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Kidd's ship left those docks the very next day. Kishi, who had felt a little bit of regret because of her actions the night before, stayed out of the way until the ship was a good few miles out to sea.

She didn't want the itch to run away to return after finally giving in to Kidd's advances. Despite the captain's mildly psychotic tendencies, she wouldn't do that to anyone.

The fisherwoman had been confused for the better part of the morning, but that had fixed itself by mid-afternoon. There was no use in being so confused by a simple enough matter. Kishi had been aware the red head had been lusting after her longer than the captain himself had been, what she hadn't expected was for him to ever act on it.

Kishi herself hadn't expected to respond to anything he would do if that were to happen, but that sort of thing had always been impossible to predict for anyone so she chalked it down to 'unavoidable'.

Kishi was currently sitting in the women's quarters (which was still the old supply cupboard) sucking on a boiled sweet Jun had slipped her after lunch. She had been plagued by migraines all morning, but not for some bittersweet reason such as 'a confused heart' or such.

No, it was because the captain, delighted with the newfound knowledge that he alone had permission to invade the fisherwoman's personal space, kept making a habit of it at the most annoying times.

While she had been gutting the mackrel she had caught on the starboard side, he had placed his chin on her head while watching her work. During breakfast his hand was permanently around her waist. And all through the day thus far he had persisted in standing just a little too close for comfort.

Genuinely, Kishi didn't dislike the attention. She wouldn't have had a problem with it at all if she was unaware it was mostly an act to put up in front of the crew to show publicly that he had gotten his way. Within a few days, or maybe even at the end of this one, he'd have toned it back down to normal again. That was why she held her tongue really.

And she couldn't say she wasn't attracted to him. Granted, she was aware he wasn't in love with her. If that was the case the young man would have driven himself crazy by now, and he probably would have held back during those many times he decided to 'discipline' her. The Captain was attractive, always had been. His unique angular features seperated him from the crowd before you even thought about the colouring. The shock of red hair, pale almost flour-like skin tone and well-chiselled body just topped it all off.

"S'not fair. I've been with you for ages and you still never considered me anything but a friend." Vito moped, flopping into the room through the unlocked door and throwing himself on the second bed.

"True, maybe if you actually liked me I would have reconsidered. Do I even want to know what he's been saying since I've come in here?" Kishi asked, brushing aside the merman's comment as the vain 'I'm so beautiful, love me!' quip it was.

"Probably not, I'd say you haven't done half of what he says you did." Vito replied, not looking up from where he had collapsed.

"Or even half of that." Kishi sighed dryly, not really that bothered by the zealous captain's stories. Most of the crew wouldn't believe a word of it anyway.

"Killer's looking for you though, somthin' to do with Kidd. As usual." The merman yawned tiredly, causing Kishi's eyes to snap up from where they had wandered. With a mumbled curse, Kishi straightened up and stretched all the kinks out of her back.

"Shiiiit, I thought he forgot." Kishi groaned, not looking forward to the meeting with the Massacre Man. Killer had never been known for being kind or forgiving, just ruthlessly fair. Kishi was aware she deserved some form of punishment for going against her word, something she'd always been raised not to do, but she doubted Killer would go easy on her either.

"As long as he doesn't get the cat o' nine tails out at you, you should live through it." Vito informed her helpfully, remembering with a grimace the time Killer had taken the spiked whip to the merman's back in punishment for stealing extra food from the kitchen. If Tohru was any less efficient a doctor he would have died of blood loss then and there.

"Thanks. I'll remember that while I'm having the skin torn off my back." Kishi quipped wryly. Neither the merman or the sabre-tooth sleeping on the floor so much as batted an eyelash when they heard the door close with a barely audible clack.

It was late afternoon on deck and, seeing as the weather was still vaguely tolerable as the next island's weather hadn't interfered with their climate yet, most of the crew was on deck. That, or they had heard Killer's declaration of 'war' against the fisherwoman and had come up from front row seats. Kishi hoped it wasn't the latter.

"At least you had either the courage or stupidity to leave your quarters. I wonder which it was?" A withering voice droned, and Kishi focused on the masked man standing in the middle of the deck.

She noticed with mounting anxiety that his scythes were unsheathed and nobody was doing anything about it. Suddenly, Kishi was glad of the harpoon she had kept strapped semi-permanently to her back since the revealing of her new nickname.

"Just stupidity is very likely." She sighed, flexing her fingers nervously. He still wasn't moving, and Kidd (the only person that would stop his new toy being damaged) was nowhere in sight.

"We understand each other then." Even though Kishi couldn't see Killer's face, she knew he was smirking. Faster than Kishi could follow, faster than she knew she could move, Killer darted forward and aimed a slash right at her neck and she whipped her harpoon from where it was strapped on her back to block him.

"Good." The Massacre Man admitted grudgingly, moving back again in a cat-like manner.

"Good enough?" Kishi called out hopefully, wishing he'd stop after one or two parries. She was very fond of keeping her head attached to her shoulders.

"Not likely." He grunted, and flashed forward again, only for the same result, but a deflection this time from the fisherwoman who was hoping the metal in her slightly-older-than-she'd-like harpoon would hold up against the onslaught of twirling scythes and angry Killer.

The crew had gathered around them in a circle now, hushed whispers of 'what's going on?' and 'a thousand beris on Killer' could be heard floating from person to person. Kishi hoped this was a test of strength to see whether she was a worthy member of the crew and not just a theatrical murder, because the crew were going to get a show one way or another.

It continued on in a similar fashion for about ten or fifteen minutes, with both opponents getting more and more surprised at Kishi's progress that everyone was unaware was happening. Except maybe Tohru, who was smirking at the sideline as if the only reason she was still alive was thanks to his tutelage alone. Granted, it played a big part, but his face was annoying the rapidly-tiring fisherwoman.

Killer was getting frustrated. His uppercuts were blocked, his scythes were getting blocked, and every kick he tried to deliver was usually taken in the fisherwoman's irritatingly solid gut with gusto but having little effect. She'd thrown very few hits at him so far, and landed even less, but despite his continuous attacking he was doing her more or less the same amount of damage that she was doing him.

She'd improved to a level which would be an asset to them in the New World. And Killer hated being proved wrong.

"Gol. D. Bloody Roger!" Kishi shrieked, just throwing herself backwards onto the deck in time to avoid the wickedly glinting scythe from thrusting through her torso. Killer had rapidly turned this into a theatrical murder.

Ducking and weaving, thrusting and blocking, Kishi fought the Massacre Man off better than she had ever believed she could. Spinning around after dodging yet another possibly lethal blow, Kishi had gripped her harpoon determinedly and was readying to slam it home into Killer's skull as she would a spear.

"What the fuck is going on?" The enraged voice brought the fisherwoman back to heer senses. Horrified with what she had nearly done to the first mate, she threw the harpoon to the deck with a single swift movement. Other than that single movement, both Kishi and Killer remained eerily still as a fuming Captain strode towards them with long, pruposeful and possibly harmful steps. The rest of the crew quickly made it look as if they were doing something productive. Kishi found in that instant she couldn't tear her eyes away from him, he had always been more beautiful when angry. Beautiful was an odd word to describe the captain, but for some reason it was the only one that came to Kishi's head.

"We were... sparring." Killer answered loftily, his voice echoing oddly from behind his mask. Kidd looked from first mate to fisherwoman, but neither's expression gave anything away. Kishi for one, was very proud of her pokerface considering the fact that she didn't have a mask to cover that part of her up.

"Is that so..." Kidd's eyes had narrowed, causing both crew member under their sharp gaze to flinch visibly, involuntarily.

Kidd had turned his back to them, probably for something like dramatic effect, when Killer turned to face Kishi and, almost as if in slow motion, gave a single solemn, accepting nod. Kishi knew even if the Massacre Man decided to regret his decision later, he wouldn't go back on it. That was something she held him in the utmost respect for, rather than superior speed, strength or intelligence.

"Kishi, you come back with me. Killer, you are excused." The Captain intoned irregularly, as if unsure of himself for a moment. As always the use of her name by the red-head came unexpectedly, Kishi doubted she'd ever get used to it. It made no difference, however, as the first mate bowed as curtly as he ever had and paced predatorily away towards the crew members who were trying to figure out what to do with the bets they had made.

"So what..." Kishi trailed off as the Captain began walking away from her. She shrugged easily and trailed after him towards his quarters, only hesitating a moment before following him through the doorway. The memories of the last time she came in here, nearly killed because of Taiga's natural ability to find trouble, were hard to squash down.

Not sure what she should be doing, Kishi sat in the wooden chair in front of Kidd's desk as he sat in the plush red satin chair behind it. His hair was such an unusual shade of red that it nearly blended into the back of the chair.

"What were you doing?" He asked tiredly, as if her every action drained what remained of his energy away. For all she knew, it did. She could sometimes have that sort of effect on people, or the complete opposite.

"Killer wasn't lying, it was a fight we both agreed to. A spar." Kishi spoke truthfully, knowing Kidd's likely negative answer before he even opened his mouth. For a man so full of confidence as a pirate, he had the oddest inferiority complex.

"Why?" A simple question, but one Kishi didn't really know how to answer. How did you tell a guy you were fighting for the right to be on a ship because his first mate thought she wasn't good for Kidd? Without him flipping out and screaming about how he wasn't a girl, and he could make his own decisions, blah, blah, blah.

"He was testing my abilities because he thought I was too weak for your crew." Kishi settled for half the story instead, knowing the consequences of telling him otherwise.

"What the hell, he should know that's my decision. I'm the freakin' Captain." Kidd grumbled settling back into his chair, knowing the fisherwoman was telling the truth.

"Hm, I'm kind of glad he did. I wanted to see how I measured up against people like you two." Kishi stood up from her seat, popping her shoulders as she did so completely aware of Kidd's eyes following her form with interest.

"Really, I would have thought living was a little more important to someone like you." Kidd sneered, but not maliciously. It was the truth, so Kishi took no offence. Living generally did have more of an appeal to her than dying in battle.

"I suppose being on this ship must have... messed up my priorities a little." Kishi growled lowly, slipping easily behind Kidd's chair and running her fingers through his coarse, amazingly red hair wonderingly.

Kidd almost purred as Kishi began tracing feather-light circles on the back of his neck with her index finger. His skin raised in goosebumps as every nerve he had seemed to focus on that one area of his body where she made contact with him.

Kishi thought the difference between when Kidd makes the first move and when she herself did was hilarious. It was oddly easy to make the usually fiery Captain as submissive as a newborn kitten. A tug of hair here, a nip there and he all but rolled over for a belly rub.

"Kidd?" Kishi sing-songed, making sure to breath on his neck while tracing the outline of the cartilage of his ear with her finger. The Captain grunted in acknowledgement, showing he was listening.

"I'm not going to go anywhere again, okay?" Kishi told him, it sounded like a reassurance despite the fact he hadn't said or done anything since she had begun spoiling him.

"Alright." It might have sounded nonchalant, and would have passed as such until the Captain opened his eyes to look up into Kishi's. They were confused, but content. Kidd was not a genius, or an idiot, but he could tell when somebody was lying to him. The truth was evident in the fisherwoman's eyes whether he looked far enough to see the full truth was a matter Kishi didn't quite get, but was unwilling to ask.

When Kidd reached his hand up to wrap around Kishi's neck and pull her down for their lips to meet, she decided he didn't quite get what she had in mind. But that was okay, the fact that she had realised she loved the Captain in the five seconds it had taken for him to stop her fight Killer could afford to stay hidden. He didn't need to know, especially since she felt she knew he didn't feel anything for her other than lust.

Kishi pulled away after one or two minutes, the crick in her neck from bending down irritating her too much. She didn't know how guys put up with it all the time.

Kidd looked a little annoyed, so she bent down once more to give him one more chaste kiss before straightening up again with a groan, her joints popping. Kidd looked mollified, so Kishi felt it alright to move towards the door.

"Hey Kishi?" She still couldn't get used to him using her name, she still remembered the time he used to call her 'Fisher-bitch'.

"Hm?" Kishi replied, one foot already out the door, ready to move again.

"If you leave, you know I'm just going to find you right? So it's not like it matters anyway." Kidd nearly started at the words coming out of his mouth, they sounded more smug and less mushy in his head.

"Ah, I know. At this rate, you'd probably even back-track for me huh?" Kishi said not-very-seriously, but not joking either. She genuinely wanted to know.

"What kind of question is that? Do you really think that after all that effort put into getting you to stay I wouldn't chase you back? Wouldn't take very long anyway." Kidd huffed, without hesitation and surprising the purple-haired fisherwoman a little.

Kishi had to turn away from her Captain to hide the warm smile that had crept onto her face.

"So, a stupid question then?" Kishi prompted the still confused Kidd.

"...Yes?" Kidd answered unsurely, not sure of the significance behind what he was saying, because it seemed to be having an odd effect on the fisherwoman despite the easiness of the question.

Kishi turned around once more and walked briskly over to the office desk the Captain was sitting bemusedly at, watching her every move with wide almost accusing eyes.

"Kidd?" Kishi asked, leaning heavily against the desk with both hands and a small smile he didn't know whether he liked or not on her face.

"Yeah?" Came the wary reply.

Kishi closed the gap for one more brief kiss, before pulling away mischievously. "Love you, Captain." Were the only words it took to turn Kidd's face fire-engine red and start sputtering nonsense. That response being enough for the fisherwoman at the moment, Kishi walked quickly to the door, turned, gave one quick smile to the speechless Captain, and closed the door with a quick snap.

Killer's advice always came in handy, Kishi reckoned, whether it was in the intended way or not. She'd be sure to hang on every word of his in future, if it could be the factor that turns Kidd into a mess.

"It's funny how quickly the tormetor can become the tormented." Vito commented, seemingly coming up from nowhere to stand next to the fisherwoman, who had begun beaming the second she left the Captain's quarters.

"It is, isn't it?" Kishi chuckled, not even bothering to deny it.

Killer's words and Kidd's... Kiddness had made her day. And will keep making it, she decided. Day after day from this day on.

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