Amy Pond was used to the Doctor dragging her around cold, misty places. She was used to Wales, she was used to moors, and she was used to leaving Rory behind (by accident, of course). But this time, this damp day in Pembrokeshire was mean tot be her honeymoon.

"Where are we going?" she demanded, brushing hair out of her hair.

The Doctor didn't even look around at her. "It's a surprise!" he said cheerfully.

"It had better be a good one," she warned him. "This is meant to be our honeymoon!"

In front of her, the Doctor stopped suddenly, and for a moment, Amy couldn't work out why he looked so puzzled, and why he was blushing so furiously.

Then she turned red herself.

"I mean me and Rory's honeymoon!" she said exasperatedly.

The Doctor coughed, and started to walk again and Amy had to hurry to catch up with him. By now, they must have left Rory far, far behind.

Amy giggled internally as they finally reached the bottom of the hill and a concrete building loomed in front of them.

"Where in the name of-" began Amy, but the Doctor, beaming all over his face again, turned to face her.

"Joseph McKnag's Correctional School," he interrupted her, looking out into the bustling corridor again, "For Curiously Disturbed Girls."