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RECAP: For some reason the atmosphere turned cold, and Amu was the only one who could feel it...


"I know that I can't make you stay, but I would give my final breath."

"Byee Naomi, I'll see you tomorrow!" Utau waved her modelling friend off, before closing the door and sighing. "Right, what do you guys want for dinner?"

"Anything really, I don't mind," Ikuto sighed, opening the drawer in the hallway and taking out a couple of takeaway menus.

"What do you want Amu?" Ikuto asked, handing her the takeaway menus.

Amu took the takeaway menus and looked through them, she saw a ramen one. "Hmm, how about ramen?" she suggested, handing them back to Ikuto.

"It's settled!" Utau squealed with excitement, snatching the menu, dialling the number and ordering ramen. (A.N: You should know she loves ramen ;D But do they even have takeaway ramen? XD)

*ding ding* Ikuto got up from the sofa and answered the door – collected the ramen, paid the delivery guy and brought it back in. "It's here!" Ikuto walked in with the bag of takeaway ramen. Amu was too into watching Hana Kimi to care, but Utau on the other hand shot straight up, snatched the bag and ran into the kitchen, putting the ramen into bowls and whatnot. Ikuto went in, collected his and Amu's while Utau stood there eating it. "Here ya go," he gave the bowl of ramen to Amu and sat down eating his. "Fweee!" she stared at the ramen, it looked lovely. She was pretty happy Naomi was gone, there wasn't something right about her. Dia sensed she was happy yet uncertain about something – and gave a little worried frown.

They all finished their ramen (well, Utau finished all the leftovers, haha) and Utau decided on an early night as her and Naomi had a photoshoot early in the morning. Amu and Ikuto were watching the news downstairs. Fun. Totally fun. Ikuto put his arm around Amu and Amu, feeling tired, put her head on his shoulder. 5 minutes later...Zzzzz. "Oh great," Ikuto rolled his eyes at sleeping Amu, though he also found it pretty cute. He flicked through the channels, bored as hell. "Damn, nothing on," he sighed, taking a look at the clock. 12.30am. "No bloody wonder," he rolled his eyes. Well, it was too late to walk Amu home now and she was asleep anyway. Ikuto was getting pretty tired at this stage anyway so he slowly, but carefully picked up Amu bridal style and gently took her upstairs. He laid her on the bed, got himself changed for bed then hopped in and went to sleep, cuddling Amu.

"WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE?" a screaming Amu made Ikuto fall off the bed in fright. "O-ow! Keep it down will ya!" he rubbed his head, taking a look at the clock. "It's 7.00am for goodness sake!" Even though he already knew Utau was out.

"Sorry," Amu muttered, realizing maybe screaming at such an early time in the morning was a bad idea, especially since it's only Ikuto's place. Not some scary, unknown place.

"Anyway, you fell asleep, it was late, I took you upstairs and let you sleep," Ikuto blatantly said, getting up and sitting on the side of the bed. A simple "oh" was all that came out of Amu's lips. Amu looked down at herself and cringed – still in yesterdays clothes with messy hair and smudged makeup. "Damn, I look a mess," she muttered under her breath, Ikuto caught it though.

"Yup, like you've come back from a kinky night party. Speaking of which, why don't we make this place a little more k-"

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" Amu slapped Ikuto, cutting him off. "Gosh, you perverted cat."

Ikuto laughed. "Worth a try." He got up and stretched. "Why don't you go home and I'll meet you here at about 10am? We can go see Utau. Plus, you need get yourself changed and a shower while you're at it, stinky." he pinched his nose as if there was a foul smell in the air, knowing it would annoy Amu. "Haha, very funny," she rolled her eyes, obviously annoyed. Ikuto went into the bathroom and had a shower while Amu walked home to have a shower and get herself changed out of last nights clothes.

Amu knocked on the door at 10am, in a cute new outfit and smelling of strawberries. Ikuto opened the door. "Yo, so you ready to go out?" Ikuto asked. Amu nodded. "Right, let's go!" he went to his car, got in and started up the engine. Amu got in the other side of the car. Off they went to go see Utau.

"Damn, your outfits are always so cute Amu!" Utau pouted, after seeing her best friend and her brother arrive at the photoshoot.

"Are you kidding me? You look like an angel!" Amu shouted in surprise, admiring the beauty of her best friend.

"Haha, well thanks. But it's only to wear for the photoshoot, I wish I could keep it." Utau scratched the back of her head with a little grin on her face. It was a 10 minute coffee break. But Amu could see Naomi from the corner of her eye staring at them from a distance, instead of doing her own little thing. "Um, where's Naomi?" Amu asked, even though she already knew. She decided why not make an effort with Naomi? She could be really cool and nice, after all if Utau liked her – maybe Amu just needed to break the ice.

"Oh, NAOMI-CHAN!" Utau shouted, moving her hand at Naomi to come over. Naomi looked just a teensy tiny bit more angelic and cute than Utau, her beautiful bouncy curly locks and lush pure white knee-length dress hugging her waist was just exquisitely gorgeous. Naomi came over and smiled. "Hey everyone," she said with a quick wave. "Heyy," Amu and Ikuto said at the same time.

"BREAK OVER!" one of the photographers called, eying Utau and Naomi to come over and continue with the photoshoot. "Well, let's go Naomi," Utau smiled and both off they went to continue with their photoshoot.

Amu and Ikuto stood there watching, amazed at the beauty of what was before them. It looked so beautiful, so angelic, so real – if you ignored all the constructive criticism the director was calling out. "Move your head to the left! No, Naomi! To the right. Utau smile a little bit, you look so bored!" Lovely.

Time for them to change. Utau pulled Ikuto along with her into the changing room, wanting his opinion on the selection of outfits for the next photoshoot – after all, the stylists opinion wasn't ALWAYS the best.

Amu decided to go help Naomi choose, maybe it would be a nice way to start some kind of friendship between them. After all, Amu no longer had to keep up her cool 'n spicy personality and over the years had found out how to make friends easier. "Naomi, want any help with your outfit?" Amu called in, walking towards Naomi who was looking through the outfits with a bored expression.

"Uh, no thanks, after all – I've seen homeless tramps wearing better outfits than what you've got on," she glared at Amu's outfit in disgust.

"Um," Amu raised an eyebrow, not expecting Naomi to be this mean. "Okay, so you don't like my outfit, that's fine," she gulped, "but no need to be so harsh."

"HA! That's rich, coming from some ugly bitch like you!" she spat at Amu. Amu's eyes widened. Amu decided maybe she was just in a bad mood, not wanting to add more fuel to the fire she started to turn and walk away – until she felt a pain coming from her head.

Naomi pulled her hair and yanked her head back. "O-ow! Please s-stop!" Amu whispered, tears stinging her eyes from Naomi's harsh pulling. "Listen, you ugly stupid smelly cow, Utau is MY best friend now and Ikuto – well, he's pretty hot guy, I think I'll have him too!" Ikuto? "W-what?" Amu was in shock. "Yeah, you heard me. Now you stay the hell away from Utau, and you better break up with Ikuto or else I'll do 10x worse than what I'm doing right now. Don't even THINK about telling them of this either, they won't believe you. I'm Naomi, the damn princess of modelling!" She pushed Amu to the floor, who was now at this stage crying, with a poor head and an aching body.

"Oh my gosh, get up and stop your crying, stupid crybaby." She pulled Amu up by the hair, got a tissue and roughly wiped it across her cheeks. Thankfully Amu was wearing waterproof mascara so it didn't smudge.

"Now listen, what I said or face the consequences!" she pushed Amu out of the dressing room.

Amu stood outside of the dressing room, after being pushed out and regaining her balance from the force of Naomi's hands. "W-what the hell just happened? And what am I to do?" she stared at the floor in shock, confused and terrified...

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