Chapter 1

Speed's POV

It wasn't easy being a horse at first. I had to get used to having four legs, acute hearing, taste, touch, sight and smell. I had gotten used to this as well as a battery of other features such as long, lanky legs, large body, thick neck, a mix of monocular and binocular vision, sensitive and prehensile lips, long swishing tail and other things I can't think of. Well, guess what! I'm forced to eat grass and grains. I miss eating chicken, beef, fish, cheese, pizza, etc…

I'm back here in Miami, where I belong. I usually stay around the CSI building, where there's plenty of grass but sometimes I run off to the beach to see one of my newest friends. Her name is Marisol and she's a spinner dolphin. She is probably the most beautiful dolphin in existence. She is sleek, dark grey with a big creamy-white spot on her belly; her beak is long and thin with a dark tip and her dorsal fin leans forward.

I carefully stepped into the water, waiting for her. I neighed happily and she came exploding out of the air while spinning. Water dripped all over my face and back. I neighed happily and looked into her eyes. "You're so beautiful, Marisol." I could tell she was blushing even though she couldn't.

"Thank you," she giggled. My ears swivelled when I heard some voices in the background. I turned around see Ryan, Jesse and Walter. They were processing a crime scene.

"Hey, what's Speed doing over there?" Ryan asked.

"I don't know," Walter shrugged. Jesse shrugged as well, not knowing what to say.

"Ryan…," Marisol clicked. "Ryan Wolfe…," she sighed. "I'll never be able to talk to him though… unless I can get my clicks to sound like my name, maybe they'll figure out who I am… How did they figure out who you were?"

"I had a best friend named Angell. Well, she was a parrot and she could weakly say my name in English. That's kind of the gist of it."

"I see," she clicked happily. "I'll practise. I have to go now, I'm hungry."

"Say… ever since I've been a horse, I've wondered what fish tastes like," I whinnied.

"Are you saying you want me to bring a fish back to you?"

"Yeah… let's call it a dare!" I bayed. She clicked and spun around using her tail. "I'll see you later, Marisol."

"See you later," she clicked and swum off, into the distance.

"Cheers to another good day," I sighed. I walked off, out of the water. As soon as I was out of the water, I neighed loudly and trotted off. I trotted as fast I could, back to the CSI building. I chomped on some of the grass happily. "So… I wonder when Marisol gets back, I should go back soon." The sun was blaring down – another hot afternoon. I sighed. I wished that I were a dolphin too, so I could actually fall in love with her. She is truly beautiful.

A/N: I'm making the chapters short because I don't want to rush it. So, should Speed fall in love with Marisol or would it be too awkward?