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Chuck Bass downing girls like milkshakes.

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry were all seen exiting the Empire just this morning, and our guess is they weren't there to see our very own Golden Boy.

With Nate Archibald out of town and the Empire all to himself looks like Chuck's ready to make up for all his years he's lost. Or forgotten that is. Oh Chuckie Boy we did miss you.


Gossip Girl


Blair Waldorf stares at her phone with a sigh before pushing it back into bag and moving forward in the cue to the coffee counter.

She shouldn't have been surprised, and honestly she wasn't entirely. His actions now weren't far off the way he had turned once they had broken up the first time back in March after the whole Jack fiasco. He had gone straight from break up to sleeping with practically the whole of Manhattan. At the time she had put a façade, pretended it didn't hurt her when really she had felt like her heart had been torn in two, and now she was all too used to the feeling, and covering it up.

Shoving her thoughts of the boy she once loved to the back of her mind she tapped her foot impatiently on the floor as she finally waited for the person in front of her to collect his drink and move away before moving forward in a hurry. Unfortunately he chose that time to turn back around and his drink collided with Blair sending it flying backwards and staining his shirt.

Her bad mood from seeing the Gossip Girl blast sparked and she lashed out at the guy, bending down to pick up her bag which had fallen to the floor, "Watch were you're going blind guy, maybe you should learn to walk with your eyes open."

She failed to see his eyebrows raise in amusing question as she knelt down and agitatedly picked up her bag, before shoving it onto her shoulder and getting back on her feet, narrowing her eyes as she realized he was still standing there.

"Actually Waldorf, it was you that bumped into me, so it's only fair that you pay for the dry cleaning and clean up the mess on the floor before someone trips and hurts themselves." The boy smirked at her and she finally looked at his face. It took a moment for her to process him before the feeling of familiarity to washed over her and her mouth popped slightly open.

"Andrew Russells?" She cocked her head to the side and smiled, "I would hug you but you're dripping with coffee What are you doing here?"

"College." He told her with a nod, "I decided to come back for it."

"It's been like 5 or 6 years, and if I recall correctly you weren't exactly dragged off to England kicking and screaming." Blair joked, and he laughed.

"Yeah you're right but I missed New York, I missed my friends. Speaking of how's the boyfriend, Serena, Chuck?"

It's Blair turn to laugh, "Oh, you're really out the loop aren't you? It's a long story."

Andrew nodded, "Well then, why don't we get some more coffee and you can tell me all about it?"

"Deal, as long as you tell me all about England as well."

"You're insufferable!"

Serena van der Woodsen pulled the glass of scotch out of her step-brothers hand and went to drown it down the sink, "Chuck you've been acting like a stupid, reckless drunk teenager for the past two weeks will you please just cut it out already?"

"Urgh." Chuck Bass rolled around on the sofa and pressed his head against the pillow he's rested it on, "Seriously Serena, when did you become so dull? Where's the fun girl in you gone?"

"She grew up!" Serena cried, "She realized that drinking and partying and drugs aren't the solution to a crappy upbringing and they just ruin your life!"

"Well I haven't realized that yet! I'm 15 years old and free to do what I want!" Chuck grumbled.

"No, you're almost 20 years old, you have a hotel to run, a whole business to keep in check and a life to be getting on with! You can not do that whilst half passed out on the sofa every night! You even drove Nate away!"

"Nathaniel went to visit his grandfather." Chuck scoffed, "And if I hear anymore talk about how I should be getting on with my grown up life I will personally kill you."

"This isn't the answer to your problems Chuck." Serena told him.

"I'm just living through the years I've lost."

"You've already lived them!" Serena cried, "You need to get up, have a shower and go through some business documents. You're drowning Chuck, and you're bringing the Empire down with you."

"You're giving me a headache." He rubbed his forehead and then made a face, "Oh I'm gonna vomit."

Serena watched as he ran towards the bathroom and made a noise of disgust.

Quickly she scrolled down the contact list on her phone and rang Nate's number but was met with his voicemail.

"Hey Nate, it's me. Chuck's not doing so well, and Blair's living in this bubble, refusing to talk it through with him, and I need you to help me." She sighs, "Just call me back and I have a plan."

She flipped her phone down just as Chuck stumbled back from the bathroom.

"Listen to me." She finally says, running her hand through her hair and then helps him settle down on the sofa, "Chuck you have to stop this ok? You're not going anywhere with it."

He groans, "I don't know what else to do Serena. I don't know how this business shit works and my head is all over the place."

She nods, "I understand, and it must really suck to be you right now, ok? But for god's sake Chuck what you're doing isn't helping anyone, not me or Nate or Blair, least of all you."

"Don't you talk to me about Blair!" He cries, "She lied to me!"

"Chuck she's having just as hard a time dealing with this as you!" Serena pressed, "Harder even. Imagine waking up and finding out that the love of your life doesn't know you."

Chuck stares at her with an unreadable expression on his face, "Love of her life?" He lets out an exasperated breathe and runs his hand through his hair, "How does that kind of thing happen to me?"

"This is Blair Waldorf we're talking about." Serena laughs lightly, "She makes great things happen. You two are like magnets for each other."

A silence falls between them before Serena says, "You really loved each other."

He gulps audibly, "I've been a complete jerk."

"Can't argue with that." Serena laughs slightly, "Make an appointment with Mr Fitz he'll show you some of your business plans, please? We'll tackle one thing at a time."

He barely nods as he watches the blonde retreat towards the kitchen.

"Hold the elevator please!" Blair Waldorf calls as she rushes towards the Empire doors, barely slipping past the closing doors and narrowing her eyes at the person inside before her expression changes to one of surprise as she sees Chuck Bass standing inside looking at her nervously.

"Hey." He mutters, as she nods pressing the button to go up to his suite.

"Listen Blair, I'm really sorry for the way I acted when I found out..." Chuck says automatically, he wants to get it over and done with as soon as possible, "And what I've been doing the past two weeks. I haven't been fair."

"It's ok Bass." Blair says back with a smile, "You've done worse."

"Not that I remember." He jokes weakly and she forces a smile before turning around to watch the elevator doors close.

"Wait." Blair's furrowed her eyebrows and turns back around quickly, "Did you get a text from Nate asking you to meet him here?"

Chuck sighed and nodded, "About half and hour ago, he just got back from his grandfathers and we're going have lunch."

"No, Nate and I going to have lunch." Blair scoffed, running a hand through her hair and then pulled out her phone, retrieving the text message and holding it out to Chuck, "Look familiar?"

"So we just got played by the guy who can't spell conniving?" Chuck rolled his eyes; "There's something majorly wrong with that."

Blair made a face, "No, you're right, there is something wrong with that… Serena was acting shifty all morning."

"Right so there's in it together, trying to get us to talk." He sighed, "Don't they understand that if we wanted to talk we could easily do that without their help?"

"All it takes is a pair of functioning mouths." Blair agreed.

The elevator reached their floor and dinged, both Chuck and Blair turning towards the doors expectantly.

"Um, either there's something wrong with the door or those two blonde's are apparently brighter than we thought." Chuck commented causing Blair to groan.

"Of course they'd do this." Blair cried, "They couldn't even come up with something original. This has 2009 Chuck Bass written all over it."

Chuck furrowed his eyebrows, "Wait, what?"

Blair dismissed the confused question and walked towards the elevator emergency button, and pressed it, a few times.

"S, Nate if you do not get us out of here right now I will hurt you when I get out, mark my words." Blair cried into the speaker.

It only took a moment for the voice of her best friend to reply, "This is for your own good B. Talk through your problems, you know where the supplies are, and once you're done you'll be free to go."

"I actually have a meeting with Mr Fitz to go to following our little discussion this morning sis, I have to be there in hour." Chuck said, stepping forward causing Blair to roll her eyes, expecting what was to come next.

"But you had enough time to have lunch with me?" Nate piped in over the speaker, "The faster you two sort through your problems the faster you'll be out. Get on with it."

Blair grumbled, letting go of the communication button and resorted to sitting on the floor of the elevator, her hand pulling at the edge and retrieving a bottle of scotch and macaroons.

"You're not actually following through with this are you?"

"You couldn't come up with anything better than an important business meeting with Mr Fitz?" Blair rolled her eyes, "It was obviously a lie."

He sighed, grudgingly settling on the floor opposite her, "It wasn't. It's just later in the day."

"No." Blair shook her head, pulling out two glasses, and rolling the lid off the scotch bottle, "You had you're lying voice on, and you didn't move you're hands when saying it. You like to articulate yourself, with hand movements to accompany, only when you believe something is really true."

She can feel him staring at her as she pours the clear brown liquid into the glass cups but doesn't comment. She forgets sometimes that he doesn't remember the last four years of his life. The time that she had to learn all about him, he had to learn all about her. The person that knew her best in the world had now disappeared.

"How did we happen Blair?" He finally chokes out, "I mean it's us. I'm a heinous womanizer and you're Nathaniel's girl."

She gulps slightly as she pushes his filled glass towards him and shakes her head, "That's a slippery road to go down."

"We were locked in here to talk, and I don't think they meant about the weather or how this years basketball season is going."

"You secretly hate basketball, Nate's better at scoring hoops." She muses.

"Stop it." He says shakily, "Stop proving that you know me, it's scary, no one knows that stuff about me."

She bites her bottom lip slightly, and then takes a gulp of her scotch. He bit back a comment when he didn't see her face change to one of disgust as the dark liquid fell down her throat. He reminds himself she's had years to yet accustomed to the taste.

"Limo." Is what she finally says, "You took my virginity and please don't go look all smug with yourself."

He raises his eyebrows, "I took your virginity in the back of a moving vehicle?"

"If you gave me a penny every time you used that against me I'd be an even richer girl."

"At least tell me you and Nathaniel were broken up." Chuck says, gulping back some of his scotch as if in preparation for her response.

"Yes." She confirms and then a small smirk plays on her lips, "For about an hour."

He chuckles darkly at that and swings the liquid around in his cup, "I'm sure golden boy was all but pleased about that, though it does sound classic me. I'm sure you couldn't keep you're hands off me."

She rolls her eyes and then sighs, breaking open the packet of macaroons, "Yeah cos you're such a catch."

"You would know." He jokes, leaning over to grab a green one, "Otherwise you would haven't have dated me for... how long was it anyways?"

She clenches her jaw, still unprepared to tell him their story. In a way it all still felt like a dream to her, that one day she'd wake up and be in Paris with Serena and Chuck would be half way across the world being Chuck Bass. The Chuck Bass that knew her (better than he knew himself).

"We dated for almost a year, last year. Broke up in March."

He furrows his eyebrows, "So you waited until you were 19 to give it up?"

"No." She shakes her head amused at how distraught he seemed over the question, "I was 16, a couple of days before my 17th. We had a bit of an on-off thing going on till..."

... Until his dad died, and I love you's. Jack, being done, no Yale and Nate and limos and proms and I love you too's...

"Until..." He prompted.

She feels herself gulp and then shakes her head, with a shaky sigh, "I thought I could do this, I could relive it but I can't."

"Blair... come on please, I really want to know. I need to know." He stares at her, "What happened this March, why did we break up?"

... The Empire, Elizabeth, Jack again and deals, games, needing to win, the worst thing he's ever done...

"Blair." He stressed and she looks up at him with an unmistakable fire in her eyes, "Tell me."

"You traded me to you uncle for your beloved Empire." She finally says, though her voice is dripping with venom.

"Traded you?" He asks in confusion and she can't help but think how his voice matches that of the therapist they spoke to during the role play they went through for Rufus and Lily.

"For sex." She reiterates and she can see the confusion clear in his eyes. He looks away and she chuckles darkly, "I said I'd stand by you through anything, and I did, I forgave you and you slept with Jenny Humphrey."

His eyes flash back to hers and shakes his head, "Who?"

"It doesn't matter now." She says, "It's done. You got shot, kind of lessens the blow."

"Blair." It's too much for him to take in all at once. He cheated on her? Is that what she was saying, or where the circumstances different?

"You didn't cheat on me." She finally says and he wonders how she does that, read his mind without actually having the ability to, "We were broken up and you affair to remembered me. I was little late since Dorota went into labour."

"Dorota has a baby?" She laughs at his shocked face at the news, by expression that seemed to have hit the hardest, though she realises it's probably because he's hiding the feelings he has for the other things, "Wow."

"She's married to Vanya, the Van der Woodsen's door man, and they have an apartment in Queens which mother and Cyprus bought for them." Blair clarified and then quickly added, "My step father Cyprus, him and Eleanor got married a few years back, he's Jewish and believes in all things good."

Chuck's hands move up to his hands and he runs them through it, letting out an exasperated breathe, "Quite a few things have changed these last 4 years."

She stares at him and her eyes grow icy, "It's so hard to believe that you can't remember it, it's not the kind of thing that happens to regular people, you only see it in movies of some sort."

"We live in the UES." He jokes, "Dirty, rich, scandals. Gossip Girl."

"I guess." She nods, "It's still unreal that you could forget like that."

"I wish I didn't." He whispers, "Sometimes. I see everyone else has grown up, moved on and I feel like a teenager stuck in an young adults body and youth's passed me by in a flash. For god's sake we were in love."

She cringes and he mentally hit himself. A moment of silence falls over them and he gulps audibly.

"I'm sorry Blair. I know it doesn't mean much coming from someone who remembers nought all, but I really am sorry for what I did to you." He shakes his head, "You didn't deserve it."

"It takes two to tango." She tells him with a smile, "You don't know the half of it, you're not completely to blame."

Before he can say anything to the contrary her phone buzzes and confused expressions fall on both their faces, "There's signal here?" Blair muses as she pulls out her blackberry and looks at the caller name.

"Must be because they stopped us at the landing not someplace midway." Chuck attempts to explain and then looks at Blair, "Is it them?"

She shakes her head, and sighs at the screen name flashing. Andrew Russells. She finally presses the green phone button and brings it up to her ear. "Hello?"

"Hey Blair." The person on the other line greets happily, "Listen I'm around your area and I was wondering if you wanted to grab something to eat for lunch, or dinner if you're busy now."

She sighs, "Yeah I am busy right now actually, kind of. It's a long story which involves two very annoying blonde's that you know very well."

He laughs on the other end, "What have Nate and Serena done this time?"

"I'll tell you about it at dinner, make reservations somewhere nice." She smiles down the phone, "And please wear something a little nicer than what you had on this morning Russells, pink is not your colour."

He scoffs, pretending to be offended, "It was salmon coloured and complimented my skin tone very nicely, thank you very much Waldorf."

"Mmhh, you keep telling yourself that."

"I'll see you tonight, pick you up at 8, you're place?"

"Bye." She responses and switches her phone off to an awaiting awkward silence.

"Who was that?" Chuck finally asks, hoping he doesn't sound to prying.

"Andrew Russells." She replies with a smile.

"Oh ok, I was meant to call him about the English homework just last week actually." Chuck comments and then they both go quite again, "Or a year and week ago."

"Andy left about a month after the Winter Holidays in 2006 to go to England with his family." Blair explains, "I bumped into him, quite literally, this morning, he's back for college at Columbia. He'll start at the same time as Nate. S and I."

Chuck's eyebrows furrow, "No Yale?"

He wishes he didn't say anything as a spark of something forgotten flashes through her eyes and she's forced to conceal it with a pressed smile, "No. No Yale."

He nods and then looks down, "So you're going on a date with him?"

"Chuck..." She protests because she could have worn she heard jealousy in his voice and another silence falls around them.

"I swear I felt a huge lump in my throat and I don't know why." Chuck concedes and she sighs.

"I want us to be able to be friends." She admits, "I thought it'd be easier if I didn't tell you now that you don't remember anything but I was wrong, and I'm glad I told you."

"Me too." He agrees and then they sit in silence for a moment before they hear the elevator doors ding and both turn to watch them slide open and their two bestfriends standing outside waiting for them.

Blair gets up first, leaving Chuck to grab the scotch and macaroons and they both go towards them. The fact Nate and Serena holding hands doesn't go amiss.

"Don't kill us." Nate jokes and the two brunettes shake their heads.

"Let's go get some lunch." Blair says, "I'm too hungry for murder."

The blonde's agree and disappear to get their coats leaving Chuck and Blair alone again.

"You still haven't told me everything you know. I'm still half in the dark."

She nods, "Just give me some time Chuck, I'm still processing here."

"I'm sorry." He repeats, ducking his head, "Even though I don't remember I know that I feel really truly sorry."

"Yeah." She says, "I know too, and it'll be ok."


"Yeah." She smiles, "Hopefully."

So yep, now they're friends!

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