Warning: Harry's a BIT OOC

How to Annoy Voldemort Part III

Three hours later, the door to the lair opened with Snape leading the way and being followed by Arthur Weasley, Kingsley Shaklebolt, Remus Lupin, and Harry Potter.

"You're damned lucky I saw that memory of Dumbledore asking you to kill him." Harry told his professor as they walked in.

Everyone froze at the newly decorated lair.

"What the bloody hell happened here?" Kingsley asked.

"No clue." Snape said. He hadn't been in Headquarters since the kids were taken prisoner.

Harry walked into the kitchen and saw the cookies.

"Lightning bolt shaped cookies?" Harry asked "Something tells me Hermione was in here."

"Over here!" Remus called

"he spelt acromantula wrong." Arthur said.

"Not that!" Remus said pointing to the puppets.

Harry picked up the Harry and Ginny puppets and Remus picked up the Star Wars puppets.

"I think Hermione might have had a bit of fun. I wonder if she was the one who painted the masks." Remus mused as he thought of the death eaters he fought with the Harry mask and the pink one with blue words on the forehead and chin that spelled 'I'm pretty'

"If she did, she's probably dead by now." Snape said.

That caused Harry to make a break for the stairs. He started opening the doors to locate his friend. He stopped at Voldemort's room and felt a sense of dread as he viewed the pink room.

Remus caught up with the boy as he fell to his knees.

"Voldemort wouldn't have had the strength to hold back killing her for this." Harry whispered on the brink of tears. "I never should have let them take Hermione."

"Well…I found something that might interest you." Remus said handing Harry the love note.

However, as Harry recognized Ron's handwriting, that only made him burst into tears at the thought of the loss of his two best friends who had been with him through thick and thin. The friends he had killed Voldemort for in order to save them only to find that he were too late.


While the Death Eaters were working on getting some Dementors, a heard of patroni came charging out and repelled the dementors followed by D.A. and Order members led by Harry.

"This ends NOW!" Harry yelled at Voldemort.

Voldemort hesitated a bit before smirking.

"You're too late Potter." Voldemort said. "The Blood-traitor and the Mudblood are dead"

"LIAR!" Harry yelled knowing he was talking about Ron and Hermione. Truthfully, Harry had no clue wear Ron was and he couldn't prove Voldemort was lying about Hermione.

"Avada Kedavra!"


There was a flash of bright light and when it died, Voldemort was dead and his wand was in Harry's hand.

"Did I forget to mention that the Elder Wand is truly mine?" Harry asked Voldemort's body.

End Flashback

"Whoa!" Kingsley and Arthur exclaimed when they saw Voldemort's room. Arthur then saw the two sets of pajamas.

"Okay…weird" Arthur said as he lifted up the Carebear pajamas. "not what I'd except from You-Know-Who."

"I think this was Ron and Hermione's doing." Remus said as he held the distraught Harry.

Harry then pulled away and ran out of the room into the room that held his friends. He froze when he saw Ron and Hermione on the bed asleep.

"No." Harry whispered thinking they were something else. He then ran to the side of the bed and shook Ron. "RON! PLEASE! Wake up! HERMIONE!"

However, Ron didn't wake because he and Hermione worked hard painting the lair. And they got some red paint on them which didn't help Harry's nerves.

"I'm so sorry I was too late." Harry whispered to his friends a he knelt by the bed and cried. He was interrupted by a snore that came from Ron.

"Ron? Hermione?" Harry asked upon seeing his friends' chests go up and down.

Ron snored again and Harry got an indignant look on his face. He had spent the week worried SICK over his friends and had been truly convinced for thirty minutes that they were dead.

"Ron. There's a spider on your head." Harry told his friend.

"AGGHH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" Ron screamed as he messed up his hair thus waking up Hermione.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"There's a spider on my head." Ron said.

Harry then whacked his friend upside the head.

"There. Got it." Harry told his friend even though the bop was more for making him think they were dead though he was smiling through his tears

The two prisoners turned.

"HARRY!" they exclaimed.

"I'm so glad you're alive!" Harry said as he pulled his two best friends into a group hug. "I KNEW deep down that Voldemort was lying when he said you were dead, but when I saw what you did…"

"You saw Voldie-poo?" Ron asked.

"Yeah. I…Voldie-poo?" Harry started before catching what Ron said.

"Hermione's idea." Ron said.

"Wait a minute." Harry realized something. "What are YOU doing here, Ron?"

"I got captured while looking for you two to apologize." Ron explained. "You know… we should PROBABLY leave before Tommy-boy gets back."

"He won't." Harry said. "When he told me that you two were dead, I lost my temper and killed him."

"But the cup…." Hermione argued.

"After you were captured and threatened to remove…hehem." Harry explained. "I went to go get help. I went into my family vault and unlocked some powers. While at Gringotts, I destroyed the cup. Then I went to Hogwarts and dug through Dumbledore's stuff where I found a memory of him ASKING Snape to kill him because a horcrux had poisoned him. I got from Snape the truth of his loyalty and found out that Voldemort had plans to have the final battle next week and was using the time between to get some more allies. So, I had the D.A. and a chunk of the Order ambush him. I told him that this ends now and then he told me that he had killed you two. I decided to avenge first and then let the shock in. Turned out, he had the Elder Wand when it really belongs to me because Malfoy disarmed Dumbledore and I…well…lets' just say I was using Malfoy's wand as a replacement."

"Hey! You got your Holly wand fixed!" Hermione noticed.

"Yeah. The Elder wand fixed it."

"So…it's not just a legend?" Ron asked.

"No. In fact, my cloak is the cloak from the story." Harry said. "but truthfully, all I could think about was you two. Wondering where Ron was and what had become of you and then if Hermione was still alive."

"We're fine" Hermione said. "Voldemort gave orders to not harm us until you were within range of sight."

"And I saw that you used it to your advantage." Harry mused. "I thought Remus had been channeling the spirits of Dad and Sirius when I saw the masks."

"Nope. That was us." Ron said proudly. "Did you see the one that looked like you?"

"I can't believe you did that." Harry said. "And what's with the puppets out there?"

"If you'd like, we can put the show on for you and the Order." Hermione offered.

"Some of the dumber death eaters actually enjoyed it." Ron said with a smile and a laugh.

"C'mon. Let's get out of this dump." Harry said walking in between his two best friends with his arms around their shoulders.

The reunited trio walked out of the room.


"Dad?" Ron asked.

"Ron?" Arthur asked seeing the red stains on his son's cloak. "What happened?"

"Huh?" Ron asked before looking down at his tainted cloak. "Oh! Some of the paint got on."

Arthur hugged his youngest son.

"We were so worried." Arthur said. "When your mother realized that it was the ghoul in your room… and then Harry coming by telling us that Hermione was captured after you guys got into an argument…"

"I almost forgot about that." Harry admitted.

"It's all in the past." Hermione said. "Besides, it was just a misunderstanding."

"Let's get Remus and Kingsley and go home." Arthur said.

"That sounds good." Ron said.


A few hours later,

"The End." Ron and Hermione said after re-performing the puppet show.

"And they didn't KILL you for that?" Harry asked his friends as Ginny and the other Weasley boys were rolling on the floor laughing. Arthur, Tonks, and Remus were also laughing, but not as hard as the younger Weasleys. Molly seemed as horrified as Harry.

"No." Ron said. "Some even gave us an applause. Though Voldie-poo DID count down the days to when he planned to kill us."

"Guys…I never thought I'd say this, but I think you two have been around Sirius too much." Harry told them.

"Make that Sirius AND Harry's father who is inside of Harry" Remus added.

"What makes you say that?" Hermione asked innocently as a timer went off.

A few seconds later, she came out with a fresh batch of her Lightning cookies.

"Call it a hunch." Remus said eyeing the cookies

"I'm… Harry said a little hesitantly as he was offered a cookie. "I'm not hungry. I had a hard week and I'm going to bed."

He left the group.

"I'll talk to him." Ginny said.


Ginny found her ex-boyfriend sitting on his bed looking upset.

"Feeling a bit jealous and left out?" she asked.

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked her.

"Ron and Hermione had fun while you worked your arse off trying to save them." She said.

"I guess that's a bit of what's wrong." Harry admitted. "But what's really wrong is they knew they were pushing Voldemort's buttons. It's like… they knew they would be killed and decided to go out with a bang."

"What's wrong with that?"

"It's like they had no faith in me being able to save them!" Harry told her.

"Harry." Ginny said sitting down next to him. "Maybe they knew you were going to save them, so they decided to make Voldemort wish that he never took them. But Harry. You can't be expected to go rescue EVERYONE. You're only human. And if ANYBODY knows that, it's Ron and Hermione. Besides, you can't expect that you're the ONLY one who can taunt Tom."

"I guess you're right." Harry said with a sigh.

"I'm a redheaded woman. I AM right." She said. "So… now that Voldemort's gone… wanna pick back up?"

"What do you mean?" Harry asked hoping she meant what he thought she meant.

"To quote my character played by my brother… 'be mine, Harry'"

The two kissed as Ron and Hermione peeked in to check up on their friend. They closed the door and smiled

All was well.

The End.