The Perfect Girl

Chapter 30: I am Your Father

"Oh darkness, embrace me for I deserve my end! I have wronged the universe in all of my actions, spare me nothing!"

Penny-sensei shouted loudly from the front of the classroom some of the final lines from a play she had been reading with a group. Her dramatic death on the desk made me smile at her, she really made me love this class. This last Saturday is nearly over. Vacation would come and go in the blink of an eye.

My partner sat across from me reading over a paper in frustration. He must have been reading the second section of our main summer project. Pushing my eyebrows together I looked over him. I had yet to ask him to help me with my project. Something kept me from asking him. I heard the tone signify the end of classes for the day. He stood up after a moment to get his items.

"Wait, Shishido." I jumped up, my chair screeching against the floor. He stopped and looked at me. I felt my breathing turn ragged, my mind went blank. Than the words finally escaped,"Will you help me with my project over the break?"

An eternity passed before he responded to me. He smirked smugly,"Can't handle your own work Ryuuka?"

I felt the shot to my pride and narrowed my caramel eyes,"Oh can it Shishido!" Pulling my back up roughly I hurried out of the room.

Footsteps hurried after me,"Come on Ryuuka, take a joke!"

I ignored him and tried to walk quicker. His hand grabbed my shoulder to turn me around. My breath hitched and for a moment I felt like I was in a movie, than I fell into a door, than the door opened. Hitting the ground made me very unhappy.

"Are you alright?"

Shishido leaned over me and from my blurred vision I could see him genuinely hoping I had not been seriously injured. I closed my eyes and blew air out my nose,"Nice going idiot."

He helped me to stand and forced me to walk closer to him so I would not fall. As much as I wanted to tell him to back off I did not want to. I ignored the fact we were walking so close and instead payed attention to my shoulder. A constant dull pain seared through the joint. Though not as bad as when I usually hurt it still discomforted me.

"We can work on the project this week. Atobe is leaving for a week for Europe or something so tennis is suspended until the second week."

"I thought Atobe was serious about tennis, I guess Europe is more enticing."

Shishido scoffed at me,"We're almost to your house. You need to lay down when you get inside, you look exhausted."

Not the most words we had ever exchanged, but they made me a bit mad at him. It had been his fault for me falling and I felt fine. I nodded but knew I would ignore his suggestion and just take a pain pill at home before doing whatever I want. "Got it Shishi, now let me walk on my own."

Scoffing again he made no move to let me run away from him. Instead he grabbed my upper arm and brought me to my door. Sofu greeted us with a smile,"Ah, how gentlemanly of you."

I gaped at him and yanked my arm away, wincing slightly at the force I used,"I'll be over tomorrow to work idiot so be up or I'll storm into your room again."

"Going out now!"

"Really? I thought we were going to be able to spend some family time together." My father looked up from his breakfast tiredly. It looked like he would fall into his food at any moment.

I smiled at him,"Not today Chichi, I'm going to Shishido's so we can work on our summer project."

"Have fun than."

Sofu agreed with his son's statement but I could tell that he had a different meaning behind it. I grimaced at the old man before fixing my shoes. The heat wave smacked into me the moment I left the house. I could feel the sweat already lining my forehead. Hurrying to Shishido's I went to knock on the door when it opened. Kyou ran out quickly under me with his leash pulling someone behind him. The certain owner ran into me full force. With a shriek I gripped his shirt and pulled him down with me into the bushes beside the house.

"This is the second time you've made me fall. Don't let there be a third idiot."

Shishido picked himself up from the ground next to me,"Ryuuka?"

"No, I'm the mail woman. Yes, it's me."

He helped me up from the bushes before he grabbed Kyou's leash. I sighed and removed some of the small leaves in my hair and on my clothing,"I'll just go ahead inside with my stuff. Don't take too long."

Not waiting for his answer I walked into his home and greeted his family.

"Ohayo Jiro-san, Satu-san, Tanaka-san, Elrin-san. I am here to work on a project with Ryou."

Placing my shoes in the correct place I took the extra set of house shoes by the door. The family nodded and once again Satu, the leader of the family it seemed, motioned for me to go upstairs if I wanted. I proceeded up the steps to the same room I had been in once before for a project. The room had some clothes on the floor but I stepped over them and flopped onto the made bed. Actually the sheets were very comfortable. I looked over some items on his desk and spotted something inside.

Taking out the cases I smiled widely,"No way."

I read the back of the box excitedly, this had been the best of finds. Shishido had been quick with Kyou's walk and hurried into his room, kicking clothes out of his way. "What are you looking at Ryuuka?"

I continued to smile, this time directing it at him,"You have all of the Star Wars movies! This is so cool, I didn't think you liked anything like this."

He sat on the far end of his bed from me and waited for me to finish up my fascination with the movies. Once I set them down I returned my attention to the main task we had to complete,"Okay. So our project is from Penny-sensei. It deals with the work of a Japanese poet from this list and our interpretations and connections with similar themes in the English poetry we've learned about."

I caught Shishido's frown from the corner of my eye. "You not like poetry?"

"Embarrassing poetry. Did you not read the next page of the assignment. We have to make our own stupid thing."

I picked up the second sheet to read what he meant,"Create your own works with the themes you have found and studied. Connect these poems with your own personality. . . Blah blah blah. Hm, doesn't seem too bad."

It did not seem that I would be able to convince Shishido of that though. So I looked to the first sheet again and went down the list of Japanese poets. The Edo Period poet Yosa Buson stuck out to me so I marked a star by his name. "Who are you gonna choose?"

He shrugged. I suggested he choose someone with a cool name since they usually had interesting stuff. He took my suggestion and chose Ono no Komachi, the waka poet. I took a moment to think about what she wrote and nothing came to mind. The computer avaiable in the study came to my mind and I dragged Shishido there.

"Let's see. Ah, found her. Beautiful woman, thirty-sis poet immortals, waka are about anxiety, solitude, or passionate love. Specialized in erotic love themes. . ."

Silence enveloped the room before I broke it with loud laughter. Turning to Shishido while still laughing I nodded my head at him,"You are definitely committing haha."

Unhappily he closed out of the window and left the room, clearly not okay with this situation. Hurrying after him I gave him good reasons to keep her as his poet,"She's one of the only female poets named by people in her time and she was very popular. You can avoid the more risque ones if you have to."

Three hours later we sat in the main room by ourselves. Elrin had left for a school trip and everyone else had taken a trip to the grocery store. I did not mind them being gone but since they had left Shishido and I stopped working. Instead we were currently watching the end of Return of the Jedi. Luke had just unmasked his father. I glanced from the tv to Shishido. He leaned towards the tv in anticiaption for the ending. While he continued to watch the movie I watched him. We had been half a foot from eachother the entire moving and whenever I shifted we bumped body parts. Neither of us moved away even though we constantly bumped into eachother. I liked it.

The music played loudly from the screen and I jumped slightly. Shishido glanced over so I averted my eyes to the screen.

"Bark! Bark!"

I found myself collapsed on the floor for the third time in two days. I turned my head and winced before opening my eyes,"Third time Shishido, I told y-"

Above me Shishido caught himself on the table and ground next to my waist. This seemed like deja vu from when Salmon caused a run in between us. Except this time I had been thinking about this, about our friendship and how we bumped together. This time it was different.

"Bark! Bark!"

A weight smashed into me, leaving me winded. Kyou licked my face wildly as I was unable to stop him with Shishido blocking my arms. The dog eventually stopped and sat on his owners back. Absorbing everything that had happened I realized what sort of position I was in now. My face heated up wildly,"Shishi-baka, g-get off!"

"Get Kyou off than! I can't maneuver from under the table with him on me!"

"Don't make up excuses!"

His face came into my vision on my left side,"It is not an excuse!"

The gate outside screeched open and Kyou decided to leap over to greet the person who would soon enter through the door. I lifted my palms into Shishido's torso to move him,"Get up, get up."

He quickly got off of me and I jumped up. Before I really gained back my balance a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs. When we stopped I clenches my teeth,"Ah, that hurt."

Shishido looked at me confusedly. I guess he ran up here because his father would not want his son to be ignoring his school work for a movie but thanks to his quick actions my shoulder had popped loudly. "Your shoulder. . . Is there anything wrong with it?"

By his tone I could tell he probably knew something had to be wrong with my shoulder from my gripping it during school and the time he saw my shoulder without my jacket on. I refused to tell him anything though and shook my head,"It's just bruised from that fall I took yesterday."

If he did not believe me he did not make any actions that said so. Than again he had been difficult to read sometimes. I collapsed onto his bed and took up all of the room,"We might as well actually work on that project."

Shoving my legs away Shishido sat himself down,"Or we could put it off."

I pushed myself up onto my elbows,"So we procrastinate? I like the idea of that."

The following Tuesday Shishido and I accompanied Gakuto and Oshitari to the beach. I had tried to invite Kishi but she had been very quick to state she had plans. I gladly wore my favorite blue bikini top but I wore khaki shorts over my bottoms, I really did not like showing off that much leg. . . Especially if I have to be around leg fetish man. Shishido on the other hand had his sunglasses and red swim trunks. They were not the most flattering bottoms but not a lot of his clothing differed in color.

We walked until Oshitari picked us up halfway. The air conditioning dried most of the sweat that had begun to appear on my body from the trek. Gakuto met us at the beach with an area already set up. I layed out my towel but did not have a moment to lay on it because Gakuto sucked me into a one on one game of volleyball. The sport, while I was not the best at it, was enjoyable. I easily kicked Gakuto into next week before I spotted a familiar face. Tossing the volleyball back into the sand I ran towards him,"Yuuta!"

Gripping his arm I dragged him over to our spot on the beach. I noticed Shishido give him a once over, as if he knew him. He looked a bit unhappy about seeing him.

"Oshitari, Ryuuka's cheating."

The blue haired partner stood up and joined his friend,"I'll play than, it should be fun." With those words he took off his shirt in a dramatic fashion. I frowned at him.

Shishido looked up from the sand,"I'll keep score."

I smirked at him,"Works for me."

Yuuta finally said what he had been trying to say since I dragged him over here,"I'm here with a friend."

I laughed,"Well they can get you back when I'm done with you. Now, Gakuto, you're goin' down!"

He stuck his tongue out at me childishly. Yuuta served the ball and proved to be a good volleyball player. Oshitari bumped the ball to Gakuto who hit it over the net. Running up Yuuta smacked it up, allowing me to smash it down on their side. Sand flew into the air and I grabbed Yuuta's wrist, jumping in a circle happily,"We won, we won, Gakuto's a loser, Gakuto's a loser."

The loser complained loudly so I replied by sticking my tongue out at him like he had to me. He ceased complaining. Looking back around I locked eyes with Shishido, who continued to sit in the sand. I let go of Yuuta's wrists and yanked my friend up off the ground,"Stop being such a twig in the sand."

He smiled and shoved me away. I took this as a challenge. "Don't start with me Shishido!"

Tackling him into the sand took no effort and I managed to pin him multiple times before a bucket of cold water stopped me. The water dripped into my eyes. The culprit laughed,"I had to get your attention, Mizuki finally found me."

"Well tell Mizuki that he needs to be more observant. I'll see you around than Yuuta!" He walked off to a boy with shiny black hair, I think I had met him before at the tennis courts. Maybe anyways.

A tackle from behind distracted me,"Waugh! Shishido!"

Cheap shot tennis-freak.

Okay, there will be more of this beach stuff in the next chapter or two, not sure about what yet. I had wanted to do a beach theme but this did not pan out the way I had hoped. I apologize for all the waiting. I will do my best now to not have such long "breaks."

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