Waifs and Strays

My writing files are full of these – stories that were started as experiments but ultimately abandoned due to running out of time, plot or enthusiasm. I was sorting through and weeding out the files that barely got past the first line, and found that a few add-up to enough of a plot that someone else might be able to follow them. So why not let them stand on their own hypothetical feet?

Plus there are a couple of lines that I really liked at the time and still think are kind of funny now, and I'd rather they were pushed out into the universe to make a life of their own rather than gathering dust in the "My Documents" section of my hard drive.

Joker being laid up and force-fed chicken soup? Harley desperate to go ice skating? Plots involving flesh-eating bacteria on toilet seats? It's all here.

Don't expect too much polish, watch out for jumps in plot and time, and here and there we're down to bare dialogue. But you might still find something you like.