Chapter 1

She sighed as she took a seat at the bar and placed her head down. It had been another long and grueling mission, and as usual, it was also another charity case. Her rent was due soon, but she tried to let that not bother her. At least it wasn't a total loss; she did manage to help save a town from a harmful monster, but at the price of her own body.

So, in order to ease her aching body, Lucy decided to treat herself to a drink. The oh-so lovable Mirajane spotted Lucy's tired expression at the other end of the bar and decided to lift her spirits, since that is what she did best. Her beautiful silvery hair wisped in her face as the doors to the newly built guild flew open. She let her smile rest upon Lucy as she tried to turn her head to face the picture-perfect mage.

"So what shall it be today, Lucy-chan, a drink or advice?" Mira started to pull out a mug from behind the bar before Lucy could answer.

"Thanks, Mira-san, but I won't be needing any advice. All I want is a chilling drink and then I'm heading home to soak in the tub. Save me something good for tomorrow, I might need it." Lucy guzzled down the refreshing beverage before anything or anyone could disturb her more.

But, as always, her "peace" didn't last. Natsu stormed into the bar with his usual sure-fire attitude, causing Lucy's headache to sky rocket. He had a heated expression of determination upon his face as he stomped over to where Gray was drinking with Erza as Happy flew over to the bar where Lucy was trying to drown their bickering in alcohol.

"Keep them coming until I'm deaf in both ears." Lucy groaned.

"Beat that, Snowman!" Natsu shouted as he slapped something down on the table, almost causing Gray to fall back on the chair he was leaning back in.

"Huh?" Gray took interest in the photograph that Natsu was triumphantly grinning at. "And what exactly do I have to beat, Hot-head?" He asked as his eyes still focused on the monster in the picture.

"Twenty feet. That monster was twenty feet tall and its claws were as long as me. I dare you to try and beat that."

"This is only a picture. Can I really believe that this monster was twenty feet tall?" He folded his arms across his chest as he leaned back further into his chair with a smirk spreading across his smooth features.

"Of course it was that tall! Just ask Lucy! She was on the same mission, right Lucy?" Natsu turned around to look at Lucy who was trying to ignore the other table.

"Yeah, yeah, just leave me out of this one time." She agreed, hoping that it wouldn't cause an escapade.

"Oh, yeah? Well, anyone can take down a twenty foot monster, but," Gray looked around the bar to challenge his rival to something, "I bet that you can't drink as much as me!"

"Oh, so is it a drinking contest? Count me in!" Natsu rushed over to the bar.

"A drinking contest? Hey, I'm in." Kana started to make her way over to the bar with a large barrel of alcohol already under her arm.

"Sorry, Kana but if you join then it wouldn't be a contest. It's just between me and the Hot-head." Gray pointed over to Natsu who was setting up the shots by Lucy, for an odd reason.

"So, you're afraid of losing to me?" She provoked, hoping that Natsu overheard so that she could join.

"I don't lose to anyone! If you think that you can beat me Kana, then you're in! Get your asses over here if you're ready!" Natsu called to the two.

"Uh, that's it. I'm heading home." Lucy left her money on the table as she grasped her side and limped out of the guild's bar.

"Lucy?" Erza called from her seat.

Seeing as it was Erza who took notice in her leaving, she decided to oblige and walk over to where her friend was sitting. It wasn't rare that she would talk to her but Lucy thought that she heard something coat her voice, worry? Who knows, so she walked over and took a seat, trying to block out the cheers coming from the other drunks who were watching the contest.

"Yeah?" Lucy winced as she shifted to a more "comfortable" position.

"What happened to you?"

"Well, I was kinda in the wrong place at the wrong time as Natsu took down that monster. But thanks to Happy, I was only slightly crushed by the creature's arm." She sighed, wincing as it hurt down her spine.

"So, what you're telling me is that Natsu hurt you?" Erza raised her eyebrow and glared over at the young dragon slayer.

"Well, he defeated the monster, but if you see it from my point of view, yeah. I guess he did cause the monster to tumble and fall on me -"


All eyes focused on the S-ranked mage and Lucy, who was wishing she had just kept walking, as Erza made her way over to the drinking contest which had suddenly dispersed. Kana was now a few tables away from the bar and Gray was trying to crawl his way from where the war zone was going to happen. Natsu looked up at the woman who now had an equal amount of fire in her eyes as he continued on with the contest, saying he was now in the lead.

I think I should get out of hereā€¦ Lucy made her way out of the bar as the commotion starting, giving her the perfect cover.

Gray, however, noticed Lucy's leave and decided that anywhere was better than being here, so he made his way after her. She looked like she was limping anyway, so he couldn't let her walk the streets this late in her condition. He easily caught up with her and took her pace so that she wouldn't have to keep up.

"So, what happened?" He asked with his hands in his pockets while his eyes kept watch on the night sky above them.

"Oh, the usual. We just finished a mission, so you know." She tried to shrug, but the gesture was a little too painful.

"That's why Erza's flipping shit, right?" He smirked as he imagined what kind of things Erza was doing to Natsu right now.

"Yeah, I told her what happened. Uh," she fell to her knees as she felt the need to take a rest. Her ankle was too busted up to continue.

"Here," Gray crouched down and slid his arms underneath Lucy's slight figure. She was light, like he expected, and now that she was in his arms, it would be easier to take her back home.

"Thank you, Gray." She smiled up at him, but her eyes were getting the best of her as her vision blurred and eventually slipped from her grasp.

He simply sighed as they approached her door. Like usual, he entered her apartment easily without the need for a key. He shifted Lucy's weight as he placed her down on her couch where she could rest peacefully. And he took one last glimpse of her as she drifted off into a sleep, hoping that the pain would wear off in the morning. He turned back to the door and left to leave her alone.

Something shuffled around in the darkness, and that's what woke her up. Her eyes fluttered open and lazily looked to the window to see if it was still night out or not. The moon hung its head sleepily out her window along with the stars that glowed like little fireflies in the night sky. She sighed and tried to roll onto her side to see what caused her to wake, but in the darkness, she couldn't find anything.

Wincing from the stab in her side and the aching in her ankle and head, she decided to address her wounds and then make a dash for the sheets. So, she hobbled to her desk drawer where she held her first aid kit and started to rummage through it. She was running low on bandages and antiseptic, but there was enough here to treat her for now. Her fingers fumbled as she tried to unravel the white bandages and they ended up falling out of her hands, unraveling all over her floor.

Lucy sighed as she tried to bend down and reach for the slippery fabric, but a new pain erupted in her lower back. Thinking that it just added another injury to her list, she ignored it as she tried to get the bandages back, but she fell out of her seat, landing on her busted ankle and making it worse. She screamed out in pain, but forced her voice to be quiet so that she wouldn't wake the neighbors, and surprisingly, the little roll of bandages started to float into midair as they were picked up by someone.

Seeing as it was still dark within her apartment, she couldn't tell who had entered, which could be anyone from the guild considering the past "break-ins". But, this wasn't a burglar; instead, it was someone who would be her first suspect in a break-in. Natsu turned on the desk lamp for her and cocked his head to the side as he looked down at Lucy who was lying on the floor.

"What are you doing here, Natsu?" She asked as she tried to get herself back up on her desk chair.

"Well, you didn't stay for the contest so I thought I should check on you. Are you okay?" He asked as he noticed her struggling to get back up.

"Does it look like I'm okay?" She winced as her weight returned to her ankle so that she could get up onto the chair. "Could you give me that?" Lucy pointed to the white bandages in his hand.

He handed the bandages to her and took a seat on the floor by her side, crossing his legs as his eyes didn't leave her wounds. She wrapped up her ankle first, good and tight, before rummaging through the kit for antiseptic and band-aids. Lucy sucked in quick breaths of air as the alcohol burned her cuts and once the minor injuries were taken care of, she gathered all of her strength and stood on her ankle. Guiding her hand along the wall, she used it as support while she made her way to her bathroom without the use of Natsu's offered help.

She managed to hobble over to her bathroom sink and even though she knew Natsu was standing in the doorway watching her, she didn't care as she lifted her shirt above her head. Taking a good look in the mirror, Lucy could see the damage that she had suffered on the last mission, although she's been through worse. Still, seeing her battered and bruised body did send chills down her spine as her fingers pressed down on her bruises, checking the extent of the damage.

"How did that happen?" Natsu's voice broke the silence and caused Lucy to turn around and face him. His arms were crossed over his chest while his hands were clenched into fists. His face was blank, though, as he continued to eye Lucy's back.

"I overdid myself on the last mission, is all. It's nothing to be worried about." She smiled at him, hoping that it wouldn't make him worry too much, but his eyes moved to hers.

"I wanna help," he started to make his way over to his blond partner.

"Oh, no, it's fine really."

"Don't be stupid. You're gonna need help reaching that one on your back anyway." He grabbed the bandages from her hand and ran his opposite fingers down her back, checking how deep the cut was.

"Thank you, Natsu, but do you even know how to dress a wound?" She asked, remembering all of his past injuries.

"Sure, I do!" He grinned his goofy smile at her as he scooped her up in his arms, making sure not to touch her back and trying not to cause pain on her ankle. This caused her to drop her shirt on the bathroom floor, leaving her black laced bra the only material to cover her upper body. "Here, now sit oppositely." Natsu placed Lucy back on her desk chair, and she turned around so that her chin rested on the back of the chair and her wounded back was facing him.

She felt his heated fingers as they slid down her lower back, causing ripples to flow down her back. She never realized how soothing his touch was before as he lined his fingers against the opening of her wound. They heated the injury while he paid no attention anything else around him, not noticing that Lucy shivered every time he ran his fingers up and down her spine. But, she was happy that he didn't see her face since there was a dark shade of crimson lining her cheeks.

"Well, it's not that deep." Instead of taking the antiseptic back out of the kit, he grabbed some sort of cream and started to smooth it all over the open wound. It didn't burn as much as the alcohol did, but that didn't mean she was taking it lightly. The cream stung and that caused her to moan a bit under her breath, trying to hide it with an intake of fresh air. "Could you sit up straight and hold your arms up?"

She did as she was asked and started to feel a tug as Natsu began to wrap the white bandages all around her midsection. It tickled more than it hurt so she had to refrain from laughing but as Natsu wove the fabric around her, he could hear a small giggle vibrating in her throat, making him want to smile. When it was all done, she turned around to face him while he took a seat on the floor with a large smile spread across his features.

This suits him much better than that blank look of his. She returned his smile with one of her own. "Thank you, Natsu."

"Sure, sure, but could you tell me something?" His face changed from his smile to a more serious expression.


"Tell me the truth, please. I did this to, didn't I?" His face didn't change but his eyes showed sorrow and disappointment as his shoulders slightly went limp.

"No, you didn't. That monster did, but I'm fine, okay?"

"Why didn't you tell me that you got hurt? I could've helped you."

"Because I wanted to get home as soon as possible and soak in the tub, but I fell asleep and so I probably won't be able to do that." She sighed, "Thank you again."

Natsu got to his feet and smiled down on her. He held out his hand for her to take and when she took it, he helped her up with his strength and didn't allow any weight to fall upon her ankle. His one arm securely wrapped itself around her waist as he allowed her to lean on him while he helped her to her bedroom. She felt safe with him this close by her and so she held onto him with all of her strength as they both made their way to her bedroom. Feeling a bit relieved that it was dark in the room since a massive amount of heat flooded her cheeks, causing them to flare a bright red.

He sat her down on her bed and he could see the effects of the late night falling upon her as her eyelids drooped and her body could barely sit up. Natsu grabbed her shoulders and lightly pushed her back in the bed as she instinctively grabbed for the sheets and threw them over her body while rolling onto her side so that her back would heal without too much pain. He turned to head out of her room, but she muttered something in her sleep that made him remain rooted where he stood. Letting a smile play at his face, he stood there and turned back to face Lucy who had rolled on her opposite side, facing the doorway.

Even though her eyes were closed, there was a smile playing at her lips as she sighed in her sleep. Natsu walked out of the room and back to the living room where he, too, felt the extent of Erza's punishment. He wasn't aware that he put her through so much until Erza pounded it in him, but now, he promised himself that he wouldn't let anything harm Lucy again as long as they were nakama. Crashing on her couch, he felt his eyes to lull back into his head as he wanted to rest for a bit.

The sun's light leaked through her window, causing her to roll onto her back and yelp out in pain as she remembered that her back was injured. Lucy stretched her arms up above her head to relieve her stiff muscles and decided to change. She was still wearing her black bra and denim shorts from yesterday and remembered what happened last night. Before going to her dresser, she decided to see if Natsu was still here, knowing that he might've been tired and passed out on her couch. But when she peeked her head around the corner, there was no one on the couch but an imprint from a person.

"I guess he left," she slightly shrugged and hobbled back to her room to change into something more comfortable and then made her way to her nightstand where she knew she placed her keys. Today, she was going to the bar and was going to take it easy by not taking a job. She still had a few weeks before the rent was due anyway so she decided to take a day or two to rest up before taking anymore job offers.

"Ugh, maybe I should've stayed at home." Lucy groaned as another fight between Natsu and Gray broke out. Erza sat next to Lucy but she was trying to ignore the boy's fighting since it never made her "friendly".

"How're you feeling?" She asked to distract herself from breaking them up.

"Still a bit bruised, but a lot better than yesterday. What exactly did you do to Natsu anyway? He seemed a bit different when he stopped by last night." Lucy mentioned something that had bothered her.

"I only punished him for getting you injured. A partner's job is to look out for their other partner and since he did more harm than help, he deserved his ass to be kicked. It was as simple as that." She crossed her arms over her chest and nodded her head in agreement as she saw nothing wrong with her actions.

"Man, that's scary," she muttered under her breath and watched as Natsu came hurdling past the women. He crashed into a table full of other drunks and got up with a few scratches on him, but his eyes were full of determination before they locked onto Lucy's. When their eyes met, he came rushing over and glared at Erza, which he only did if he was going to challenge her.

But he simply told her, "You better not be making Lucy upset." He glared at her as she stared back with a confused expression. Gray caught him by surprise as he let his guard down and that caused him to continue with the fight.

"What was that about?" Lucy gaped.

"I don't know, but like hell I would ever make you upset. He has some nerve," Erza prepared herself to get up out of her seat, but Lucy pulled her right back down.

"It's fine; let's drop it." She sighed and Erza complied by sitting back down, but her eyes never left the fight now.

"So, what happened after I sent him after you?" She asked nonchalantly as Lucy's eyes bugged out of her head.

"You sent him? Why?"

"To make sure you were okay, of course. It was his fault so he had to go, otherwise I would've come with you."

Lucy sighed, "He helped me patch up a scratch on my back. It was nothing big but I couldn't reach it, so he helped. And then he asked if he was the one who hurt me, but of course it wasn't him. It was really stupid, in fact." She blushed slightly as she remembered the warmth that his created when they were scanning her back. "But, if it wasn't for Gray, I don't think I would've made it to my apartment."

"Gray? I didn't see him leave."

"Yeah, he carried me back to my apartment when I couldn't walk anymore."

"I see," Erza mumbled to herself as she got lost in her thoughts. "I don't think you should be hanging around with those boys anymore with no supervision when you're injured like that."

"Why's that? They would never do anything wrong with me."

"I don't know. If they ever did have that drinking contest, I would stay away from them if I were you. But, they know better than to hurt you." She took a swig from her mug.

"So, stay away from alcohol, got it." Lucy smiled and watched as Natsu involved more of the bar members with his brawl.

"Gray, you bastard, get back here!" Natsu cried as he recovered from yet another toss to a table of guild members.

"I'm not running, you flame-headed-pussy!" Gray encouraged and removed yet another article of clothing; thank god he still had his boxers.

Natsu lept into the air and Gray was about to strike him down when he felt the presence of an extreme cold. Getting him off guard, Natsu cheered as he pummeled down on the ice mage and kept him to the floor. But, Gray's attention lay elsewhere as something stirred outside and it was a lot more interesting than staying with the fire-breather. So, in a trance-like state, he managed to push Natsu off of his body and slowly made his way to the door.

"I thought you said you weren't running!" Natsu ran up behind his rival and jumped onto his back as he tried to pull him back with all his might, but Gray simply grunted and continued on walking toward the door.

"Gray? Is something wrong?" Lucy asked she saw the fire mage latched onto his back without him taking retaliation.

"Uh," he simply grunted and continued on at a slow trance-like pace.

"Gray, stop!" Erza commanded, but even that had no effect.

As Erza's command rang about the guild, all of the fighting stop to see what would happen. No one had disobeyed Erza's command and no one would've thought that it would be Gray to be the first. He and Natsu were the two least likely to ever disobey an Erza order, but he kept on shuffling his feet forward with Natsu tugging on his back, unfazed.

Lucy got up from her spot and followed the ice mage as he pushed open the guild doors and because of her curiosity and raging anger, Erza tagged along as well. But everyone stopped when the ice mage stopped and they all followed his gaze as his jaw dropped, eyes returning from his trance.

"W-Who're you?" He asked as snowflakes fell from the sky. Even though it was a winter month, he would've known about the oncoming snow, but this struck surprise in his system. And finally taking notice to Natsu's incessant gnawing, he flung him over his shoulder causing him to crash in the snow.

A young woman stood before the guild as she looked up to the sky which had darkened in the matter of minutes and created the now falling snow. She ignored Gray's question for a while before looking him in the eyes, causing a chill to run down his spine. Her eyes shared two different colors, one a light icy blue and the other a cold dark charcoal. The color of her hair was also a strange sight, seeing as it was as white as the falling snow, and it flowed over her shoulders until it brushed the small of her back. But, her rosy lips parted and she mouthed something before smiling at the guild and walking over to where Gray had flung Natsu. Her slim body was covered in summer clothes like a black leather skirt and a matching black and purple corset, which didn't provide much covering for her chest since it was about to pop the lace holding the clothing together.

She walked, no, glided over as the snow seemed to be carried by her essence and she bent over the stilled Natsu. She gave him a smile before turning her attention on the ice mage who had grown a bit curious and a bit fearful of the young woman.

"Is this Fairy Tail?" She asked in a sing-song like voice that seemed to echo all throughout Gray's brain.

He clenched his fists, but nodded in confirmation.

The young woman jumped up and clapped her hands as a large and dangerous smile appeared on her frosty features. "Great! So, I've made it!" She cheered for herself, causing Gray to cock his head to the side as did everyone else.

Natsu couldn't believe that Gray had flung him so easily, so he leapt back onto his feet and turned to face the others. A woman with long white hair had her back turned on him, but she seemed to be causing the guild some confusion, from the look upon their faces. But, she had smelled him and turned half of her body to face Natsu. One look upon her icy blue eye gave him chills as his face fell to shock.

"L-L-Lisanna?" His jaw dropped to the snow as tears began to well up in the corners of his eyes.

"Lisanna?" Lucy cocked her head to the side at the sound of the familiar name, but it wasn't possible. The story that she heard of Lisanna was that of her death.

"Natsu Dragonil," the woman smiled.

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