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Chapter 7: Pure Fluff

The drive was a strange one since Rogue had nothing to do, but sit there blindfolded in the back of the limo. She knew that Henri went no faster then something like 25 miles per hour so they weren't going down any major high ways and most of the trip was REALLY slow going for Rogue could hear each and every cuss the escaped Henri's lips, whether it was French or English.

But after what had seemed like eternity the limo pulled to a slow stop, before Henri cut the engine. Rogue waited as she hear Henri's door open and close, and soon after the door beside her opened. Rogue jumped as a pair of lips brushed a top her's, her hand automatically came flying but unlike most times it was caught by the person. It was only after a little bit of pulling and clawing in her attempt to escape, that Rogue noticed that she wasn't absorbing her attacker.

"Dang'it chere yah sur' 'now how ta t'ank a homme." came the all to missed voice after the lips had pulled away.

"REMY!" Rogue yelled lurching forward easily falling into his chest causing the pair to pile out of the car and onto the ground with Rogue lying on top of Remy.

"HAHA you's w're rite Remy. Dat fille beh a feisty one." Henry laughed from somewhere near by.

"An' 'y would Remy nee' ta lie 'bout dat?" Remy asked as he sat up his arms around Rogue's waist fully supporting her.

"Can Ah tak' dis darn bl'ahndfold off now?" Rogue asked once both of her feet hit the ground.

"Soon mon chere." Remy whispered into her ear, while at the same time his arms squeezed her lightly.

"Alri'te Henri. Ya's can book it now."

"Yeah Yeah. But yah betta treat dis one like a lady."

"No o'der way ta treat 'er" Remy retorted.

Rogue heard a pair of soft foot steps walk away, two doors close, and then the engine starting and the large object to her left pulling away. Only after the limo's engine had pulled away out of ear shot did Remy finally speak again.

"Com' dis way chere." He said as his arms unwrapped and he took one of her hands in his.

Remy then began to guide her across dew soaked grass for a few minutes before carrying her across a small stream until he landed a few minutes later on a concrete slab of something. Rogue was then slowly lowered to her feet, while Remy rushed around her to stand in front of her.

"Alri'te chere. On da count of trois. Un." Remy called as his arms brushed up her arms.

"Deux" his fingers brushed up her neck and past her cheek bones sending millions of chills down her spine and alighting her nerves until they burned away the nights slight chill.

"Trois" With that his hands came to the blindfold's knot which he expertly undid.

As the dark fabric fell away Rogue blinked wildly as her eyes adjusted. Rogue found her self in a white gazebo that had millions of tiny multicolored lights strewn around the top and along the railings. It was then that Rogue noted the large table in before her that was piled with different southern dishes from homemade fried chicken, hush puppies, gumbo, catfish courtbouillon, something close to the Ultimate Mashed Potatoes that her mom use to make, and...

"Chocolate Cheesecake!" Rogue gasped as she tried to get past Remy and at the savory desert.

"No No chere. Food first. Desert last." Remy smirked as he pulled her back into his chest and lead her to the far end of the table away from the desert.

"Awww! Yah gotta beh da biggest arse an' tease on da face of dis EARTH!" Rogue fussed though she yelped the last word since Remy decided to tickle her sides.

"Now is dat any way ta t'ank dis here Cajun fer da lov'ly dinner he made fer his chere?"

"Wait...yah made al-dis?"

"Oui chere."

"Even the cheesecake?"

"Oui, even the cheesecake." Remy said as he sat Rogue in her chair and passed her a chicken leg before adding, "Now does Remy get ta feed yah, chere?" as the chicken leg waved in front of her face tantalizingly.

"Stupid Cajun!" Rogue snapped as she snagged the leg away from him.

The rest of the meal went in much the same way, though when it came to the desert Rogue willingly allowed Remy to feed her, though he wasn't to sure then.

"Yah' promise yah ain't gonna bit Remy?"

"Ah told jah Swamp Rat! Ah. Ain't. Gonna. Bit. Yah!"

"Can Remy get dat in writ'in?"

"Ah'll feed myself!"

"Alri'te. Alri'te!" Remy finally caved as he scooped up a piece of the cheesecake and brought it over to Rogue's lips.

Rogue smirked and calmly accepted the chocolate delight from him. She hummed happily as the warm smooth chocolate slid across her tongue and down her throat sending her to heaven and back just in time for her next piece. Together the two finished off the small cheesecake much to Rogue's disappointment.

"Next tahme yah need ta try chocolate covered strawberries." Rogue sighed as she cuddled into his chest, while his arms wrapped around her waist on his lap.

"Ahhhh but Remy be un step a head of yah chere." Remy said as one of his arms left her waist and reached under his chair.

Rogue watched in shock as he pulled out a platter of perfectly done chocolate covered strawberries. Rogue smiled as she watched him pick one up and lift it to his own mouth and take a bite.

"Yah sure yah don't want un now chere?"

"Yah gonna make meh fat Cajun." Rogue stated as she ate the rest of his half eaten strawberry, surprising Remy.

"Chere'll always beh beautiful tah dis here Cajun." Remy laughed before taking another bit of strawberry and then kissing Rogue deeply.

Rogue gasped at the sudden sensation allowing Remy to slip the piece of chocolate covered strawberry into her mouth. Rogue giggled as she noticed his devilish plan, which was successfully ruined as her silent giggles grew until she had to pull away from him.

"Hahah w'at tas dat fer Rems?" Rogue asked as her giggles came under control and she looked up into his eyes.

"Remy just thou't he'd share, with his chere."

Rogue laughed again but this time she levitated out of his lap and then over to the gazebo's white railing, where she placed herself so that she perched on its edge. Remy stood soon after she had landed on her perch, she watched him reach into his pocket and pull out a set of keys.

"Chere don' yah wanna join Remy fer a movie?"

"Sure, saugar, but Ah don' see no TV fer us tah watch it on."

"Well if da femme would fol'ow Remy."

And with that Remy held his hand out for Rogue to take, and without a seconds hesitation she let her hand rest in his and be caught. Remy smiled as she lifted her self off the banister and onto the ground before allowing him to lead her out a second arched doorway, and down a dark dirt path that was flanked on both sides by dense forest.

"Cajun w'ere in hell's name 'r yah tak'in meh?" Rogue asked after they had been walking for five to ten minutes or so.

"Yah'll see in une moment, chere." Remy said as he brought his free hand up and pulled back a couple of willow branches.

Rogue gasped as she was what lay behind that one layer of wispy branches. There on the edge of a cliff sat a large white southern style Victorian house, with a porch that wrapped around the entire first floor. The second floor had a tower on each of the front sides, with a porch roof connecting the two.


"Yah like, chere?"

"Remy...Ah..Ah..Ah Love It!" Rogue gasped tears coming to her eyes as she turned and hugged him.

"Good...Cause it be ours." Remy whispered into her ears before lifting up her face up by her chin to look into Rogue's teary eyes.

"What...but...Oh ferget it! Thank yah Remy!" Rogue said letting her tears fall freely before rubbing them away and then smiling up at Remy.

Remy brushed Rogue's tears away with his bare fingers, while his gloved palms rested against her cheeks. His ruby eyes locked with her emerald like green ones that sparkled with life and happiness, but Remy also spotted another emotion hidden within that happiness.

Rogue's smile doubled in size as she felt Remy's hands pulling her closer to him, but the wild brunette had other plans in mind. After Remy had closed his eyes Rogue brought her hands to his waist where she poked him right above his hips, causing the Cajun to jump in surprise and release his light hold on her. Rogue took her chance and bolted from him and across the vast garden lawn that surrounded the house.

She could hear the Cajun's musical chuckles follow her in the light sea side breeze, but she couldn't place exactly how close he was to her position. Rogue laughed along with him as she chanced a look over her shoulder at him as her feet hit the stairs to the porch, but she couldn't spot her beloved Cajun anywhere behind her. It was then just as she was turning to face the front door that she ran into a broad chiseled chest.

"Chere, yah 'now yah could'a just asked Remy tah show yah on in."

"Haha. Sorry Swampy Ah hadn't 'nown Ah had tah ask fer y'ur permission." Rogue sassed as she halfheartedly attempted to pull out of his warm grasp.

"AHH but chere yah 'nown dis Cajun would'a said 'Oui' no matter what. Now how bout Remy show yah tah y'ur room an' he get dat massage yah promis' him so long ago. He ev'n let chere pick da movie!"

"Why not yah stupid Cajun." Rogue agreed.

Remy smirked and with his free hand twisted the door knob and quickly turned 90 degrees to let Rogue peer into the house. Shock was the first thing that set into Rogue she laid her on the fully furnished house before her. They were in the living room which had a huge flat screen and black leather couch as well as two love seats and a recliner. The floor was made up of maple hard wood floor boards that instantly sent Rogue back to her house back in Mississippi.

" lovely sugahr." Rogue said her voice barely above a whisper as she reached up to stroke the side of his face.

"Glad chere...Letz go dis way..." Remy smiled as he pulled her toward the stairs.

Rogue just smiled and allowed him to lead her up the flight of stairs and then down the hall until they stopped outside a closed door. Rogue could feel the fire in her stomach flicker to life as one of Remy's arms wrapped around her waist before he opened the door with a smirk.

Inside Rogue found a four-poster bed that was covered in cream colored sheets, as well as more mahogany flooring. Rogue ventured further into the room to find a wooden vanity tucked in the corner of the room, two side tables flanking the bed, and another slightly small flat screen that had a DVD case beneath it.

There were also four doors that lead out of the room. One to the hall behind Rouge, while a pair of white French doors, half covered by pale green curtains, lead to what looked like an out door patio that was tucked in the center of the roof. The third lead to a master bathroom that had twin sinks, a large bath tube, and a full shower. The last and final door lead to a walk in closet that would have put Jean's to shame.

"Remy...Its...It'beh just perfect!" Rogue sighed as she returned to the main bedroom and flopped onto the queen sized bed beside Remy.

"Remy glad yah like it Chere. Now how 'bout chere goes and picks a movie an' we pick up were we left off lst time Remy was with Chere."

"Nah...Ah have a betta idea." Rogue whispered into his ear as she crawled on top of her Cajun.

Rogue smirked as she saw Remy's ember like eyes glow with a new intensity as he watched her crawl up toward his face. Rogue could only inwardly grown as she felt one of his hands trace from her knee up her dress cover thigh. Once Rogue got to Remy's face she swooped down but instead of going for a kiss like Remy thought, her lips came beside his ear.

"...Ah love yah Cajun. For forever and for eternity." Rogue purred before hitting the room's master remote and turning out all the lights. Leaving the two to be together in so many new ways with only the moon above as a witness.


When the sun rose in the morning Rogue groaned and cuddled closer to the warmth beside her, but when that warmth beside her moved she jolted awake. She found herself in an unfamiliar room until the previous night's events came flooding back to her. Only then did she realize she was still laying in the same fourposter bed and sighed before looking at the slumbering man beside her.

Remy's long chocolate brown hair was tousled and messy from the night before, while his eyes were closed yet very relaxed. His muscular arms and chest were half hidden under the sheets though Rogue couldn't help, but run a finger along his hairless chiseled chest. Her hand ultimately stopped just over Remy's heart where she laid her head down to listen to his rhythmical and steady heart beat. Only then did she pick up on the rich chuckles that were coming from him, causing her to look up at him though her ear was still against his chest.

"Morn'in chere. Enjoy'in y'r self?" He asked his red eyes dark with sleep as well as desire.

"Ummm" Rogue purred but suddenly a sadness consumed her emerald eyes as she sat up.

Remy was quick to jump to her aid, his arms instinctively wrapping around her waist and pulling her into his chest.

"Chere...W'at beh both'erin yah?"

"W'ere 've yah been Remy?...Pe'ple don't just up an' dis'pper fer two months without reason."

"*sigh* I had been called out over to Russia to help shut up some pro-mutants. Yah know da ones who wannted Petey? An' well de job took a long time chere. Every day I wannted ta call yah tah hear yer voice but well...dat would'ov put yah in more danger den I was in at da time." Remy explained as he lifted her chin up so he could look into Rouge's eyes, "Mon amour yah were always in mah dreams. Chere, yah've takin mon heart 'n fer da un time...I don't even want it back. You understand?"

"...Yah Cajun Ah understand." Rogue said after a few moment, "But never do it again!" she said as she thwacked him up side the head.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good." Rogue smiled before wrapping her hand around the back of his head and pulling him down into a breath stealing kiss. That instantly lead to a new morning ritual.


When Rogue hadn't returned that night Logan had been in an up roar while Kitty, Illyana, Piotr, and Storm were all to happy for their lonesome team member.

"I'll kill them both where ever they are!" Logan roared as the clock struck 11 o'clock.

"No. You. Won't. Logan!" Storm shot back from behind her desk, "You will leave the pair alone until the man gives you a good reason to harm him AND Rogue gives you her permission."

"Yeah Mr. Logan. I like mean Rogue isn't a child any more. She's 19 and legally she can choose whoever she want's to date. I mean she Choose to date Bobby." Kitty added causing Bobby to spit up his coffee.


"Is for horses, Iceboy." Kitty shot back from her sea on Piotr's lap.

"Yeah, and Logan I wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for Remy and Henri. They saved me from that gang that wanted to force Piotr to join them." Illyana explained while taking a sip of her lemonade.

"All I mean is that if he's hurt her..." Logan began but was cut off by the front door opening.

"If who hur' who, now?" came Rogue's voice from down the hall as she walked toward the rec room.

"Remy think dey beh talkin bout us, chere." the tall Cajun said as they walked into the rec room and saw the group before them.

Storm sat regally on a recliner, her white hair done up in a bun. Illyana and Piotr were on the three person couch, while Kitty was cuddled in Piotr's arms. Lastly Bobby was sitting lonely at the table a large cup of coffee in his hand. Remy accidentally missed Logan standing behind Storm's chair, that was until the short man had pounced and lifted Remy into the air and against a near by wall.

"Your Gumbo, now Gumbo."

"LOGAN!" Rogue and Storm screamed after they understood what had happened.

"Logan yah put h'm d'wn dis in'stant or AH'll elope wi'dth h'm." Rogue threatened.

"Logan I'll personally band you from the school as well as my room." Storm added though she instantly wished she hadn't.

"Y'r what! Stormy?" Remy asked being the first to get over the initial shock that had come after Storm's words.

"My room, Remus Ethan Lebeau!" Storm stated her voice harsh as she held her ground seeing as she had already let the cat out of the bag.

Logan still gaping at Storm and Rouge's threats slowly lowered Remy back to the floor, claws ever so slowly sheathed themselves back into his knuckles. Storm then pointed back to her seat were Logan went eyes never leaving Storm's, which held his with a similar intensity.

Rogue on the other hand rushed to check on Remy's state of health, and was only satisfied that her Cajun was fine after he French kissed her and whispered perverted things into her ear. Just as Remy broke his kiss with Rogue he instantly spotted an antsy Kitty who seemed to be looking from Remy and Rogue to Storm and Logan, who were now having a full on staring contest, trying to find the best escape route.

"Petey y' mite wanna hold ontah dat Chaton on y'r lap." Remy called seeing the gathering clouds outside the window.

Piotr's arms instantly snared around Kitty's waist just as she was about to rocket off his lap to go and in form the rest of the school about the recent developments. Kitty huffed just as Remy took the open love seat and instantly pulled Rogue into his lap, just in time to see Logan blink and Storm smile triumphantly.

"So its settled Logan your not allowed to harm either of them and your allowed to stay." Storm stated in a sing song voice as the clouds outside the window cleared.

"A'd Stormy y' still don' min' dat Remy built our maison on da manion grounds rite?" Remy questioned loving the shocked looks of Logan and the others.

"Yeah I don't mind no one goes over there anyway Remy." Storm said from her perch on the arm rest of Logan's recliner.

"Your WHAT now?" Logan growled along with Kitty's squeal.

"House, Logan." Rogue said as she twirled a stray strand of white hair, "Rems an' Henri made it fer da two of us."

Logan was about to growl when a strange sent drifted past him. It was the sent of spices and smoke mixed with herbs and peaches, but another bonding smell seemed to be melded under the others... Logan glanced at Storm who just smiled knowingly at him. So he was was the sent of mates. With a slow smirk Logan's attention turned back to the couple before him.

"Fine, I approve Stripes."

"REALLY?" Questioned everyone in the room except Storm.

"Yeah," Logan grumbled before adding, "But yah ain't allowed tah elope with him."

"Understood mon ami!" Remy mock saluted before smiling, "So hows flying these days?"


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