E.N. Duelist




''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes…Songs you go to Youtube and play. )

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''

Star chips

Jou: 8

Yugi: 6

Naruto 4 (Officially)


Story Start

''Things aren't going to go down the same way they did before Naruto,'' Lucia confidently stated from her side of the dueling ring. With her father keeping track of Naruto's progress she was able to find him easily. With his extra star chips confiscated she could now force the blond to duel with her and eliminate him from the tournament.

''What the hell is going on Lucia? Pegasus was the one who invited me into his home all those years ago seeking my help,' he paused as his face twitched slightly in annoyance and his voice raised. ''And now he seems intent on pissing me off and putting me through all this shit. Just what the hell is going on?'' he demanded as Lucia drew a card from her deck, seemingly ignoring him. ''What? No answer, you seemed so intent on talking earlier.'' he stated as Lucia merely giggled.

''Getting anxious, angry maybe? So unlike you Naruto-kun,'' she mocked as she placed a monster in face up defense mode. ''I summon Honest.'' the image of an angelic monster wearing robes and angel wings appeared, along with the defense point value appearing on the monitor showing off 1900. ''And I place two cards face down and end my turn.'' she sated as Naruto drew a card.

''I summon Assassin of the Shadows and add the equip spell card Kunais and Katanas.'' Naruto clarified as the equip card boosted the attack power of his monster to 2100. ''And I place one card face down and end my turn.''

''Draw!'' Lucia exclaimed as she activated her next spell card Pot of Greed. Upon drawing two cards she activated the first of the two. ''And with that out monsters attack and defense value switch.''

The attack power of Naruto's monster was now 1400 and with Lucia's going to 1900 switching with the previous 1100 defense value. ''And now I activate my face down trap Imperial Order!'' an image of a king commanding his soldiers appeared as Lucia life points dropped down to 1300. ''This is a continuous Trap Card that prevents all spell cards effects from being activated, but I have to pay 700 life points each turn.''

''You seem confident for taking such a risk.'' Naruto noted as he looked back at his hand. The only trap card he had in his hand was useless in such a situation.

''This is part one of my two part kill turn strategy,'' she boasted as Naruto snorted.

''Wooow...you're horrible with naming things,'' he pointed out as Lucia's face became flushed with embarrassment and fury.

''I won't dignify your childish statements with a reaction,'' she replied, despite clear irritation shown on her face. ''But my turn isn't over,'' she reminded him as she switched her monster to attack mode. ''Now my monster, destroy his Assassin of the Shadows.'' the angel monster rushed forward and skewered Naruto's assassin, sending Naruto's life points dropping down to 1500. ''I end my turn!''

Naruto drew his next card and contemplating his next move. 'Damn, without being able to use my spell card this is going to be tough. But maybe, I think I can pull something off.'' he finished his thought by summoning Omote Moka in defense mode. With a defense of 2200 Lucia wouldn't be able to break through his defenses, especially with the fact she wouldn't be able to rely on spell cards to boost her monsters powers. Her defense points dropped by 700 more life points. Whatever she had planned she was going to have to use it this turn or she would have to send the card to the graveyard and he would be able to use his spell cards again.

''Now, here I go, I summoned my armored and multi-armored creature Ally of Justice,'' a blue and black armored creature with four limbs appeared, carrying a large sword, an axe, and sphere among his weapons and sporting 1700 attack points. ''It's a shame. I thought the duel with my comrade thought you change is good, but you were so over confident over your last victory with me you didn't feel the need to reinvent yourself, big mistake.' she thought as she flipped over the first of her face down cards. ''I now activate my card Ojama trio,'' a trio of ugly short, ogrish monsters; yellow, blue, and green respectively appeared on Naruto's shield of the field. ''These tokens are special summoned on your field in defense mode and cannot be tributed for a tribute summoned and when an Ojama token is destroyed the controller takes 300 points of damage.'' She then flipped over her other card. ''And now I activate my other card Final Attack Orders!'' she stated as Naruto swore. Upon seeing his reaction she figure she didn't need to explain that the card's effect was to make all face-up monsters on the field to change to attack position and their battle positions couldn't be changed. Meaning the Ojama trio were forced into attack mode. Naruto couldn't do anything but watch helplessly as Lucia ordered her monster to destroy his tokens and complete an utter overkill in life points damage total and dropping his life points down to zero.

''I...lost again. My star chips...
'' he thought as his head hung down.

A sad smile formed on Lucia's face. ''I won...so why, this victory feels so hollow?'' she thought as she stepped down onto the platform that automatically lowered her to the ground.

''You won,'' he said, dropping his star chips into her hand. ''Guess that means I'm done?'' he asked her, despite knowing the answer. 'I'm sorry Yugi-san. I wanted to help rescue Ojii-san but I failed.'

''Yeah,'' Lucia uneasily remarked. 'Come on girl get your head in the game. You knew this what you expected from the offset.'

''Hold it right there!'' a very sexy voice, and yes Naruto had the ability to tell if someone was sexy by their voice declared. ''Naruto's san fate is far from decided.

''Kujaku Mai-san!'' I recognize that cleavage anywhere.

''Oh? And who are you?'' Lucia asked as she sized up the woman, who she immediately hated and not because she was feeling inadequate or anything.

''Kujaku Mai-san, Lucia-anta,'' she answered as the other blonde bristled slightly in annoyance at the older woman's use of such an informal suffix. ''I seen this little duel and I propose a wager. My ten star chips against ten you have,'' she continued, gesturing to the younger woman's arm device carrying numerous star chips.

''Kujaku-san, why are you...'' Naruto began to ask only for Mai to cut him off.

''Don't look into it Naruto-anta,'' she replied, ''I just hate owing anyone a favor that's all. Paying you back as soon as possible so you don't hold the favor over me is my only reason for being here,'' she coldly remarked but Naruto only chuckled in response, followed by full blown laughter.

''I knew you cared Kujaku-san.'' he insisted as Mai frowned and glanced away, ignoring the insinuations of Naruto's statement. Card? Hah? She only followed him out here to payback the favor and not for any other nefarious or sexy reasons.

''If you two are done flirting I have some more star chips to win,'' Lucia irritably noted. ''But let's make things more interesting,'' she added with a devious grin. ''If I lose I'll pay up ten star chips, but if I win I won't kick Uzumaki off. I'll give him ten star chips and if he wants to qualify for the finals he has to beat his biggest fan, and even so the two of you will owe me a favor. A condition that has to be filled out for this tournament, no complaints. Well?'' she pressed as Mai confidently strolled forward.

''Bring it Anata.'' she stated as Naruto looked on with uncertainty.

'I hope you know what you're doing Mai-san.' he thought as the two women prepared to duel. With their decks shuffled and their five cards drawn the two flipped a coin to see who would go first. With Lucia winning with tails she drew her card.''

''I'll go first.'' Lucia said as she summoned a grey skin monster with a dark blue outfit and large head shaped head. ''I summon Arcana Force III-The Empress and as per the Arcana type monsters I have to flip a coin to see the effect of my monster. If its Heads then each time my opponent Normal or Set summons a monster I can special summon 1 Arcana Force monster from my hand. If its Tails then each time my opponent normal summons or sets a monster I must send one card from my hand to the graveyard. Pointless seeing as I'm going first, but you know, formalities and all.'' Lucia remarked as he tossed a coin and landed on Heads. ''I place two cards face down and end my turn.''

Mai chewed on the bottom of her inner lip. 'Arcana? It figures the daughter of Pegasus would have never before released cards. Though I can't back down now.'' she thought as she drew her next card. ''I place one card face down in defense mode.'' she said, glancing over the rest of her cards. ''...and one card face down and end my turn.'' she finished.

''I heard you were a pretty decent duelist Kujaku-san!'' Lucia commented after drawing her card. ''Though so far all your duels against anyone who was worthwhile have been failures. I'm sorry to say, but I'm going to have to compound another loss to that long list.'' she finished as a rather ticked look crossed Mai's face. ''I summon Arcana Force IV - The Emperor...'' out of the bright flash of holographic white light, a leg-less grey and black cybernetic beast whose lower body resembled a sphere was summoned.''Seeing as its an Arcana monster the same coin based rules apply. If its Heads the monsters I control gain 500 attack points and if its the tails my monsters lose 500 attack points. And with that,'' she flips her coin and of course it lands on head. Her 1400 attack point monster jumped up to 1900. ''Now Arcana Force IV attack her face down monster.'' a electrical tentacles erupted from the machine's body as Mai's monsters was destroyed.

''You activated the effect of my monster Birdface.'' Mai remarked as her monster was sent to the graveyard. ''Since it was sent to the graveyard as a result of battle I can now add one Harpie Lady from my deck to my hand.'' she explained, picking up her deck and going through it, before shuffling her deck.

''I end my turn!'' Lucia announced, content with her movement.

'This is going to be tougher then I though.' Mai thought with an inward scowl. She looked at her cards, Harpie Lady and Lightning Vortex were both going to be useful amongst her cards. ''Draw!'' she stated as she looked at her newly drawn card. '' I summon Harpie Lady and equip it with the Equip Spell card Follow the Wind, increasing its attack points by three hundred,'' (1600) Mai knew the only way she was going to beat her opponent was to do something unexpected from her. ''I attack your Arcana Force III with my Harpie Lady.'' Mai declared as the monster was wiped out. ''I place one card face down and end my turn.'' despite her finally making some leeway, Lucia's confident face unnerved Mai.

Mai: 2000
Lucia: 1700

''Draw!'' Lucia looked over the cards in her hand. 'I just need one more card.'she thought as she picked out a monster. ''I discard my Hecatrice to the Graveyard activating its special ability to add one Valhalla, Hall of the Eden spell card from my deck to my hand.'' she finished as she added the spell card to her hand. I then placed a card face down and summon Arcana Force VI - The Lovers in defense mode.'' with that, a humanoid hour shaped monster with 1600 defense point was revealed and Lucia flipped a coin, getting tails meaning her monster couldn't be treated as two tributes for another Arcana monster.

''Draw!'' Mai drew her next card. 'Perfect.' she thought as she placed the card face down. 'I just need to stall for time and make sure Lucia-anta has little monsters on the field as possible.' ''I attack your Arcana Force VI with my Harpie Lady!'' the winged sage once more took to the skies before descending down on the Lucia's monster. ''I end my turn.''

''My turn,'' Lucia began by drawing a card and flipping up her face down card. ''I now activate Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen. Once per turn, if I have no monsters on my side of the field I can special summon 1 fairy-type monster from my hand and I choose Freya, Spirit of Victory.'' a blue haired monster with cheerleader pum-pums appear. ''As long as I control this monster it can't be selected as an attacking target and all Fairy-Type monsters gain a 400 attack and defense boost. (Defense:500) ''I now activate my other face down card, Cup of Ace. If my coin lands on Heads I draw two cards and if Tails you draw two coins.'' she finished as she flicked her thumb and the open went up in the air. After several spins it landed on Heads. With that Lucia drew two more cards. ''I summon Arcana Force XIV - Temperance and attack your Harpie Lady.'' Lucia said as Mai's Harpie Lady was destroyed without much interference, thanks to the fact that Mai hardly use trap cards at all. ''I end my turn!''

Mai: 1000
Lucia: 1700

''Draw!'' Mai drew her next card and played. It was Graceful charity, allowing her to draw three cards and discard two. A confident look formed on her face formed as the move played right into her hand. ''Sorry girlie, but its time I make my come back. First I activate Hysteric Party! By Discarding 1 card from my hand I can special summon as many Harpie Lady cards as possible from the Graveyard.'' and with that Two Harpie Lady's were summoned to the field. I now summon Harpie's Pet Dragon to the field in Attack mode, who gains three hundred attack points for every Harpie Lady on the field.'' Mai finished as her monsters attack points rose to 2600. ''And to begin I activate the spell card Lightning Vortex! I discard a card from my hand to destroy all your face up monsters.'' she explained as a series of lightning strikes cleared Lucia's field. ''The floor is all yours honey. I end my turn,'' Mai confidently added. Her monster gaining another two hundred attack point boost from sacrificing her third Harpie Lady card.

''Draw!'' Lucia remarked as she drew a monster. ''First I summon Athena!'' out of a flash of white light, a woman in white with long flowing hair wearing a warrior's headdress and bearing an axe appeared. (2600) She then moved on to her second card, ''I activate the spell card, freedom from a curse fate. For 500 life points a piece I can take a monster from my graveyard and add it them to my deck and shuffle it afterwords. I choose to use 1000 life points to recover two of my monsters.'' Lucia explained as she came down to her last card. ''And because I have exactly four fairy type monsters in my Graveyard I can special summon Archlord Kristya.'' Lucia began as the red winged armored creature materialized on the field with 2800 attack points. ''And now Athena's special effect kicks in. Each time I summon a Fairy-Type monster I inflict 600 life point damage to your life points directly.'' Lucia added with a satisfied smile on her face. ''I'm afraid this duel has come to an end.''

A visible scowl formed on Mai's face as her life points dropped even further. Lucia had more then one means to summon a Fairy type monster next turn, guaranteeing a win. How was she suppose to win?

Lucia: 700
Mai: 400

''Hey! Don't give up Kujaku-san! Until someone's life points hits zero this duel isn't over yet!'' Naruto's shout of courage snapped Mai out of her BSD.

''Baka! As if I would do such a thing,'' Mai snapped at the blond, trying to bury down the feeling that was forming deep inside of her. She glanced down at her deck, her hand trembling slightly as she began drawing the card. ''This is all or nothing..'' Mai thought as she drew her finally draw.