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Mitchie's P.O.V

Wow. This is beyond surreal. I lied to one of America's biggest pop stars, and now he's my boyfriend. I came to one of the highest regarded musical camps in America, and won Final Jam, The flipping Last Supper of all talent concerts. I shoved all the thoughts from my head when I heard a sharp knock on my door. I rose daintily from my dust-laden knees and semi cautiously a peeked out my head so that only my head showed.

"Phew, I thought you were like Chucky or something, Shane" I said as I stepped aside to make way for him make an entrance.

He lightly chuckled seeing all the clothes strewn all about. He practically flew down to swoop up my lacy delicates in between his index finger and thumb

"Damn Mitch, so you really do get sexy in private" he mused. I whacked his toned chest lightly in a faux – reprimanding manner.

"Hey Mister, not only Megan Fox parades around in lingerie alone – we all want to feel beautiful!"

He looked straight in to my eyes "You don't need to feel beautiful, you are undeniably gorgeous." He said as he leaned down to kiss me firmly on the lips.

Someone might as well have doused me in red spray paint. It would've at least been 3 shades lighter than my cheeks.

I closed my eyes into the kiss right when he decided to pull back.

"Never forget that" he murmured, while tightly wrapping his arms around me. We just sat there. I thought to myself who was I to be the interest of the Shane Grey, the boy that almost all of the preteen girl population lusted for? I lied to the boy. How pathetic was I for that.

"What happened to my canoe ride?" he inquired. "Take a rain check Grey, I have to finish packing." I answered as freed myself from his grasp and frantically finished loading articles of clothing into my red JCPenny travel bag.

"Wow" he breathed. "You're truly amazing"

I dead panned. I still felt slightly awkward about being lathered in compliments from an attractive boy. "Err, why do you say that?"

"Most of the girls here carry around their Louis Vouttin bags as if they mean nothing, but you, you're different. You appreciate what you've got. I deeply admire that. Hopefully it'll rub off on me." He explained "You'd make a good muse" He smiled.

Again with the blushy business!

He was now idly sitting on my bed when I saw a yellowish construction paper covered book. It read Mitchie's Song with two quarter notes on each side. I quickly got up to retrieve my possession. The shuffling of my feet sounded awkward in the usually single person occupied cabin.

"Uhh I'd feel a lot better if you er…. didn't er… uh..eh." I choked as my cheeks paid tribute to that crimson color again.

"I get it" he said "I wouldn't like it either if someone read my diary"he said forcing a smile onto his face.

"Shane, that isn't my diary. It's my song book" I lightly giggled. I sarcastically motioned to the calligraphically written title 'Mitchie's Songs', "See?" I said while flailing my arms as if the wooden cabin had drastically caught fire.

"Oh well in that case, I really want to read it, after hearing This is Me I want to see what else you've got up your sleeves." He flashed a swoon inducing smile, but I refrained from fainting. Only to protest I said "But Shane, it's really private to me and…." He paid no attention and flipped the paused.

"Mitch these are are amazing, I don't know why you're always so doubtful of your self" he breathed out dejectedly. "I'm not doubtful, I'm just err... very nervous .. ?" I asked rather than answered.

"Well Mitch, do me a favor?" he asked sofltly. "Yes?" I murmured back even softer, while taking a seat next to him back on my bed.

"Never , ever doubt yourself over anything related to me ever again. You're beautiful,talented, everything I could ever ask for." I could practically feel the volcano erupt under my cheeks. "Thank you Shane it mea-" He cut me off with his mouth, not before getting up, closing the door, and giving me a mischievous smile. I couldn't help but to smile back, but with out the devious motif behind my eyes.

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