For a second, all the adults just stood staring at Grace and Alex, slightly bemused, but then there was a huge explosion of voices all at once.



"What are you doing here?"

"How did you… I mean…"

"That's my girl!"

"Oh you beauties! You absolute beauties!"

And for a moment, Grace and Alex had stood enjoying the attention, but then they had remembered the situation they were in.

"How do you reckon we get you out, though?" said Alex, slightly worried, as her and Grace started to search the walls and cupboards for an off-switch, or something equally useful. Automatically, the whole hall stared at the Doctor, who considered for a minute.

"If you reach in my pocket," he said slowly, still thinking, "then-"

That was when he seemed to realised something, and his eyes widened.

"I didn't mean that, I didn't mean that," he said hastily. "All I meant was, I just need my sonic screwdriver out."

"Maybe if…" said Alex slowly. "This might sound silly, but I was just thinking that maybe if we move your arms (me and Grace move your arms, I mean) then maybe we can move them to your pocket and you can get your screwdriver out yourself."

"No," said Grace bluntly, starting to continue her search along the walls.


"Because… that's stupid," she said incredulously. "That's obviously not going to work."

"It's not stupid," said Alex indignantly. "Oddly enough, I don't want to put my hand in his pocket, and-"

"Ah well, you're still young."

As Jack said that, everyone turned to look at him. Though it was obviously meant as a joke, they could all hear how breathless he was, and could hear the pain in his voice. Despite the light-hearted tone, it had immediately dampened the mood.

"Look, it'll be fine," said Grace desperately. "We'll find something, OK, Daddy?"