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"So watch my chest heave, as this last breath leaves me, I am trying to be, what you're dying to see."

"P-Please, don't do this t-to me," Amu sobbed, tears stinging her eyes, heart beating so hard. Ikuto just spitted in her direction, and walked off with the mysterious, pretty woman. Amu fell to the floor, feeling so heartbroken, screaming...


"WAAHHHHH!" Amu fell to the floor with a thud...and it hurt. She sat up and rubbed her poor head, still feeling drowsy. "Hmph..." she got up and sat on the bed, recollecting last night's nightmare in her mind. This was a recurring dream and she hated it, she didn't even know why she was having this kind of nightmare. 'Oh well' she thought, taking a look at the clock – 8.30am. She went and took a shower, got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. (A.N: She's wearing . and just for the record I actually have the hoodie ^_^)

"Good morning Amu-chan!" her overly excited father yelled, before taking a sip of his coffee and reading the newspaper. "Yeah, morning..." she yawned, eating a piece of toast her Mum just put on a plate and gave her. Ami was laughing and letting the milk from the cereal in her mouth dribble down her chin, with Amu's mother multi-tasking between cleaning up Ami and doing the morning housework. Amu ate the toast, got up and left the house – after saying goodbye, of course.

Amu was just wondering around, minding her own business when all of a sudden - a pair of hands were put across her eyes, blocking the sunlight. "Guess who!" a familiar voice yelled. Amu ripped the hands away from her eyes and turned around, folding her arms, obviously pissed. "Go away, I already told you...4 years ago that I don't like you!" before turning around and continuing on her merry way, leaving a particular Princey blondie rejected, for goodness knows...maybe the 10 trillionth time?

Amu was now 16 years old, her lovely pink hair was down to her waist, her amber eyes glowed like the amber lights at the traffic lights, her flawless skin was as white as snow and she was just beautiful. Ran, Miki and Su had already gone back in their hearts eggs – this happened a year and a half ago. Now she just had Dia, her 4th Guardian Character. She still kept her punk-goth look but she was no longer known as cool 'n' spicy by her fellow classmates, which stopped about 2 years ago when she was sick of faking that personality. Now she was just known as cool 'n' collected. (A.N: Haha :P)

'Hmm, where is he?' Amu thought, looking for a particular midnight blue haired, perverted cat. Of course, she didn't look like she was looking for anyone – that would just make her look desperate, in this term of events. Suddenly, a pair of muscular arms wrapped themselves around her waist, and she was turned around to face a familiar, hot guy. "Ikuto!" she smiled, very happy to see him. "Yo Angel!" he winked, before letting go of her waist. "Sexy outfit," Ikuto smirked at her, which made Amu blush bright red. "PERVERT!" Amu yelled, to which Ikuto just laughed at. Amu pouted and Ikuto sighed. "So, wanna go to my house?" Ikuto asked. "Hmm, okay," Amu agreed, and off they walked.

They entered the doorway, and walked into the front room where they saw a particular beautiful blondie – otherwise known as Hoshina Utau, and...a non-familiar person – a curly brown haired, green eyed, flawless skinned girl. They both looked up. "Heyy Amu, heyy Ikuto!" Utau smiled, getting up – with this girl following her. "Heyy," Amu and Ikuto both said in unison. "Oh," Utau cleared her throat, "this is Naomi, a girl I model with," she smiled, revealing Naomi. "Nice to meet you Ikuto," Naomi grinned. "Um, nice to meet you too," Ikuto replied with a tinge of confusion in his voice. "And who are you Amu?" Naomi turned to face the pinkette. "Oh, one of Utau's best friends-" "and my girlfriend," Ikuto butted in, to which Amu gave him a quick glare then turned to face Naomi and just nodded. "Ah, well nice to meet you Amu," before turning around and going to sit back down. For some reason the atmosphere turned cold, and Amu was the only one who could feel it...

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