It would seem that it was like every other day in Wonderland, bright, sunny, and practically nothing was going wrong. Although at the Hatter Mansion, it seemed that was a little far off from what everyone else was experiencing…

Blood was relaxing at his desk; almost asleep from the lack of work, when there was

knocking at the door. It sounded like the twins, due to the constant-non-stop-banging. Finally Blood

gave it and went to open the door. Just after opening, he didn't see the twins, instead a girl.

The girl seemed to be about 7 or 8 with black spiked hair, similar to Blood's. Popping out of the top of

her head were two yellow bunny ears, just like Elliot's. The girl wore a yellow outfit with a white apron

lined with black buttons. Her socks were similar to Boris' but they were white and yellow. On her feet

she wore a pair of brown strapped boots, which barely matched the outfit at all.

Blood stood there, looking at the little girl, the girl did nothing but smile and say, "Daddy!"

"Daddy?" Blood echoed.

"Yes, Daddy! Daddy wears a black hat with lots of roses and feathers and my other daddy has big yellow

bunny ears like mine!" The child cooed with happiness.

"Are Dee and Dum putting you up to this?" Blood growled in a low voice.

"Daddy, please name me! I'm already 7 and you haven't given me a name yet!" the girl pleaded looking

at Blood with big eyes.

"Um… alright little child…" Blood looked at the girl and her eyes widened.

"So my name is Child? Yippee! My name is Child!" The girl called, jumping up and down. "Daddy picked

my name just for me~!"Blood stopped for a second then covered the girl's mouth and shooed her into

his office. If anyone knew about this girl besides he and Elliot, the mafia would be ruined. The girl looked

like she already knew Blood, seeing the way she spoke to him and ran around his office.

"Child, where are you from?" Blood asked, looking at her with a stern face.

"From both daddies of course, Bunny Daddy and Hatter Daddy!" Child said with glee.

"That's impossible, Elliot and I…" Blood turned away and blushed from the thought. Then he looked back

and finished, "We aren't together, besides, I've never seen someone like you in Wonderland."

Before Child could respond, there was a knock at the door then Elliot's voice.

"Blood, you alright in there? I've heard a lot of noise from outside and was wondering if anything


"Da-!" Child was cut off by Blood's hand covering her mouth.

"What was that?" Elliot said from the hallway.

"It was nothing, nothing at all. Go back to working now," Blood said, uncovering his hand from the small

girl's mouth. Just as Blood had moved his hand, Child was already opening the door and saying,

"Daddy! Daddy! Da~ddy!"

Elliot looked at the girl then looked at Blood with a blank face. "Is this some kind of joke? I mean… we

never…" Elliot's face was turning bright red.

"I have no clue, she just showed up out of no where and said we were her fathers," Blood responded.

"Those two are going to get killed for letting her in." Elliot's face was mad, but Child ran over and hugged

him. Then he looked at Blood again. "Should we kill her?"

"No point, she might have just gotten hurt around her and lost her memory. Someone might be looking

for her," Blood explained.

"Do you have a soft spot for girls or something? You're never this nice," Elliot said in a snottish tone.

"What did you say?" Blood's eyes were furious.

"Oh nothing, anyway, she has a face so she's either an outside or a role-holder," Elliot said, looking at

the girl again.

"Let's not worry about that now, you need to get back to work. We can't have you goofing off because

of that girl," Blood said, sitting down at his desk and getting to work. Elliot sighed and shook the little girl

off of him, who just stood there in the hallway as he walked away.