Hello people! I am back...with a vengeance! It took me awhile for formulate this idea but i finally got it. Anyways, this has to do with Gaara (I love him!) but it is also a SasuNaru too. So yes, it has boy on boy stuff.

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Once upon a time…

Oh, wait, that's not right.

Okay, okay….it all started on a warm summer day at a young girl's house.

The young girl in question was fifteen year old Ayaka Himura. She was pretty average except for everything about her glowed. Her shoulder length, curly blonde hair; bright blue eyes; and tan skin, all glowed. Her natural blondness was enhanced by a tight, blue sundress and blue ballet flats.

But she is not the main character in this little play. Kiyomi Tsukino is. Kiyomi Tsukino was tall and slender. Her hair was as black as a raven's wing, her eyes a green forest, and her skin the palest ivory. She was also a tom boy. Like right now she was wearing loose black pants, a tight white and black shirt, a black jacket, and a black and white baseball cap. She was beautiful in a very feminine way but if anyone ever said that to her she'd probably hit them, deny it, and say the just ran into her fist till they passed out.

"How 'bout a Miyazaki movie? Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke?" Ayaka asked.

Kiyomi sighed. Ayaka was the biggest anime nerd in the world. She tried to get Kiyomi to watch every anime known to man. "Spirited Away, I guess, it's got a frog in it," Kiyomi called back to Ayaka.

Ayaka smiled. "I love that one!" She jumped up and put the DVD in.

Kiyomi laughed at her, "You love anything that's not reality."

"And? Reality sucks."

"Indeed." Kiyomi got bored just sitting there and rolled herself off the bed, army crawling to Ayaka's small bookshelf. She noticed an old-looking, leather-bond book. "Is this new," she asked, pulling it off the self for Ayaka to see.

"Yup. It's a book of spells. I've decided to be a witch," Ayaka said and grinned widely.

Kiyomi laughed. "A witch?"

"Yes ma'am! But none of the spells are working…"

"Maybe because magic isn't real."

Ayaka frowned, "Do you not believe in anything?"

"Nope," Kiyomi replied, shaking her head and flipping threw the book. She stopped at a page about midway threw. "Hey, this one doesn't have a name."

"I haven't seen that one before."

"Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo anyways."

"You're a pessimist," Ayaka yelled at her.

Kiyomi ignored her and stared reading the 'spell' out loud. When she was done, light exploded behind her eyes and pain shoot threw her entire body. She screamed.

Ayaka watched wide eyed as her friend erupted into light and then disappeared. "Kiyomi? Kiyomi!"

Kiyomi opened her eyes, trying to blink past the glaring sunlight. Her eyes adjusted some and she saw two figures standing over her. The figures where blurry and some what covered by a jungle of tale grass. One of them was a kind of reddish blur and seemed to be the taller of the blurs. The other was a black and white blur and looked very close. "Am I in heaven?" she asked, her voice hearse like she hadn't used it in days.

The reddish blur laughed. "Heaven," she laughed again while talking, "more like a farming village out in the middle of nowhere."

Her vision finally cleared and the blurs turned into girls. The reddish blur was a girl a few years older than Kiyomi. She was tall with bright red hair that reflected the sun and mahogany eyes. The black and white blur was a very short girl that had a childish face but was probably about as old as Kiyomi. She was extremely pale, paler than Kiyomi, and had hair that was so black it shined blue in the light. But her eyes were probably her most striking feature, they were hazel yellow and reminded Kiyomi of a tiger's.

Kiyomi tried to move and the redhead pulled her to her feet in one quick motion. Kiyomi's head was completely clear now and she could make out details. The first thing she noticed was that she was in a meadow with giant sunflowers and horribly tall grass. The second thing she noticed was that the girls were extremely pretty and completely opposite.

The redhead was tall and slender, like a model. The only word Kiyomi could think of to describe her was 'sexy' even though she was completely hetero. But the redhead's eyes held a promise of mischievous and possibly perverse things, enhanced by full, poutie lips. The was she dressed was even sexual in a strange way. She was wearing a black tank-top covered by a fishnet shirt and a pair of short-shorts that showed off long, pale legs.

The black haired girl was just as gorgeous but in a different kind of way. She was short, barely five feet, and the tall grass came up to her waist. Her black hair was short and mostly straight, framing a delicate face, but held random spiral curls through out it. Her yellow eyes were big, taking up most of her face and helping the illusion of childness. And she was curvy, like hourglass curvy. She wore a tight, purple t-shirt with a fishnet undershirt and a pair of black baggy pants.

Kiyomi stared at them. "Are you sure I'm not in heaven?" She asked.

The short girl laughed. "We're pretty sure."

"Oh, well damn," Kiyomi frowned.

"Where are you from?" The short girl asked.

"Tokyo," Kiyomi replied quickly.

The redhead looked confused, "Where's that?"

It was Kiyomi's turn to laugh. "You don't know where Tokyo is? It's the biggest city in Japan!"

"We're not in Japan," the short girl replied.

"Then where are we?"

The redhead shrugged, "Just some meaningless village in the backwater area of the Fire Country."

"Akane," the short girl scolded.

"Well it is!" Akane replied. She turned back to Kiyomi. "I'm Akane Kurosawa, this is my step sister Mizuko Kurosawa."

"I'm Kiyomi Tsukino."

"Pretty name," Mizuko said. "I'm going to assume you have no place to stay," Mizuko said into the awkward silence.

"You are correct, you win the prize of….I don't really have any prizes right now, sorry," Kiyomi agreed. Akane laughed.

"Well," Mizuko started, "you can stay with us. We're going back to our village tomorrow and you can come with us there too."

Kiyomi looked around. She had no idea where she was or how she got here and these two were the only people she knew. They seemed nice but….

"Sure," Kiyomi agreed, "I'd love to go with you."

"Great," Akane said happily, "you'll love Konaha."

They all left the meadow to go to the inn the sisters where staying at.

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