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Chapter 1

The Dilemma

It's been nearly a year since Yugi and Yami started dating. They were happy and didn't care who saw them kiss, hold hands, and other things; they were in love. Yugi bounded down the stairs one evening, Yami close behind. His grandfather looked up at the two and gave a weak smile. I'll have to tell them sometime, he thought. I can't keep it in forever.

"Hi Grandpa!" Yugi greeted the old man. Yami nodded a 'hello' before sitting down beside Yugi. He then wrapped his arm around his Light and drew him closer. Yugi giggled as Yami planted several kisses on his neck. Solomon cleared his throat. Yugi stopped trying (and failing) to eat his dinner and looked at his grandfather. Yami planted on a confused look and glanced at his lover's equally questioning face. Solomon stared steadily at them. He opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the doorbell. Yugi quickly got up and answered it. It was Tristan, followed by Duke. And Joey and Serenity, Ryou Bakura, Tèa, Mai, and Rebecca and her grandfather. They all stood outside the Game Shop before Mai asked if they could come in. Yugi nodded and opened the door wider for them. Once everyone was inside sitting comfortably in the living room, Yugi stared at them all, becoming uneasy. Yami sensed his distress and took his hand.

"You okay," he asked in a whisper. Yugi shook his head. Tristan cleared his throat.

"So, we all know why we're here right?" Everyone in the room nodded, except for two tri-color haired boys. All heads turned to them and Yugi shivered. Yami became concerned for his innocent.

"What's this about," Yugi asked, his amethyst eyes burning with fear, confusion, and nervousness. Joey stood up.

"Look, Yuge," he said. "We're happy you found someone you love and that he loves you back but we all kinda have a problem." Yugi's eyes widened in shock. He and Yami exchanged glances.

"What kind of problem," the Pharaoh asked. Everyone looked at each other. Joey opened his mouth only to have his sister jump on him and cover his mouth.

"Don't do it Joey," she pleaded as he tried to get her off him without hurting her. "Please, big brother. Can't you just be happy for them? Don't do this to them, please? What if you were in their situation? Joey please, think about it." Joey shrugged his sister off and grabbed her hands so he could speak without interruptions. Yami and Yugi both gasped and wondered as to what Serenity meant. Yami tightened his grip on his other-half.

"I gotta, sis. The fact is we have a problem with it. If you don't like what we're about to tell them then leave." Tears sprung from Serenity's eyes. She whispered to her big brother, "I hope you realize what you're about to do," then she ran out the door.

Yugi stared at the remaining company. "What was that about," he asked. All eyes turned back to the identical couple and Yugi shied away from their glares.

"We have a problem with the two of you dating," Duke said from his spot on the couch. Both Yugi and Yami exclaimed "WHAT?" before they were hushed. Tèa looked up at them.

"We don't like two guys being together they way you two are. I liked both of you before, but when you chose the shrimp over me, that was when I ceased to like you. I should've known long ago that you had no intention of picking me. What was I think-"

"You know nothing Tèa," Yami growled. Several people gasped at his ferocity, and Yugi placed a hand on his Dark's shoulder, telling him to calm down. Knowing Yami, he didn't. "I would have picked you had I even thought about you in that way, but I never did. I don't care what you guys say, or think about this. I LOVE YUGI! Got it? You don't spend years sharing the same body, the same thoughts, going through everything together, without developing feelings of some kind for each other." Yami sighed and leaned his head against Yugi's shoulder, while the other stroked his head. Yugi looked up at the people who he once believed to be his friends. He glanced over at grandfather.

"Everyone here feels this way?" Nods were given from everyone. Yugi sighed, and a single tear rolled down his cheek. "Now what," he asked quietly.

"It's simple man. Either he goes or we go." Tristan replied, followed by several vocal agreements. Yugi gasped as he stared at all the faces looking at him.

"So, you're going to make me choose between my family and friends and my lover?" Everyone nodded. Yugi glanced at Yami. Amethyst eyes met hurt, crimson eyes. Yami shook his head, saying, "You don't have to give them up Yugi. If that's what they choose, then I'll give you u-" Yami was interrupted by Yugi's soft lips sealed on his. The teenager looked back at everyone in the room.

"You can't make me choose! I won't! Now leave, please..." Everyone just stared. Then Ryou Bakura sighed. "Fine," he said. "We'll take this up tomorrow. It is late, after all." With that, Ryou walked out the door. One by one, they all left, with Tèa giving Yugi a death glare before disappearing. Finally, Duke closed the door on his way out. Now it was the old man with the two multicolored porcupines. Solomon sighed as he stood up. He bade his grandson and his lookalike a goodnight before trudging up the stairs to his bedroom. Yugi wrapped his arms around Yami's neck and cried softly into his shoulder. Yami gently stroked his hikari's head.

"I-I d-d-don't-t w-want-t to ch-cho-choose!" Yugi sobbed. Yami sighed. "I know, Yugi. We'll get through this," he promised. Upstairs, a certain old man was listening and mentally cursed himself. He didn't like hurting his family but he didn't think it was healthy for the boy.

Later that night, as the two lay in bed, Yugi woke up. Yami felt him stir beside him and woke up as well. Just as he was surrounded by a golden light. What the hell? Yami was confused; he was currently sitting in his soulroom. 'Sorry Yami' Yugi apologized through the mind link. Yami watched as Yugi packed a bag full of clothes and other essentials...enough for two. 'Yugi, what are you doing?' Yami asked of his aibou. "I can't stay here Yami," explained Yugi, his amethyst orbs brimming with tears. "They want me to give you up or risk losing them. I can't do that. I won't! If I'm not here, they can't force me to make that decision." Then Yugi grabbed up his pack, quietly ran downstairs and was out the door before the next day had begun.

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