks him

''the blonde one I think I like her.'' Jared says

''like her?'' Zack questions him

''you just m...'' he doesn't get to finish his sentence and sees Jared walking over towards Bailey and London

Bailey turns around

''H...Hi I'm um Bailey.'' she introduces herself

''Jared.'' he introduces himself and smiles at her

Bailey smiles back at him

''do you want to get a smoothie or something?'' he asks her

''sure I'd love too.'' she says

''okay.'' he says and smiles and goes to bring her over to the smoothie bar and sits next to her