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"Ka-mo-me no sui-hei-san, na-ran-da suihei-san,
shiroi boshi, shiroi shatsu, shiroi fuku,
nami ni chappu chappu ukande-ru.

Ka-mo-me no sui-hei-san, ka-ke-a-shi suihei-san,
shiroi boshi, shiroi shatsu, shiroi fuku,
nami o chappu chappu koete iku."

The voice singing this light, airy song was good. Not amazing or soulful, and it wasn't the voice that would charm angels from the heavens either. But, the happiness behind the voice is what gives it it's quality.

Too bad it was miles away from any form of civilisation in the middle of the ocean with nobody to listen to it. Not that it bothered the singer in the slightest, who repeatedly sang those two verses because, as always, she never could remember the last two. Typically, it also happened to be her favourite song.

The girl in question was untangling the many knots from her fishing nets while sitting on the deck of her fishing boat, legs crossed, eyes squinted, and tongue peeking out the corner of her mouth every time she paused for a break between verses.

The boat itself was about three times the size of an average dinghy, tiny if there was a crew, but perfect for one person. From the outside, only the adequately-polished decking and the single cabin jutting up from it's surface could be seen. Inside the cabin, which was devoid of any form of door, one could see an opening in the floor roughly the size of a porthole that the end of a ladder could be seen poking up from eagerly.

A ginger cat with but one yellow eye sat on the boat's prow, letting the world know just how cranky it was with it's grim expression as the sea spray crashed up over the side, dampening it's fur and causing it's whiskers to droop more and more with each wave.

Eventually, it apparently grew too much for the feline who leaped to it's paws, hissing and spitting angrily, and stalked over to the girl untangling the fishing nets with it's crooked tail sticking straight up in the air, swishing with annoyance.

"Of course you're going to get wet if you sit up there, Taiga. Don't start sulking." the girl laughed obnoxiously at the haughty one-eyed cat's expense, who was now sitting next to her and licking every part of his body clean of seawater.

The only response she got was a flick of the tail in irritation. She ruffled his ears playfully before returning to her task at hand, that is until the cat began winding it's way around her legs. It was mewing pathetically, and trying with all it's might to look cute and adorable. It failed to such an extreme that the girl abaondoned her task laughing her head off before standing up and tutting at the sun which seemed to have made it's way halfway across the sky since she had last bothered to look at it.

"Hungry Taiga? I suppose we'd better get some grub, I forgot about lunch too." she no longer felt self-conscious talking to the cat like she had when he had first wandered aboard. Even though she knew he didn't understand a word she said, talking to it kept her sane out here at sea by herself in the middle of the Grand Line.

The girl hopped down the ladder in the cabin to find herself in a semi-decent kitchen with a hammock strung up in the corner of the room accompanied by a single set of drawers for her belongings. The stuff that didn't fit in there could be seen sitting on self-made shelves sticking out from the wall. It was quaint, but it was home.

"Here we go, some tuna that we caught yesterday!" the girl cheered, pulling out a whole silvery fish by the tail and waving it in Taiga's face. He seemed unamused, so she retracted her hand and set to cooking it thoroughly before cutting it into strips for the cat and stuffing it into a loaf of bread for herself and sitting down on a rickety chair next to an equally rugged looking table and ate at a pace that very few could beat.

Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Taiga chewing his food slowly and smiled inwardly. She knew it was childish of her, but some superstitions wore off on you. But the one about how a happy ship's cat being good luck has never let her down, so no point in chancing her arm now.

Just as she was drinking the water she had poured to finish up her meal, a loud thud sounded throughout her boat before most of her stuff fell from the shelves and shattered on the floor. She herself was sent flying backwards from the chair and hit the back of her skull against the wall with a resounding crack.

"WHO THE HELL WAS THAT?" she screeched, clutching the back of her head which was already beginning to show signs of a bump as she tore towards the ladder and practically threw herself out on deck to see what the fuss was about.

What she saw stopped her soon enough.

Thankfully, or regretfully, it wasn't a Sea King as she had expected. Instead, there was possibly the weirdest ship she had yet to see on the Grand Line staring back at her almost apologetically or regretfully. Normally these expressions would be impossible for any sailing vessel, but not so much when at the front of the ship you've got a giant skull embedded into the woodwork.

It was pretty big, but it was the weirdness that got to her before anything else. There were way bigger ships around every corner, but those bigger ships weren't adorned with gothic spikes, skulls and a weird jolly roger that looked like a mix between a pumpkin and a skull.

Suddenly, the urge to sing was lost to her when an almost spindly figure wearing a full-head white and blue striped helmet with a mane of blonde hair poking out the back leered over the front of their ship at her.

"It's alright, Captain. It's only a fishing boat." he drawled over his shoulder, clearly not even caring about the teenage girl glaring up at him furiously from about ten feet below him.

"Then why did we stop? Just plough right through, Killer!" that voice, she decided, ticked her off. It was arrogant and obviously belonged to a bastard who spent, by the looks of his ship and the one crew member she could see, way too much time listening to heavy metal.

"Oi bastard, it's just as easy to pass by you know!" she yelled up at him before cursing quietly and retreating rapidly into the cabin and fiddling around with something the masked man couldn't see.

To his immense surprise, the wooden fishing boat before him reversed and moved to the port-side of their ship quickly. Probably some sort of propulsion method, seeing as there was no mast in sight on the smaller boat.

Killer moved swiftly to the side of the ship and looked over the edge of the ship again at the girl before frowning, not that anyone could see him do so. It was odd to see a single person on a small ship on the Grand Line, especially so far out to sea. Let alone some teenage girl.

He watched as she left the cabin only to glare up at the Kidd Pirates' ship again. Killer chuckled under his breath, she had an odd appearance to match it seems.

Her skin was weather-beaten and bronzed due to constant exposure to the elements, whatever those may be around here. Her height was indeterminable from his vantage point, but she seemed tall enough. Her hair was, of all colours, a deep purple. Her clothes were hardy and practical, consisting only of a red bandanna tied around her neck, a pair of loose denim shorts and a simple white tank top. She looked to be eighteen or nineteen. The most prominent thing about her right now though, was that scowl.

It simmered down to a plain frown after only a few seconds before she called up to him with a single question.

"Oi, what's the name of your crew?"

The masked man seemed taken aback, which made her feel slightly accomplished until she realised he could easily be laughing at her and she wouldn't know the difference.

"Kidd Pirates." he finally answered, seeing no harm in just giving the name.

"Right. I knew your jolly roger was a new one." she turned, seemingly satisfied with simply that before turning around again and allowing the scowl back on her face.

"Taiga, get right back down here! They're not going to feed you!" she scolded, and Killer's body froze, finally sensing another presence near him. He didn't even know she had company on that little boat!

So of course as soon as he sensed movement to his right he turned swiftly, scythes twirling only to stop in disbelief.

Sitting before him was possibly the mangiest, fattest and battle-worn cat he had seen in his life. It's one eye had a pompous look to it, as if laughing that Killer had made even the tinest slip-up. As if it had planned it.

And then, the look was gone and it hopped over the edge and down into it's owner's arms safely.

"Sorry for nearly giving you a heart attack, I know we're on the Grand Line but you can afford to relax a little." the girl was laughing. At him, Killer! She was either stupid, brave, or an extreme mix of both.

'I did not 'nearly have a heart attack'. What is your name?" Killer asked grudgingly, noting his captain's increasing impatience as he began to stalk over to his first mate.

"I'm Kishi. You?" she asked warily, eying the flame-red hair she could see approaching the masked man from behind. The man seemed as if he were about to respond when another cutting voice joined the conversation.

"Killer, I thought I said let's move! Leave the fisherman, and let's get the ship moving again!" he snapped without so much as looking over the edge at the girl below who hid a grin at the captain's behaviour. Definitely new to the Grand Line.

"Hopefully I'll see you again." she called up, the laughter evident in her voice. The captain, presumably this 'Kidd' guy, finally looked over the edge in surprise upon hearing a female voice.

"Oi bitch, what makes you think we'll bother with you?" the man called down and no matter how hard Kishi tried to squint to see what he looked like, it was no use. The sun was currently behind his head which obscured all his features other than that red hair of his so she couldn't tell what he looked like.

"Trust me, it's a compliment Mr. Kidd. Usually when I don't see someone for a while on the Grand Line, it means they're dead!" she chortled, only confirming Killer's beliefs and confusing Kidd somewhat. It wasn't every day someone travelled the Grand Line alone, and by the sounds of it she's been doing this for some time.

Kidd just stomped away without bothering any further with the odd girl alone in the fishing boat with the one eyed cat and ordered to sail immediately now that the 'roadblock' was moved.

Kishi watched as the ship moved slowly out of sight and shook her head. Newbies. The way their ship sailed alone proved the fact that it was their first time here, every second or so the ship's trajectory would change, obviously in accordance with some sort of log pose. She began to whistle as she examined the side of her ship that had been hit for damage, eventually they'd figure out that cutting a simple corner wouldn't do too much harm to where they were going and didn't actually have to follow the thing exactly to get where they were going.

Damn it. True as the blue she sailed on, there was a large dent in the hull.

"Ah, Pinta. Looks like I'll have to dock and get you all fixed up, huh?" Kishi sighed, and rubbed the old fishing boat's side affectionately. Right above where the name Pinta was painted in peeling gold cursive writing.

Taiga jumped up on the ledge beside her, and nuzzled her arm before meowing, demanding something. Of course, he wanted payment for his services.

"I just fed you, ungrateful little bastard." Kishi chuckled, and nudged the cat until he fell off the ledge in a huff and stalked up to the prow of the ship again. Clearly deciding the sea spray was less of an annoyance than the owner of the ship.

Kishi just shook her head with a sigh before mentally plotting the course she should take to the nearest port. Yukiryuu Island.

She had been planning on stopping there for new flea collar for Taiga anyway, so no biggie. Just the aching hole in her back pocket really, and probably the aching pain in her head too. If she remembered right, that was one of the islands Red Hair Shanks liked to hang out.

It had a decent-sized port with a lot of ocean-side shops and bars so she probably wouldn't have to look very far for either a place that sells repair stuff or a flea collar.

Smiling to herself, Kishi retreated into the cabin and began pulling levers and switching gears without so much as looking at a map or a log pose. She knew the Grand Line like the back of her hand, even the open ocean was something she could recognise as different in different areas.

She opened her mouth slowly as the ship began moving forward at a pace so steady no sailing ship could match it, and began just as joyfully as before as the wind pushed her hair back away from her face.

"Ka-mo-me no sui-hei-san, na-ran-da suihei-san,
shiroi boshi, shiroi shatsu, shiroi fuku,
nami ni chappu chappu ukande-ru."

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"What's this island called?" Eustass 'Captain' Kidd asked his first mate, as they hauled anchor up in the port of yet another small island with people nosier than they should be.

"Yukiryuu. I would advise to keeping a low profile while here Captain, Red Hair Shanks is known to stay here frequently for long periods of time." Killer quipped, releasing the chain fully and allowing the anchor to hit the seafloor as he spoke to his captain while the rest of the crew bustled about preparing to dock.

"Pfft. If he's so great why isn't he the Pirate King? Screw him, he's just a Yonkou." the flame-haired pirate scoffed and leaped onto the wooden dock in a single movement, glaring at anybody who dared stare at him and the people that didn't too.

Killer refrained from saying that those who aim for the title of Pirate King are usually mentally unstable in some form or another, so this Shanks character is probably just happy with what he has. And being a Yonkou is a hell of a lot to have. Not that he said anything of course. His captain is probably the most mentally unstable captain on the Grand Line right now, which meant he was probably the next best candidate for Pirate King.

As Killer and the rest of the crew followed their captain's example and moved onto the island, each in search of something or other, they completely failed to miss the small fishing boat with a cranky one-eyed ginger cat at the prow pull into the port moments after they left.

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