Chapter 1


I stepped out into the pouring rain as I clenched my raincoat around my small body to protect myself. It had gotten dark and the streetlights barely shown in the rain. Knew I should've brought an umbrella, I cursed to myself as I started to walk down the footpath towards my car that was two blocks away. The cinema was packed and everyone was desperate to get a parking spot at the time. I trudged my way through the puddles that went up to my ankles; I was already soaking wet so I didn't try to protect my body from the cold.

Suddenly, I shuddered, for some reason it felt like someone was watching me and I turned around trying to find any sign of a human form. Nothing. I turned back shaking my head, must've been the horror I watched in the cinema and I was still a little worked up. I started to hum a random tune trying to shake the scary feeling off.

When I looked up from my soggy converses I saw a dark silhouette standing facing towards me, it was almost as if he were made of stone, standing so still. His stance tense and I couldn't see his face against the dark abandoned street. I gulped and I turned right down an alley way to avoid coming into contact with stranger. My heart started to beat rapidly and the blood pulsed through my veins, pumping faster and faster by the minute. I scurried on down the dark lane, concentrating on anything but of the consequences of what could happen down an alley.

Just when I finally started to see the end of the alley, relief flooding through my body letting my guard, someone swooped down landing in front of me. My breathing started coming out fast and I fumbled in my pockets trying to find the pepper spray my dad gave me. It was him. The stranger whom I had seen no more than 3 minutes ago, I clutched the pepper spray can behind my back ready to fire at any moment.

His skin was pale against his hair colour, which was dark and sort of short, but what startled me the most was his eyes. They were red. The most livid red I had ever seen, it seemed like they glowed in the dark, bright and fiery, and it frightened me. But he was beautiful in a scary way it almost seemed like an abnormal type of beauty, one that I had never seen before. What was he?

A low evil chuckle rumbled from stranger's chest, it was strangled and it barely came out as a laugh, "It's no use, human, you don't stand a chance against me" he snarled but I took my chances and spray it right in his face. No effect because it only made him angrier.

He grabbed my wrist in a painful grip, he was impossibly strong, and he snatched the pepper spray away from my hand, throwing it into the wall shattering it to pieces. Then slowly, painfully he started to bend my wrist back, forcing me to kneel on the cold damp ground, even then he didn't stop and I screamed in pain as I heard a sickening crack. He finally let go and I cradled my broken wrist to my chest.

"What are you?" I gasped, trying to breath in air

He chuckled again darkly "your worst nightmare" his red eyes blazed into mine making me flinch.

I looked up at him, fear and terror coursing through my vein. He crouched down to my level, both arms propped up on knees and he looked at me curiously. I stared back, tears streaming down my face, this was the end, my death was near and nobody was there to save me. I broke the gaze and sobbed, waiting for something to happen. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him reached out a hand towards my neck and he placed two fingers where my pulse thudded wildly. I clenched my eyes shut not wanting to know what he was going to do. I started to shiver uncontrollably.

Then I started to feel him slowly lean in towards me, towards my throat where he pushed my dark wavy hair behind my shoulder. I let out a sob when I felt his breath skim along my neck, where my artery was, and his teeth grazed along it. Suddenly he pulled back to look at my face.

"Don't worry, this won't hurt...much" he smirked and flashed his teeth and I shrieked when I saw a pair of fangs in mouth. I started to struggle but I didn't get far with a broken wrist still cradled to my chest.

"Please, no! Please, don't!" I begged but he laughed mercilessly

"Don't beg human! It won't come to any good" he barked back

With that he lunged at me and the next thing I knew was a pair of fangs plunging deep into my artery pulling litres of blood out of my body by the second and replacing with a pain that was strong and terrifying.

I hadn't realized he had finished, but I was still screaming in pain and clenching my fists, trying to breathe properly but I couldn't. I felt him pick me up and throw me over his shoulder carelessly, ignoring my cry for mercy.

I didn't know how long it was until he dumped me on the ground somewhere, where I could see others writhing in pain or unconscious. It felt like flames were licking at my wrists and my ankles. But the worst fire was the one that burned in the place of my heart.

I began to feel myself falling into unconsciousness and I couldn't hold to life anymore, I had to let go, I had run out of life and it was my time to leave earth.

I drifted off into what I thought was sleep, but then the pain began again and I screamed, it was unbearable. For what seemed like hours the pain began to subside, and then I knew it was the end. I would never see my family or friends ever again. Never.

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