Chapter 5: Bad Boss

They stood up, alive and covered in foreign blood, triumphant yet far from proud of the feat accomplished. Their bloodstained faces were reflected in the pool of crimson liquid while they made their way over the numerous nameless corpses, closing the distance between them. The blond sought the raven's cold gaze, thanking whatever deity would come to his mind for preserving his lover's life for yet another day.

It's been two months already; two months since he had made his choice, since he decided it was time for him to be a bit selfish. It was a good thing he chose to declare his decision from a safe distance and with Kyouya by his side; had he gone home first, he would've never made it out of the manor, at least not alive; for even though the famiglia needed him, the elders wouldn't think twice about having him assassinated if he disobeyed their wishes under any and all circumstances.

He had known what to expect, really; and yet, he was still shocked when the first hired assassins arrived to silently dispatch of him in one of the famiglia's winter resorts that the pair picked as their fortress. They weren't of the Cavallone, that much was evident – yet it was painstakingly obvious that none other than the Cavallone elders were the one to have hired them.

After two more attempts on the don's life that were easily deflected, the elders declared Dino Cavallone a traitor and an enemy of the Cavallone famiglia, ordering their troops and everyone affiliated to unleash their attacks on him; and Dino was forced to stand by and watch as the famiglia he cherished so much begun falling apart right before his eyes. Naturally, roughly three thousand of their members had never even seen him – and those did not think twice about following the orders issued. Yet, anyone that had ever seen the Decimo's smile, experienced his kindness and witnessed the effort he put into rebuilding the famiglia found it hard to do so; roughly two thousand men deserted their posts, refusing to attack their boss even if it was against the orders of the elders, and stood back from the dispute. The affiliated families did not dare to get involved either, for they knew not only how forgiving the Decimo's kindness is, but as well how relentless his wrath can be. Approximately two hundred of Dino's most loyal men lead by Romario, however, stood their ground against the elders, doing their best trying to convince them against attacking as well as cautiously sabotaging their operations, supporting their boss loyally as much as they could without risking their necks too openly.

To say that Dino was devastated would have been an understatement; yet he knew these were the consequences of the decision he had made, and since he wasn't about to go back on his word, he just had to face the situation as it was. There's nothing that could've hurt him more than having to kill those that once proudly fought for him, those that were once willing to risk their lives for his sake –

nothing, except losing Kyouya.

And that was why he was willing to shed the blood of those who had trusted him, respected him, looked up to him; that was why he was now standing in a pool of blood amongst the corpses of the members of his famiglia, slaughtered by his own hand.

'Am I a bad boss?'

He chuckled bitterly, amazed by the sheer level of his own naivety.

'Does a proper boss kill his own family members?' he asked himself, not wanting to hear the answer echoing through his head.

His gaze flickered over the motionless corpses strewn across the floor like exotic rugs, splattered with exquisite crimson. His nostrils flared as the heavy scent of drying blood splashed over his senses, and anywhere he looked, he could only see red... red, red, red everywhere...

Crimson splashing about, a red ocean devouring the world, time frozen in a garnet –

He started laughing; loudly, bitterly, uncontrollably. The spastic convulsions shook his body in a fit of insane laughter, bringing him down to his knees... his voice, with tone light years away from the melodic jingle it normally held, echoed over the hall ominously, holding a closer resemblance to shrieks of a dying beast than any humanoid voice.

He had killed his own famiglia, and was now wondering whether he was a bad boss? How much closer to the ridiculous excuse for a boss Squalo once dubbed him can he possibly get?

He lied there and laughed, chuckling and chortling and guffawing among the corpses, writhing in seizures and smearing the blood all over him. It wasn't funny, it was intolerably sad and excruciatingly painful – which was exactly why he could do nothing but laugh unwaveringly.

He lied there and laughed, because he was nothing more than a ridiculous excuse for a boss, having let this happened. He laughed until his sides hurt and he had to clutch his hands around himself, bracing his body in fear of having it fall apart – and then he still laughed, and laughed some more.

He lied there and laughed, until the cold steel of a tonfa came crushing to his head, knocking him back to reality. Then, he stilled, like a bug cornered by a spider – when it already knows it's going to be devoured, and gives up all hope and stops resisting.

He lied there motionless and silent, until a pair of sturdy arms had wrapped themselves around him possessively, and brought him up into a sitting position – only to deliver another hit to his head, this time a fist.

"Stop being a herbivore," said the raven, his steel-hard eyes staring at Dino, and he could swear he could hear his otherwise ice-cold voice shake a little – had he been in a better and, if possible more sane condition, he would've teased him for that.

Thus, the Cavallone Decimo only nodded shortly, seemingly calmed down for now, and brought to reality – after all, Kyouya was his anchor to reality, his reason for doing this and his reason to live.

He might've turned into a bad boss; yet, he had spent his entire life giving his everything for the family, and there was only one thing he ever wished for himself – was it that wrong to decide to have that one thing, no matter what consequences it might bring?

He maybe wasn't the best of bosses, he might've not remained loyal to his famiglia in everything; but at least he had been loyal to himself – because no matter what, he knew that in fact he had chosen Kyouya over his family a long time before he had to make the actual decision.

He dove for the raven's lips hungrily, and the self-proclaimed carnivore hummed in approval as their tongues lapsed into a passionate dance for domination. A danse macabre it was indeed, loving Hibari Kyouya; it was a thought that crossed Dino's mind frequently, as well as an idea that flawlessly corresponded to those who called him suicidal for loving this man – and this moment, a moment of their triumphant kiss amongst the corpses depicted it perfectly.

They didn't stop at the kiss though; like they ever could.

The Cavallone traced the outline of the raven's jaw all the way to his neck, leaving chaste kisses down the pale skin, while the said raven made haste to free them of their clothes, hardly taking time to unbutton their bloodied shirts before casting them both off – not that it mattered anyway, both having been ruined already.

Dino smirked against the delicate skin, once again amused at his lover's unsuppressed eagerness, and bit down on the pale neck, earning a surprised gasp despite the fact that Hibari should have already been used to the blond taking his catchphrase quite literally. He licked over the spot quickly, as if he wanted to soothe the pain, as the male under him urged him to move on by bucking up his hips to grind their groins together.

Amusing as it was, when making love, the Bucking Horse became the one doing the biting, and the one famous for his biting to death would buck enough to put the bearer of the nickname to shame had anyone else witness their activities.

But Dino would not object to speeding up the pace, especially when provided with such hard evidence as his lover's lower half pressed against his provided. His attention immediately diverted to one of Kyouya's nipples, licking around the tip tentatively at first, before taking the erect bud in his mouth and starting to suck on it. His hands were far from idle, however; and while the raven obviously had nothing better to do than to tangle his fingers into the blond locks, he would busy himself with the buckle of the Cloud's belt and the zipper of his pants, ensuring himself just enough room to be able to sneak his hand into the currently rather tight boxers, fondling his lover's erect member and enjoying the exquisite moans he earned with his actions.

After deciding the heated body under him was writhing enough, panting in need, he swiftly and with used moves got rid of Kyouya's pants and underpants in one; the Cavallone Decimo was by this point almost as impatient as his lover, and he roughly shoved a finger into the latter's entrance, muffling the surprised and slightly pained gasp with his lips over the raven's, entangling him in another passionate kiss.

"Nnn...nnh" moaned the raven, adding vibrations to the kiss while their tongues fought for dominance, making the blond topping him groan in approval as he impatiently added another finger, widening the entrance, his fingers scissoring the lithe fighter under him.

Wet sounds emitted from beneath them as Hibari arched, bucked and fell back to the ground repetitively, wet sounds from the blood bathing them as they were about to make love at the scene of carnage, embracing the sight of death and love in one, mixing the heavy musky scent of their bodies with the heavy scent of blood and death that hung over.

"Nnn... Cava...llo... nnn..."

The raven's fingers fumbled with the Cavallone's belt clumsily, all shaky from the feverish desire overflowing him although he'd rather die than admit that. It was only the fact that no one could see him that let him get away with unstained pride as the blond's fingers caught his, helping them steady and execute the mission. He wouldn't wait for Kyouya to reach for his underpants, though; he was too impatient for that, and as much of a relentless fighter the man had always been, they both knew he could only play strong for a limited amount of time.

Everything was hurried, rushed, like there was no tomorrow – the clothes thrown into the pool of slowly drying blood, the last remnants of decency in the form of the constricting fabric discarded rapidly in favour of savouring their passion; everything was as if this could just as well be their last night together, as if there will be no morning after this time – and the ironic part was, that it might just as well won't be any.

Kyouya hardly had time to adjust to the third digit being pushed into him before the fingers moved out of him abruptly, leaving him panting and wanting more; and the Cavallone with his breath no less ragged and strewn with insatiable desire than his yanked up his legs and thrust into him, sheathing his entire length into the younger male's entrance.

"Aaaahhhnnnnn..." would be the closest at least partially articulate approximation to the sound the raven uttered while the blond slammed into him relentlessly.

He would then bathe his lover's torso in apologetic kisses for making him endure the pain, and wait for him to adjust while the raven pretended to be strong, acting like nothing ever hurt and the Cavallone was the only one who needed the slight pause, despite the fact that they both knew better than that. It was their game, the game they played each and every time, and yet hadn't gotten tired of it in all these years.

When Kyouya bucked up against him impatiently, he would know he was ready; not only ready, but rather eager as well, and hesitating at this point would have only earned the Bucking Horse a few bruises.

The male underneath him growled lowly at him to remind him of what he was supposed to be doing, yet the blonde still moved excruciatingly slowly, savouring every moment of his member sliding in and out of Kyouya almost entirely, smearing the blood they had picked off the surroundings over their skin, enjoying the feel of the pale silk under his rough fingers – until he knew he'd hit the limits, and just before the volatile Cloud could reach out and give his eye an intricate shade of purple, he slammed inside him roughly, hitting the sweet spot over the prostate with perfection that only years of mastery could provide, making his lover arch his back into a curve he'd deem impossible had he not witnessed it, and cry out with a loud unsuppressed moan, just the sound and sight of it sending heat spiralling into the pit of the Cavallone's stomach.

Yet this time, Kyouya seemed to have different plans; and while being kindly allowed to take the more active role in their relationship for the most part, Dino did not delude himself into thinking he was the dominant one in this game. He might've been permitted to play the seemingly dominant role, yet the one who dictated had always been the lithe male under him – and this time, his plans differed from the don's.

With a swift manoeuvre, the agile Cloud overturned their positions, now sitting on top of the Decimo still fully sheathed in him, gazing at the latter with a devious expression.

Hibari Kyouya might be kind enough to let the Cavallone keep up an illusion of being the dominant one; but he does not like his pleasure being dictated and measured in tiny doses, teasing him yet never fulfilling.

Dino Cavallone knows exactly what it means when he sees the devious glint reflected in his lovers eyes when he sits upon him with a mischievous smirk on his face; and he can't help but reflect the smirk directed at him, and live up to his nickname of the Bucking Horse as the exotic deity of war that is Hibari Kyouya rides him relentlessly, arching back and forth in pleasure but unwavering in his thrusts.

And Dino Cavallone doesn't know a thing anymore when the same god-like black-haired Adonis throws his head back and cries out his name – or at least that's what he thinks he hears since he can't be too sure with his brain far from functioning properly – as the lithe body writhes over his in one last convulsion, spluttering thick white liquid over his abdomen, squeezing the Bronco's member sheathed deep into him tightly, sending him into infinite bliss-

-when he sees all white and nothing else and then there are fireworks like it is the tanabata festival but it isn't and he doesn't know who he is and where he is and what he is and he only knows it feels goodgoodgood and he thinks he heard his own voice cry out his lover's name and nothing else in the world exists but Kyouya, Kyouya and only Kyouya over him and around him and next to him-

-infinite bliss, that ends all to swiftly as he rides out the wave of his pleasure, and the world comes crashing back again, replacing the swirly tunnels of rainbow colours he used to believe only drug addicts on their high could see. But after all, Dino Cavallone was an addict as well, and even if his addiction wasn't too healthy either, it was his and his only.

Cleaning up would have been pointless; the signs of their lovemaking would remain alongside the sight of the carnage, to be swept away by the cleansing rain once the time to forget all of this comes, and devoured by the erasing flames charring away the nameless corpses their forbidden love left in their wake.

They were way past caring already anyway; the only thing they cared about was that the night was not yet over and the morning might never come, and that they had a shower and a bedroom with a king-sized bed only a flight of stairs away.

They will worry about other things when the morning comes; or if the morning comes, whatever the future may choose for them.

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