Elemental Nation Duelist Unleashed



''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes…Songs you go to Youtube and play. )

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''

Story Start

Uzumaki Naruto, sometimes with the added names of Namikaze and Tentai to honor his family; that was the name of the Universal traveler who made it his mission to restore his family's name and honor. To get revenge for his fallen brethren that was slaughtered in cold blood. To remedy the destruction and the state of the multiverses as untold years worth of war and conflict caused a vast decay of once idealistic ideals.

With the aid of his ancestors, among them a man by the name of Kuiinshi to whom he had become blood brothers with, the group slowly but surely began rebuilding the Tentai empire. Their were words spread by a religion of hope and their armies led by their most trustworthy allies. Whether by through truths and hopes everything they did was to build a better tomorrow. To get revenge on those who slaughtered their family and put an end to the bastard precursors that have long sensed marred the purpose of life.

One of Naruto's talents was his superb acting. Years of being coached by his Chessmaster relative taught him many things about strategy and such.
One of the things he learned was what he so often used when he was implanted into worlds where conflicts wage, slowly weaving himself into the position of hero allowed him privy to gain sympathetic supporters and learn new abilities for his cause.

Which is why currently he found himself in yet another world where rumors of dark magic tied to the past drew his ever curious eye. That is how he currently found himself in a strange bedroom of some kind. Lavished with an assortment of beautiful lavender and silver colors.

''Aah...you've awakened my boy.''

Naruto turned to face the speaker. Like the room the man was also dressed in a lavish sort of way. A red business suit over some frilly looking clothing. His hair was silver, and done in a rather effeminate looking hairstyle.

''Where am I? How did I get here?'' Naruto asked, his head still spinning slightly.

''My guards found you passed out on one of my properties. At first glance I knew something was unusual about you and I had to have you...''

''WHOA!'' Naruto cried out jumping up, not letting the man finish. ''That ain't how that shit goes down. I'm not a child...'' In a puff of smoke Naruto's teenage self appeared before him. ''I don't know what kind of sick shit you're into man, but I don't play that.''

''My word boy calm down. What sort of man do you think I am?'' the silver haired man asked, looking quite offended by the accusation that escaped Naruto's lips.

''That should be pretty obvious.'' he rudely countered as he took a moment to relax.

''What I was trying to say before you so rudely interrupted me was that I sense a grand power from within you with this eye,'' Moving his lock of hair he revealed a golden eye in his other eye socket. Naruto looked at the brown eye man in the eye and said,''I heard of golden teeth, but a golden eye? You must be as rich as hell...''

''This eye is not a trinket, but one of seven mystical objects of grand power. And this eye has led me to you.'' the man said, brushing his long silver hair from his face to reveal the golden eye.

''Riiiiight...Who are you by the way?''

"Oh?" the man seemed surprised then smiled. "Well then, allow me to introduce myself. I am Pegasus, Pegasus Crawford. The creator of Duel Monsters.''

''Of what?'' he asked, realizing that he hardly knew a damn thing about the influentially people of this world.

''You've never heard of Duel Monsters?'' the man asked him, surprise was filled in his voice not to mention his facial expression gave away his disbelief.

''Repeated said phrase in surprise isn't going to have me suddenly know what it is.'' Naruto remarked like a smart-ass.

''Why you're certainly a rather feisty brat.''

''Yeah well you have to be to live the life I live. So what's with the freaky eye and these Duel Monsters you're so proud of?''

And so Pegasus told his story. About his wife Cyndia and the God Cards. About dueling Monster, the Thousand-Years items, and a bunch of other things Naruto felt were familiar.

''Wow...that was...something. Wait so why did you kidnap me again?''

''As I was saying my eye led me to you. I wish to ask you a favor. I wish for you to become my champion...'' he began only to once more be cut off by the blond.

''Seriously guy...you have to start phrasing things in a less fruity way.'' To Naruto's amazement the effeminate man was displaying any annoyance. Naruto had people pissed at less tried to kill him.

''You're rudeness aside, I wish to have a positive champion to reflect Industrial Illusions image. A friendly and kind Duel Monsters player who will bring positive press to my company. I'm in search of particular items. With them I wish to bring my dead wife back to life, but before I can finance any of these projects I need more money. That's where you come in...''

''So I more or less go out to recruit kids to play this children card's game, a card game which I might add is based off ancient magical duels of death and monsters? Meh! Wouldn't be the strangest or most outlandish thing I did. Besides since this blasted game sounds so familiar I might as well do it. Hey if I help you can I stay here?''

''Sure my boy...in fact since you claim to be from another world you must have all kinds of ideas for new cards.''

''I guess...'' The blond said scratching the back of his head. ''But only if a good deal of these card ideas are one of a kind. I don't mind some being mass produced, but there are certain individuals whose likeness I wished to be only held by my hands.''

''I propose an idea...A starter creation of ten of these cards. The rest of your deck you can build out of any of the cards in my collection, except the restricted collection of course. I'll keep charter of your progress and with each duel you win I'll give you access to each new card.''

''Hopefully this game isn't ridiculous with over hundred rules. I mean this is a children's card game? How hard could it be?''

Naruto almost immediately regretted that question.


Chapter End


At long last the Prequel to Academy Kitsune. Now the Prequel story of this story would/will take place between this chapter and the second chapter covering the first part of the original Manga (Before Yugioh! Duelist!') That would cover the first Manga Arc while this story covers the Anime. The next chapter will take place during the Anime where Naruto's friendship with the Yugioh Gang is already established. Since I did Academy Duelist first I assume you guys won't have too much a problem. Anyway still taking unique card ideas for Naruto's deck.