The Perfect Girl

Chapter 1: Hate is Contagous

When I moved to Japan I was starting my second year of Elementary School. That's right, Second Grade... Of course, I was protesting this idea. Especially since my brother would no longer be able to walk, or drive, me to school each morning. He was going to go to Hyotei Gakuen's Middle School, while I was stuck in the Elementary section. I remember screaming at the house as my father tried to put the red bow in my hair.

"DAD! NO!" I screamed as I threw my fists around in anger, trying to get away from my father. Of course, he was a million times my size and able to keep me in the same place.

"Stop it, Simone- let me fix your bow. You'll get used to this school." He said, trying his bext to soothe me.

I looked at him with small, angry tears in my eyes,"No, I don't wanna go to this school! I wanna go back to Check-!"

He put a finger over my lips, something that my mother used to do, and spoke softly,"After school there'll be a plate of cookies here if you cooperate with me."

I stopped my fidgeting and he finished with my bow. He stood up and took my hand, walking me out the door,"Now, I want you to remember where we live. The neighbor's son said that he could show you where the school was."

I nodded and walked to where my father pointed. I stopped in front of a taller boy, most likely a fifth grader, and his little brother. The little brother looked about my age, he had big brown eyes and shaggy dark brown hair. He tugged on his brother's shirt and the older boy took notice of me.

"Oh, I guess that you're Ryuuka-san's daughter?"

I nodded,"I'm Simone."

He nodded,"My name's Shishido, Elrin. This is my brother Ryou, you guys are in the same grade."

I smiled a toothy smile to them and Elrin laughed, but his brother sneered at me. I stopped smiling and followed the two to the school.

It was nice looking, very proper and polished. I was getting a little worried. My old school in America was a good size and we had uniforms... But here it looked scary.

"Ryou, show Simone-chan where the class is." Elrin said to his brother. Ryou nodded,"Okay, Ani[1]."

I followed the shaggy haired boy to the class and stopped by the teacher. The teacher looked down to me and looked me over. I felt like I was going to get yelled for my bow being crooked or something.

"You must be the new student."

I nodded slowly, scared to speak since my Japanese was a little rough since I had only learned a lot of it in the past year.

The woman turned to the class and motioned to me again,"Class, this is Ryuuka, Simone. She is our new student from America- welcome her."

There was a chorus of different greetings. What could I expect, it was second grade after all. The teacher pointed me to my seat and that was that. My first day in second grade hadn't been so bad.

It had been two weeks since I moved to Japan with my family. My brother had been busy with a lot of school things lately and that was a sad thing. He used to be around all the time, my best friend- but here in Japan he needed to constantly work to stay ahead in his studies.


I jumped out of my seat and ran to the front room to my dad's voice. I stopped, seeing him in a suit and a boy next to him. It was that Ryou kid from down the street. My father smiled to me and put his hand on Ryou's shoulder,"You two are going to have a playdate today."

I would have cringed at the word 'date' if I had truly understood the word. I really hadn't, and when I had heard it it was small bits from my brother. I nodded, obeying my father. He smiled,"Good. Your grandfather is in the back room, so don't act up. I need to head off to the college for a meeting."

I nodded again, looking Ryou over.

"And show him where the food that I made for you earlier is."

I nodded again as he left out the front door. I smiled to Ryou and motioned my hand,"My dad made some grilled cheese- it's in the kitchen."

I walked into the kitchen and hopped up onto the tall stool, scooting a plate with a grilled cheese on it to the stool next to me. A moment later Ryou was sitting in the chair. I watched as he took a bite of the sandwich and chewed it for a moment, like he was testing it for some kind of poison. I laughed when he than began to devour it hungrily and I went back to eating mine.

That had been what the 'date' consisted of. We ate a lot of grilled cheese and than watched some Anime on the TV. We didn't talk much, it was only when Ryou needed to go to the bathroom that we had. My grandfather only peeked in on us once, but hurried back into his room to take a nap.

When Ryou left my father said that he was very happy that I found a new friend, but oh no... He was very wrong.

I hummed as I skipped up next to Ryou. It had been three months and four playdates later and I was getting used to calling him a friend. I walked at him pace and waved to him lightly,"Hi, Shishi-kun."

He never protested the nickname. I would have called him by his first name, but according to my father that was rude to do here in Japan. So, I resorted to nicknames.

He glanced to me and nodded. I noticed that he never really said my name or anything when we were near eachother. It made me want to say things like 'Does the cat got your tongue?', but that was an American saying- he wouldn't get it.

As we were nearing his house, since it was the first one from the walk home from school, I smiled and looked to him. I was going to give talking to him a shot.

He looked to me, his large brown eyes lookng into my caramel ones,"Hai?"

"We're friends, right? Because, I think we should be."

That was when I got to witness his rage, firsthand. He pushed out his arms and shoved me down. Usually I wouldn't cry from something like that, but he than spoke aloud.

"Friends with you? You are so annoying! So annoying, that I hate you!"

I stared wide-eyed at the boy as he yelled this to me. No one had ever said that they hated me before. I was shocked, completely shocked and distraught.


I saw Ryou look to his right at his brother's yell. I knew that he was in trouble, but it didn't matter.

I sniffled and hurried up, turning and running to my house that was only two down. I opened the door to my home and quickly ran past my family.


I didn't even come out of my room to be consoled by my brother. That day I realized that I probably was annoying, but it was also the day that I decided to not care. I wouldn't let Ryou's words cause me to stop being who I am. I'll be who I want to be and I'll do it even if it makes him angry.

7 years later.

I smiled and sat up in my bed, spotting the slowly getting lighter sky. I hurriedly jumped out of bed and tossed on a pair of jersey shorts and an old sports shirt of Jeram's. I shoved my way through all of my shoes and found a pair of old nike's. I tied them on and ran down the stairs, jumping the last two. I giggled at seeing my grandfather on the couch asleep, drool on his chin. I picked up a piece of bread and left out the front door for a run.


I slowed to a jog as I heard the barking of a dog. I had no idea which way it was coming from and I didn't want to accidently kick the dear. I stopped moving when a light haired dog, connected to a red leash, jumped onto my legs. I loked down at it and smiled, it was so cute.

I scratched behind it's ear and heard it's owner,"Kyon- stop it."

I looked up to see Shishido Ryou, the guy I was out to prove wrong for the rest of my life. He noticed me too and we stopped to stare at eachother. His hair was still long and pulled back into a ponytail, but he wasn't as cute as he was in seventh and eighth grade ever since his older face began to come in. The long hair didn't make him as attractive, but it still showed that it was him.

"What are you doing out here?"

I put my hands on my hips and smirked, getting ready to respond to his rude question,"Running, duh. You need to get your eyes checked."

I slowly sauntered past him before gaining the speed that I once had back.

I snorted and tossed all of my clothes into the large laundry basket next to my door. It was time for my two-weekly clothing wash. I laughed as my favorite new song came on- Bad Girlfriend by Theory of a Deadman.

I danced around my room, kicking the many shoes that had been thrown onto my empty floor into the box that they had previously been in. My grandfather was out shopping with my father since the front room's seating was now "outdated". I jumped onto my bed and yelled the lyrics, happy with myself and the wide open window. The Spring was coming- and that meant that school was starting soon.

Shishido Ryou left his house to take his dog Kyon for another walk. Of course, he didn't expect to hear the loudness that he did from the Ryuuka household. He looked to his right and past the gate and up the house's side to see the only girl in the house singing loudly in her room. His eyes narrowed and he felt a small nerve in his mind snap.

"Oi! Ryuuka!"

The strawberry blonde haired girl stopped and looked out her window,"Whadda Ya Want?"

"Turn it down up there! No one wants to listen to you!"

The girl pouted slightly in anger. The boy on the sidewalk with his dog smirked, victory in his grasp. Well, until the once American girl turned around and picked up a remote,"Oh, you're right! I'll just have to turn it up!"

With that she hit the volume button on her remote and left the window, yelling the lyrics to a new song. Shishido Ryou narrowed his eyes into a death glare and growled in the back of his mind. He than began to rant to himself about her as he continued down the sidewalk.

She was cocky and annoying and was always acting like a boy, and she ne- Shishido stopped in his mid thought and realized something. He started a new thought in realization:

Ryuuka, Simone was the perfect girl.

[1] Ani means Older Brother when you are talking about or to your own family.

Ne, ne. This was my first Shishido story that made it past chapter 3. In notepad that was one accomplishment for me. I really hope that you guys enjoy this "series". I may ask for ideas once it gets to a certaib point though because my brain only travels down one road for so long. The info on Simone will be in the next chapter :3